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  1. This is me in 2006 I also went the year before, we had a mini convoy me in my Esprit my mate in his Subaru and a couple of friend on there bikes. Had a great time the Esprit did not miss a beat, as long as you keep you head you can stretch the legs of your machine, a trip there should most defiantly be on your bucket list.
  2. I will take the F1 please, as regards to the MP4-12C i also think its a little ordinary looking.
  3. Bibs, i loved that little Xr2, i think they only had 98bhp once i lowered it nothing could keep up, a great b road racer. hear is another pic this was my second car can you tell im from essex
  4. That explains why i haven't had a response, i better drop them another mail.
  5. 5 years next month, used every day come rain or shine i don't think i could ever sell my baby.
  6. Hi Chris try BJ's, Barry is a top bloke when i have the time he will be sorting my seats and carpet for me, just up the road from you. Unit 23, East Hanningfield Industrial Estate, Old Church Road, East Hanningfield, Chelmsford, Essex. CM3 8AB Tel: 01295 400122 Mob: 07970 064027
  7. I completely agree with the above, your car looks great as it is. if you do change the wheels please don't go all bling.
  8. Hello, I need a little help, looks like my 2nd gear synchromesh has gone, just wondered if anyone knows the best place to track one down is lotus my only option? My car is a 1997 Gt3 with 83000 on the clock. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Number 2 i like the carbon look
  10. GoldenGT3 AKA Tony, Essex, UK, 1997 GT3 chass no SCC082920VHA42150
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