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  1. hey there, yeh was thinking i may just pull it apart and see what the go is..... its starting to look abit second hand now and just hanging in there....
  2. Hi there, can anyone give me pointer on where i may be able to get a new glove box catch/latch as mine is only just hanging on. Have a 2000 model with updated interior. Thanks.
  3. hey, yes been bloody hot, spent all day Friday doing the wedding thing for sister inlaw, nearly melted. Good to hear u have been out hooning . Getting very itchy feet for my car back, my listing for Mustang runs out on 1st Feb so if not sold it will defiantly be going in to trade and Esprit will be back in my garage, and hadn't been pushing them to sort esprit as they have been bloody good to me in getting me into it in the first place. Soon as i get it back, (other than driving it of course) will be getting some decent pics of it as it just looks so dam good as all Esprits do...
  4. ahh bugger about the exhaust!!!... have heard a video of one with just straight pipes... bloody loud but sounded good!!! Think i may have seen the u tube of exhuast note u talk about. Yeh i'm still not sure if i am completely happy with exhaust note... might look at something else down the track, it'll defiantly do for mean time. Have u got yours back from the doc yet?? What was the problem??
  5. i defiantly plan too!!!.... it should sound bloody good, its loud enough in the open air and really screams when u have the jandal up it.... not sure what the exhaust brand is, u probably saw when t was in dealership up there? , looks like the standard mod of pipes coming straight of the cans and out the back, with brace cross rear to stop pipes sagging. Exhaust was done in Singapore by Lotus. Still don't get Ruby (i've named it all ready, after the colour, wife thinks i'm nuts)...back till end of next week
  6. Hi, thanks for that... nice car yourself... can't believe how much i love the V8 !!!
  7. haa.. i bet u would !!!, plenty of room in my street, we are rural and soon as u hit the end of the driveway its 100k, and the block is aprox 5-6k long in a perfect square and u can easily hit 200+ in all four directions with no one to see see u, ie mr man in blue!! Perfect Esprit country no silly traffic lights...... B)
  8. Hi Stuart, hve just texted u my email address so drop us a line, u are more than welcome to drive the Esprit sometime. It's back at Autotek at present tiding up a few odd jobs that needed done. They are a great car , they have alot of character and something a whole lot different to everyone else. The Porsche maybe be abit more refined to drive but the Esprit is ahell of a lot more fun!! Cheers Nick
  9. Hi there, yes it is the car.. and what a car , really need to see itin the flesh to appreciate the colour!! how areu getting on with finding car to import?? decided on anything yet? i wanted to import, but the emission regulation change that took place end of 08 made a little nervous to import as was worried i may not be able to get vehicle complied to suit new regulations?? gather u have looked into this? where abouts in N.Z are u?
  10. Hi Kylie, Cheers for the pics, i have tried sending u an email via forum so hopefully u get it ok?? Cheers Nick ohh , and your hubby has my second favourite car , 32 ford.... i was previously a Mustang owner with 66 conv. & 64-1/2 notchback .. so am abit of a hotrod fan also and would still oneday like to build a 5 window 32 duece coupe, bonnet less, fender less and yellow of course just as they were ment to be!!! Would love to see some pics of his car, [email protected] Cheers nick
  11. Does anyone know an easy link to find the review on the blue V8 on Top gear , i have been trying to find it for ages. Really want to see it again now i finally have a V8 Esprit. Yip i still pinch myself everytime i go into the garage!!
  12. Hi there, have only just registered after coming across LEW site, what a great site for Esprit owners!! I have just purchased a 2000 GTV8 in Ruby Red and absolutely love it! We only have about 8 V8 esprits in N.Z so i feel privilaged and only being 34 years old i'm probably the youngest Esprit owner in N.Z also? Would love to know if any one elso from New Zealand is registered on the forum. Car has had exhaust mods and spare removed other than that i think its pretty much standard. Will post pic soon of car but one of the first things i want to do to car is replace the glove box latch/catch as its only just hanging on and the interior light that mounts under the steering colum in foot well has also broken its mount and is just hanging there. Any hints on where i might be able to get replacements of these?? thanks, nick
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