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  1. These items are sold to somebody in Sweden.
  2. Guys, it can be classed as lurking. Sorry about that. Truth be told I bought the car for the Gumball in 2005 and sold it a few months thereafter. I came across these in a cleanout yesterday and thought instead of chucking them at least to give the chance to save some money off the price of new ones. In Gumball there is no official place ranking. But we did well and were at the front of the pack most days. Car was amaying to drive but we did have reliability issues and had to fly a mechanic to Prague and work through the night to change the cluch. youtube switch the sound off as youtube overwrote the cool music with classical crap In 2006 we did it in a Porsche Boxtser S
  3. Found in my garage last night. Will throw in a couple of Gumball 3000 stickers.
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