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  1. DarrylV8

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    MG metro turbo early 1980`s we should probably ask MJK as I thought the early Vauxhall Corsa suspension was Lotus developed.
  2. DarrylV8

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    Excel used many Toyota parts
  3. DarrylV8

    250 Cup to Evora GT 410 sport

    Scotty, although we part ex’d 220 to Evora S albeit we still had the (Exige) roadster, the Evora is certainly the better car for road drives (IMO) and really does eat up the miles. We are quickly approaching 4K miles in 3 months and are considering wet/winter tyres so we can continue using all year round yes looks like the 4x4 VRS is going to be semi retired this winter if you are speaking to CL can you not stretch to their GT430 demonstrator?
  4. Yes a very special day, good to see the young lady whom the Elise was named after. The price of the 70th celebration merchandise, wow a very nice surprise.
  5. DarrylV8

    Future of Lotus

    A very good starting point, similar power to S1 Evora
  6. DarrylV8

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    From Central Lotus who we purchased car from, so you might need to confirm price with your dealer £2500.00 + sh1t tax
  7. DarrylV8

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Circa £3K for the wingless tailgate gets you a very special GT430 and then when you want to go “boy racer” swop tailgate’s over. If you do much city/town driving you should also get the loud button.
  8. Just been down Show has been cancelled hope no one coming from afar, had no idea sorry. I assume the cricket field was saturated from last weeks rain!
  9. General admission is 11am and is free. classic, vintage and new cars Show is organised by Retford Lions and is in aid of raising money for Prostrate cancer
  10. DarrylV8

    Future of Lotus

    Think you need to be looking at E400 before your too old to enjoy?
  11. DarrylV8

    Future of Lotus

    Compared to the old Esprit that is a (very) small instrument binnacle! Does look like an upgraded Evora interior which is good IMO
  12. DarrylV8

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Each time we are looking at replacing the winter drive, we look at the scooby I suppose it will win one year.
  13. DarrylV8

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Thanks Michael, not interested in reading an Evo article TBH, hence not knowing what was in article!
  14. DarrylV8

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    If you need to press the button more than a couple of times try greasing the release part, (unfortunately you do need the boot open), not the shiny “U” piece. returning to the thread, if we knew the temperature when Evo did the comparison test this may explain lack of steering feel and lack of grip, which I think is exceptional
  15. DarrylV8

    EVO GT430 vs 911 GT3

    Jonny, please refer to Evora 400 owners handbook page 82; Tyre Characteristics & Winter Tyres. I assume E410 owners get the same handbook that E430 owners do?