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  1. DarrylV8

    Evora GT430

    Not sure about the PDK being better, the Audi DSG isn’t as good as the Lotus auto when using paddle or full auto mode, TBTH when we do get round to track day the car I’m fairly certain will be much better in “sport” auto mode than me doing paddle shift as for the comments on LSD will we ever know? for me the car could do with better (harder) engine mounts and also considering replacing the pre-cat manifold in answer to the criticism on the proper light weight seats I’m really pleased we didn’t waste £3.5K on the soft option oh dear thought this was going to be a quiet night in!
  2. DarrylV8

    Evora GT430

    We have the auto although we have not done a track day yet
  3. You possibly should have looked at the GT430
  4. Hi, Slight change this month instead of Tuesday steak night, chicken Wednesday with a twist; well Christmas menu about 6 - 6.30 Wetherspoons Retford
  5. DarrylV8

    Production of Evora 400 ceased?

    As does GT430 + GT430 Sport
  6. DarrylV8

    TLF GT430 Club

    Should still be an awesome car, even with loads of airbags, rubberised F & R grip bumpers & the strict emission rules.
  7. DarrylV8

    BHP. Evora 400 v Evora 410...

    Not sure why Lotus receive so much sh1t for engine output figures, every time Komo tech publish before and after figures for their Lotus engine upgrades they use an even higher before/starting power figure! Don’t recall any one getting upset about the Komo tech figure?
  8. DarrylV8

    Future of Lotus

    Bit of difference in price for the new supercar compared to GT410
  9. DarrylV8

    Future of Lotus

    If the GT430 wasn’t your preferred option before opting for the GT410, not sure how the new super/hypercar will manage to?
  10. Our old (2015) S also an auto had no cover
  11. DarrylV8

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    MG metro turbo early 1980`s we should probably ask MJK as I thought the early Vauxhall Nova/Corsa suspension was Lotus developed.
  12. DarrylV8

    Lotus links with other car manufacturers

    Excel used many Toyota parts
  13. DarrylV8

    250 Cup to Evora GT 410 sport

    Scotty, although we part ex’d 220 to Evora S albeit we still had the (Exige) roadster, the Evora is certainly the better car for road drives (IMO) and really does eat up the miles. We are quickly approaching 4K miles in 3 months and are considering wet/winter tyres so we can continue using all year round yes looks like the 4x4 VRS is going to be semi retired this winter if you are speaking to CL can you not stretch to their GT430 demonstrator?