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  1. Did you have a test drive, what was it that made you think you, yes please?
  2. As well as Gavan in the one lap shoot out, lots of CTL/private race cars, lots of Lotus cars adverts on the live stream. A good weekend for Lotus fans, including the Evija taking Lord March junior to the circuit Thursday some epic old style racing as well
  3. Anyone either had a test drive or put a deposit down on the 1.6ltr 3 cylinder 257 horses AWD? might be tempted into replacing our current winter car very early, usually keep for around the three year mark or if anyone has any serious comments on owning a Toyota, we have been happy with the engine/transmission systems fitted to the latter Lotus but not considered a Toyota previously for the winter daily driver
  4. A very impressive colour Keith
  5. Welcome Marius to Lotus and in particular the Evora ownership
  6. Awesome and fuuking quick, even the sh1t drivers only warranted a head shake
  7. Did the dealer download the software from a 400?
  8. Excellent enjoy the drive home
  9. Thanks for uploading the link @Bibs
  10. Italian coach builder Ares (yes ex Lotus CEO Danny Bahar) latest offering with 700bhp cost £450000.00 engine supplier TBC
  11. Always used Vaseline when using two dissimilar metals, and copper grease on the back of brake pads.
  12. We won’t use JCT following a similar experience with previous Exige.
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