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  1. The 10th Edition of the Road Rat features the Eletre, only available to depositors?
  2. thanks Keith (i cant remember seeing the Electric Elise at 50th) I stand corrected Evija is not first electric Lotus, and yes i had also forgotten about the Electric Evora unless that was depicted as a hybrid. Does make you wonder why Lotus didn't pursue their own Electric Elise?
  3. 10am Thaymar Ice cream parlour and farm shop; Haughton Park Farm, Near Bothamsall, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8DB Bacon cobs and coffee, hopefully a few more members than at the West Retford? keep safe Darryl
  4. thought Evija was the first Electric Lotus?
  5. Don’t think any of the Lotus dealers charged us for the biscuits 😂
  6. just cause you order your car direct from factory doesn't stop you talking/having a coffee at your Lotus dealer/agent/retailer (or whatever they are called at the present time). we have ordered an Eletre on line as has Andy our local Lotus dealer, we chat to Andy regularly and to various people at the factory nothing has really changed dont think Lotus have ever been that good at comms, have purchased brand new Lotus cars from many different Lotus dealers over the years always got on well with the folks at Hethel including JMG & MJK and the Lotus dealers dont really see what the issue is; NOW heading to kitchen for a coffee and out of the firing range of incoming flak, till next time
  7. Still only an initial £2K deposit, with further £3K second half of year
  8. don't see an issue in owning both TBH. If we weren't getting an Eletre, did and would consider an Emira for using in winter months when GT430 is snuggled up in garage.
  9. a winter daily driver?
  10. The DAB function was not operational on our generation of Evora although the "Premium" head unit was capable, there is however an Aftersales kit that can be retro fitted, an Alpine audio dealer could also help you with this. The parts list from Lotus ASO is: 36 Harness, alpine radio* C132M0326F 1 37 Cable, antenna input* 20 MY A132M6244F 1 38 Cable, FM output* 20 MY A132M6245F 1 39 Cable, DAB output* 20 MY A132M6246F 1 40 Splitter DAB Antenna* 20 MY A132M6243F 1 Hope this helps.
  11. Welcome @MarkieTand especially to the IPS dark side
  12. Hi Keith, yes totally different but we have also switched from i4 to Eletre as we were/are keeping the 430 possibly not too difficult to follow we are also getting PV panels installed ready for the new car. So really dragging ourselves into the 21st century?
  13. Waiting for specifications, colours, configurator to go live/2nd deposit due; 2nd half of year?
  14. Hi, can you please confirm if you will be joining us next Sunday and we can give hotel better idea of numbers thanks KR Darryl
  15. I think the Lotus Customer Call Centre & my local retailer/agent are going to get fed up with me asking when we can actually see/sit and drive an Eletre, cos 1 year till first customer deliveries is a long way off. I can remember seeing pictures of the APX - Crossover some 15 years ago and thinking this will be good for taking our grandchildren out.
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