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  1. @jimichangayes even Porsche owners, wish you hadn't come-out on the Dinosaurs for Jurassic Park comment; wont be able to let the grandchildren read this thread in case someone spills the beans on Father Christmas! i just need to remind myself of the Topic "Type 131 the rumour mill" so whose V6 and spec against unknown 2ltr 4 cylinder and spec and the associated gearbox; i think what we all want to know is what will be powering the mini (non electric) Evija?
  2. what while waiting for the next Porsche?
  3. @marcfairdo we need to lend our calculator?
  4. "old Lotus".... what is that then, move with the times young man it is 2021
  5. good job were only in May 2021 then, not sure why you feel so confident Lotus wont have customer cars ready in 9 months when they are already building prototype cars down the new factory line?
  6. Saturday evening May 1st, London Road Retford a very nice white Esprit, yes they always look good in white
  7. Why don’t you think the first Emira won’t be coming out of the production hall early 2022? I would have thought end of February (possibly sooner) beginning of March was very realistic with a new production facility
  8. @electro_boy do you know what the V6 is and power output? apologies if i have missed a post.
  9. @jimichangait’s hydraulic steering
  10. Yes we are both looking forward to seeing the Emira at FoS Had an extremely good chat with Scott Walker yesterday morning and we don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t have both the Emira and GT430 on the drive this time next year. Unless we end up at the wrong end of the waiting list.
  11. The persons who want an Emira probably have a very good idea that the new Lotus will be the best drivers car of this decade.
  12. more from the BBC Lotus to launch last pure petrol sports car - BBC News
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