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  1. West Retford Hotel 10am breakfast meet address for those who haven’t been before; 24 North Road, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 7 WB
  2. Emira was voted ‘New Car of the Year’ by both motor retail managers and AM judging panel AM Awards from Automotive Management Online, recognise and celebrate motor retail excellence, market-leading vehicles and business leadership Award received on behalf of Lotus by Geoff Dowding, Executive Director, Commercial Operations Lotus Cars Hethel, UK – 12 May 2023 Lotus Emira, the last Lotus petrol-powered sports car collected another accolade by being named as ‘New Car of the Year’ at the annual AM Awards 2023, held in London this week. To win The New Car of the Year Award, the Lotus Emira was voted for by both motor retail managers and the AM judging panel: “Clearly the Emira is being seen as a fantastic start of a new chapter for Lotus and its dealers. It is the most accomplished Lotus road car yet, balancing a high level of driver engagement with the practicality of an everyday sportscar, and our audience – including dealers with rival brands - is now certainly very excited about the Lotus brand’s future. Emira will certainly attract new customers to Lotus and this will give the carmaker great foundations for growth,” said Tim Rose, editor, AM Online. Receiving the award on behalf of Lotus, Geoff Dowding, Executive Director, Commercial Operations Lotus Cars said, “The Emira has won a number of accolades around the world, but this award from AM is particularly special as it was voted for by the well-informed AM judging panel and a discerning automotive industry, including retailers, dealers and senior management. Not only is the Emira is a brilliant sports car and the best in breed but also this award reinforces the confidence and excitement that the industry has for Lotus as it rapidly moves towards the EV future with the Lotus Evija and Lotus Eletre.” Powered by either a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine or a 2.0-litre turbocharged ‘i4’ through a manual, automatic or Dual Clutch Transmission, the Lotus Emira accelerates to 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds before reaching a top speed of 180mph. The Emira is manufactured at Lotus’ global HQ for sports car and hypercar operations in Hethel, Norfolk. Subassembly manufacturing for the lightweight and high tech aluminium chassis is at Lotus Advanced Structures in Norwich. The Lotus Emira is one of three high tech performance cars built by Lotus, along with the Eletre, the world’s first all-electric hyper-SUV and the Evija, the world’s first all-electric British hypercar.
  3. Hope it sells in China iirc is what you mentioned, don’t think you need to worry about being stuck behind one in traffic but possibly keeping up with one!
  4. Why would you say we won’t be going off roading? I’m not buying an iPace!
  5. @Sport220high ride height probably something to do with the SUV being AWD
  6. Wow how much downforce has that beauty got?
  7. Let’s hope “it” doesn’t read this forum?
  8. @jimbobjoewith the Eletre being our first electric and first SUV we have gone pretty safe; base model in Blossom grey with privacy glass
  9. When we had the stuck in gear issue was told to disconnect the battery earth lead/s for one minute on refitting earth cable was able too drive as normal although we did take car to local Lotus dealer to check all was ok.
  10. Base model (600hp) configured and locked in.
  11. Internet not particularly good in Pacific Ocean but hopefully got configuration locked in, a couple of days before deadline
  12. Tried asking Matt a couple of weeks ago, was robustly told all parts of the business were part of group Lotus, this followed an interview by Matt which to me read they were individual companies standing on their own under the Lotus banner! Yes I was
  13. Hi @floriankarchKaimu is the standard colour (in UK) the Blossom Grey is an option colour (along with four other colours) on UK version of the Lotus website
  14. Until we saw the Blossom Grey at Lotus Silverstone end of November we were set on Galloway Green, both said at the roadshow we very much liked the “mature” grey; this is our choice on the configurator which we will be locking in over the next days.
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