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  1. Following this weeks news from Lotus, to me it would appear Geely have put into play, first phase; more affordable with more standard items from the options list although this may impact resale values it may tempt new Lotus owners from other marquee
  2. I got the feeling from Isabelle that there would be more communication from the factory in the future, and although we were not looking at purchasing another Lotus besides the 430, a little Elise is now on the cards
  3. Yes we also had an email regarding a little help, with purchasing from the existing range and further emails from Isabelle a relationship manager
  4. Wednesday 15th January 1900hrs Retford Wetherspoons Wednesday 19th February 1900hrs Retford Wetherspoons we should be able to sort the remainder of the year out at one of the above meets.
  5. What a choice, no certainly not going to be involved in making this easy for you
  6. DarrylV8

    TLF GT430 Club

    No our GT430 auto has the CF panels, think we were (about) number 22 of the British cars Yes I wanted the full fat version and Mrs H wanted discreet, especially as we use the car as the daily during the summer. It takes just over half an hour to swop which includes the HL brake light.
  7. Yes I was wrong to jump in feet first finally received a reply from one of Phil’s lieutenants, Lotus are not looking to via away from cars for the driver apologies to anyone I have annoyed or wound up
  8. Yes I’m clearly missing something............ AUTONOMOUS & DRIVERLESS cars by the company that promotes cars “for the driver”
  9. For me this article really does say it all for a company that promotes cars “for the drivers” then why do we get the CEO talking about Autonomy and driverless cars? Geely we know about “Lotus DNA” and this has been heavily promoted by the new senior management team Andy - C8RKH please don’t give us any more crap about let’s see what we get in the future from this senior team, the article says it all. Yes I fear the worst, we need a younger MJK at the helm NOW before we do just follow the porky cars! yes just my two pence of a rant, and off to the pub shortly
  10. DarrylV8

    TLF GT430 Club

    Andy, in reply to your comment in another thread, and trying to keep on thread; As well as a few bits of bodywork, titanium exhaust, brake disc’s 410 - 430 etc.
  11. DarrylV8

    TLF GT430 Club

    Name: TopicDrift, and how many other threads go elsewhere. @KG car is as close to a GT430 the Americans are likely to have/see, and not seeing how this is therefore not in thread topic
  12. DarrylV8

    TLF GT430 Club

    As a fellow GT430 owner, and knowing how much the Americans were promised and then well and truly shafted by the top brass at Lotus USA, agree with Jonny
  13. Yes, but not sure the establishment are ready to welcome; Sir Lewis
  14. Never had a problem with buying newer Lotus cars went from an Elise 111R to an SC, Exige Cup 260 to a Roadster, Evora S to GT430 and always enjoyed the experience that each car gave.
  15. DarrylV8


    We wanted a few answers before we were going to look At least we have a reason for not hearing from previous owner and the garage
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