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  1. welcome WM, previously purchased two brand new Exige and a used Elise from Stratton's, when Guy Mundy was with them, yes a few years back. good luck with your search for the very popular LE Evora
  2. Twin turbo V6 585PS + 95PS E-Motor, dry weight 1395kg wet with 90% fuel 1498kg, 0 - 60mph 3 seconds 5 year vehicle & 6 year battery warranties and the best bit £182K, yes we won’t be putting a deposit down
  3. The next generation of McLaren is to be revealed on 17th February, should give Lotus an insight on what the competition is bringing to the table. Hybrid !
  4. Lotus media is stating important announcement at 10am today
  5. @Bibs don’t suppose you have or are able to get any performance data? did DB’s team source a gearbox?
  6. Just sign here then sir and you can drive the Cup430 home! welcome Paul
  7. @NedaSaydid the DB V8 get to productionising state, I may have missed this being discussed in another topic. three different rear alloy subframes using the same chassis does appear pretty doable and would allow for a large amount of commonality and arguably give three base models in the price range looking forward to the next Lotus teaser for type 131
  8. @NedaSayand a chassis which will take three engine types?
  9. the CF (sport) tailgate from Lotus back in Sept 2018 cost around £2300 which we can swop over with the GT430 tailgate/wing in about 1/2hour. Depending on where we are driving will dictate which tailgate is on car.
  10. @exeterjeepfull aero wing as opposed to one fitted to the rear of the GT430 😎
  11. Hi Yan, you’ve at least reminded us what colour @C8RKHcar is!
  12. Enjoy the GT430 it really is a very special sports car, and deserves far more praise than it receives only four that is going to be a pretty rare sight, under 30 GT430’s in UK and in 30 months of ownership don’t recall seeing another on the road whilst driving ours
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