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  1. Yep no issue with Lotus Cars/Central Lotus on (our) order, even when i have asked to keep all communication regarding deposit quiet, its been better than MOD yes not very hard; but Sue still doesn't know.
  2. @Evotionnot sure how up to date my figures are; £82k coupe & £87K convertible from Ian Allan Motors @Mctaff Sue doesn’t know we have put a deposit down on the Emira
  3. although not into American (muscle) cars, we were also looking at the Corvette also
  4. Usual time and place; Thaymar ice cream parlor near Retford at 9.30 - 10am, chat Lotus/cars, coffee & bacon butties
  5. its a figure that ALA gap insurance have stated for our 430 last month
  6. 17th May - undecided hopefully someone can put me into the list, thanks
  7. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    @jimichangayes and the Emira is not an Elise/Exige, indeed it is not an Evora although I have previously stated the Emira is lighter than Evora S IPS. Would be very surprised if Lotus in the Emira life span don’t bring out a Cup/GT430 version but if anyone seriously thought Lotus would have been able to/wanted to have all variations from the getgo then you only need to look at what every car manufacturer has done with each of their models. The carbon fibre stripped out high performance Emira is not going to be under £60K if that is want you want then think you are going to have to wait a few years; with price tag to match the GT430 run of cars?
  8. It was good to meet up and chat. Good to see and hear a 380 not in a showroom
  9. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    4 wheels & tyres and a steering wheel
  10. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    @jimichangathe Esprit V8 350horses between 20kgs & 50kgs lighter than the Emira without the safety items etc. So why dish the Emira? @Evotionno I didn’t film the drive up the hill, no massive shove in the back, but enough to highlight how bad the surface was; wet with a lot of mud of track
  11. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    @duncx @Mark030358i think i can testify having had a very fast (passenger) ride up the hill, the Emira is certainly a Lotus and rightly wears the ACBC badge.
  12. @Evotion Bibs is not being 100% true full, they are fu*king awesome + some
  13. @glen8 I would be very surprised if Lotus don’t make the AMG soundtrack addictive
  14. Hi @[email protected] @Davey D @Mike Healey Good to chat this morning, Julian hope your good lady enjoyed the remainder of her special day in York
  15. Shame Gavan and his team were not interviewed in depth (unless we are to see a follow on program later on this year), at Goodwood last week engineering team were giving lots of technical information on the car and the attributes i got the impression last weekend and from the internet review earlier in week that Lotus were given time to get the Emira right rather than letting the first owners do the development work post delivery as was the case previously when Lotus had little/no funding
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