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  1. Think I'd rather walk!
  2. Lotus dealer Leven have a toxic green 2017 Cup 250 just under £43500 with less than 1000M
  3. Central Lotus our local dealer, fitted the (loud) button to our 430 when they were prepping the car for us to collect they didn’t charge us so I assume this is a relatively easy job for a Lotus dealer to perform yes we use the button as soon as we are off the estate, the exhaust sound is very addictive at all revs
  4. Yes Nico, not a good message to the very good engineers already on the Lotus payroll, chassis has always been a Lotus expertise; is this partnership for chassis collaboration I am hoping this is for lightweight electric motor and the interface with the driven wheel especially on 4WD systems? unless the electric engineers who were involved with the Elise Tesla and Evora EV are no longer at Lotus and not able/wanting to return still unsure why Lotus haven’t pushed ahead without going outside the Geely group for assistance, and would assume this partnership was sanctioned at the top of the Geely empire and benefits the Geely group as a whole!
  5. As far as I’m aware Lotus haven’t done 4WD, and yes I’m looking forward to seeing an all electric Lotus road car totally agree about the Cup/GT4** cars being proper true Lotus cars
  6. Apologies for the delay in putting this up. Wednesday 13th March Wednesday 15th May Saturday 20th July - subject to change Wednesday 18th September - subject to change Wednesday 20th November Times; Wednesday (chicken) evening/night 6.30 - 7pm Saturday breakfast (bacon butty & coffee yes free refills) 10 - 10.30am Venue; Retford Wetherspoons DN22 6JR
  7. 4WD yes please Lotus yes even if electric, need to move with the times.
  8. Wednesday 16th January 1830 - 1900hrs At Wetherspoons Retford sort out the remainder of the year?
  9. DarrylV8

    Evora GT430

    Ours is quick but by no means brutal
  10. I don’t believe that by changing the exhaust and air filter element (only) that you will have a 20 bhp increase!
  11. We had LMS fit the 54ltr pro alloy tank to our old roadster, we were quoted another 1 to 2 hours labour a bit of a fiddle to fit. We chose the smaller tank due to weight saving against the additional 6litres of fuel.
  12. Wow 20 horses for not much out lay wonder why Lotus didn't go that route when bringing the 430 upgrade to Exige & Evora?
  13. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year
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