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  1. Never had a problem with buying newer Lotus cars went from an Elise 111R to an SC, Exige Cup 260 to a Roadster, Evora S to GT430 and always enjoyed the experience that each car gave.
  2. DarrylV8


    We wanted a few answers before we were going to look At least we have a reason for not hearing from previous owner and the garage
  3. DarrylV8


    This probably won’t surprise many of you, two and half days since giving the dealer my number and asking him to pass to the previous owner; and heard nothing from either party.
  4. DarrylV8


    Or go very quiet.
  5. DarrylV8


    Thanks, hopefully this is more productive.
  6. DarrylV8


    Richard from Woodstock car sales, is quoting GDPR and is therefore unable to pass on contact details of previous owner.
  7. DarrylV8


    Hi, does anyone have any previous dealings with Woodstock car sales, or have any prior knowledge of the green GT3 they are selling, low mileage (31700) been on sale a while?
  8. I suppose this is the good thing about the internet and forums it/they allow us all to discuss various issues/topics being a Lotus owning family for 40 years I thought I would ask various members what they thought of the change in badge/logo, first impressions I had to point out the change to all but one! me I’m extremely happy it still has the name LOTUS and just as importantly THE Boss’s Initials are still proudly on display, both could have changed or been removed by the new owners and we wouldn’t have been able to do much about it, apart from have a good whinge and stop buying the cars that we all think are pretty awesome/special
  9. If anyone is near Nottingham, CL have a customer Evora in with a whole host of bodywork mods, yes including the scissor doors.
  10. Good to hear Martin is feeling well enough to be single seating, hope the remainder of the recovery is as speedy.
  11. DarrylV8

    TLF GT430 Club

    We feel the suspension is much better over the crappy roads than our previous Evora S indeed the suspension on the daily (VRS) driver is much firmer than 430 road setting totally agree on 410 comments
  12. Yes...possibly why Americans are only able to purchase Evora 400,/410, no Elise, Exige or (as yet) Evora GT430. not sure how, if you die in a road crash fire you know what the insurance company pays out for?
  13. How many are going down to Goodwood this year, we are looking at being at the Saturday so may change July meeting? or possibly Sunday 14th at Trax show at Donnington circuit?
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