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  1. Internet not particularly good in Pacific Ocean but hopefully got configuration locked in, a couple of days before deadline
  2. Tried asking Matt a couple of weeks ago, was robustly told all parts of the business were part of group Lotus, this followed an interview by Matt which to me read they were individual companies standing on their own under the Lotus banner! Yes I was
  3. Hi @floriankarchKaimu is the standard colour (in UK) the Blossom Grey is an option colour (along with four other colours) on UK version of the Lotus website
  4. Until we saw the Blossom Grey at Lotus Silverstone end of November we were set on Galloway Green, both said at the roadshow we very much liked the “mature” grey; this is our choice on the configurator which we will be locking in over the next days.
  5. Hopes of the Britishvolt battery giga factory have collapsed, not sure if this will impact Lotus in midterm although doesn’t look good for British built EV cars.
  6. Yep shame Lotus haven’t gone hydrogen route, and so we are staying with Eletre along side GT430
  7. Think it was Matts predecessor Phil Popham who spearheaded Vision80 came from a boating background when JMG left
  8. Still have and wear the orange polo shirt, although a little tighter fitting 🤔
  9. Lotus Belfast is listed on website as a Lotus centre, so would expect to see the Eletre there sometime soon
  10. Hi, welcome to TLF Hopefully you will get to see an Eletre and keep your deposit in, we are also in the “basic” camp
  11. DarrylV8

    Lotus APX

    I understand only one car was built (circa 2006) with 4WD and a V6 engine, does anyone have any information on the whereabouts/history or do Lotus still have the car?
  12. The UK configurator has gone live today on the Lotus website
  13. Looks like Mercedes are going to use the same sales model as Lotus Cars from January 2023, well done Lotus Cars ahead of the opposition. On 7 Dec 2022, at 16:16, Mercedes-Benz <> wrote: View Online Hello Darryl, There’s a new way to buy your new Mercedes‑Benz. No matter where or when you buy it, online or in-store – choose your car, and there’s just one price.* Our best price. No haggling needed. From 3 January 2023, you’ll be able to search for a new Mercedes-Benz car on our Online Showroom, or speak with a Mercedes‑Benz Agent at one of our showrooms across the country. And all this, confident in the knowledge that you’ll receive our very best price however you choose to buy. Our dedicated nationwide team of new car Sales Agents will be ready to help you. Online, in-store, or any combination of the two. One price – easy. Discover our latest models *Subject to availability. UK specs may vary. Retail customers only Mercedes-Benz Cars UK Ltd. is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 2448457 and has its registered office address at Tongwell, Milton Keynes, MK15 8BA. 2022 Mercedes-Benz Group AG Privacy Statement Legal Notice Unsubscribe
  14. Hi, Sunday January 8th 10am, we have reserved a table at the Apron for breakfast/brunch; Retford (Gamston) Airport DN22 0QL KR Darryl
  15. What a futuristic car the Eletre is, we both thought we would be deciding the exterior colour whilst looking over the car; Galloway Green or Stellar Black but no Blossom Grey has stormed into the mix. Really nice chatting to Aimee and Albert, will post up some photos tomorrow
  16. Is anyone else going to Silverstone today to look at the Eletre we are at the afternoon viewing?
  17. Have you asked Lotus for the towing capacity?
  18. Well done Scott, assume you have recovered from sore seat infliction?
  19. Or even the model number 😉
  20. Received a reminder email this afternoon for the broadcast tomorrow from Lotus cars.
  21. Well we didn’t see any planes land/take off, apparently the weather was no good didn’t stop the GT430 from going for a drive
  22. We are both looking forward to Global broadcast Tuesday, as Central Lotus are not part of the Eletre tour we are popping down to Silverstone on 29th November
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