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  1. @MikeR don’t suppose you have any details on what the aero (kgs) package is?
  2. Really looking forward to the Global broadcast and further details from Lotus
  3. Thanks Keith for the update
  4. Waiting to hear when we might get to see one
  5. What did the governor think to the Lotus ESUV?
  6. RIP Queen Elizabeth II it was a true honour to have served you
  7. Do we know what time the Eletre achieved? Spy shots of a car in camouflage yet large Lotus badge on front
  8. not sure the Numpties that sit in the middle lane/s or don't move back to the inside after overtaking; stopping the numpties from driving on motorways, will enable faster cars to travel quicker.
  9. Also hoping the boot area will take 5 rucksacks, which will keep the grandsons happy, when it’s just Sue and me going on a cruise we should be able to put one maybe both suitcases in the rear seat area surely this is not too much to ask for such a large ESUV? if this needs moving to a new/different thread please do as it’s definitely going sideways
  10. Lotus are/were aiming for 450ltrs agree not as big as an estate car but still large enough for two large 150ltr suitcases, but would be interested to know the dimensions to ensure two cases will fit, as I said above don’t see that revealing information on a smallish space is going to be much benefit to the opposition 🤔 but if @Techyd knows/says otherwise I’m happy to shut up.
  11. We keep asking the customer care team for the size of the boot, don't really see how this would adversely hurt Lotus if released. Certainly getting a little peeved with lack of information being released. Yes I know someone would need to take a good old fashioned tape measure to the inside of the boot before we hear the comics in the audience 😀
  12. Of those who have either put a deposit down or are interested in buying one once more information and specifications are released; which model are you looking at the 600, 750 or 950 Im not sure if there is a 750 version it might be something I have dreamt or just read sometime back, hopefully someone with a younger brain can correct me?? And before we start getting the senior moment jokes you younger ones will reach the wrong side of 60 sooner than you think 🤔
  13. Received our copy of Road Rat today
  14. Hi all, New venue for this meeting; The Apron Cafe, Gamston Airport Nr Retford Ollerton Road, Gamston Nottinghamshire DN22 0QL 10am breakfast sandwich and coffee
  15. Hi all, Meet 10am for breakfast cobs and coffee, Thaymar Ice cream Parlour, Haughton Park Farm, near Bothamsall, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8DB
  16. Had a read of Central Lotus copy of Road Rat, nothing jumped out as being new information
  17. @Bibs Available 2023 I assume early deposit holders will be getting theirs this year and don't have to wait till 2023?
  18. We have had a number of speed restrictions amended in Nottinghamshire over the last year or so, and the Head unit has been telling us we are over the new lower speed limit, as far as I'm aware we haven't had the SatNav - Maps updated or is it automatically updated?
  19. our GT430 and our Previous Evora S (ICE) would tell you as soon as you went a couple of mph over the speed limit.
  20. Well I have just registered on Lotus website to join the future (NFT) world! think I will be looking in the sky tonight to see the 5 planets and a view into the unknown 😳
  21. In today’s Electronic version of AutoExpress Top 20 UK’s top car industry executives named, who have done wonders for global car makers. No. 13 Matt Windle Managing Director Lotus Cars
  22. DarrylV8

    Type 133

    Must admit @hedgerleydo like that render. The new Fisker (SUV) Ocean is apparently a rival to the Tesla Model Y and will be displayed at this year’s Goodwood FoS on Electric Avenue Im struggling to see how an SUV that looks like a RR can be a rival for what looks like a car. Which I assume Type 133 will be competing with? The Ocean basic price looks ok, with top of range (no pun intended although it does have have a good WLTA figure) Ocean Extreme still looking very good value and similar length to the Y!
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