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  1. Usual time and place; Thaymar ice cream parlor near Retford at 9.30 - 10am, chat Lotus/cars, coffee & bacon butties
  2. its a figure that ALA gap insurance have stated for our 430 last month
  3. 17th May - undecided hopefully someone can put me into the list, thanks
  4. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    @jimichangayes and the Emira is not an Elise/Exige, indeed it is not an Evora although I have previously stated the Emira is lighter than Evora S IPS. Would be very surprised if Lotus in the Emira life span don’t bring out a Cup/GT430 version but if anyone seriously thought Lotus would have been able to/wanted to have all variations from the getgo then you only need to look at what every car manufacturer has done with each of their models. The carbon fibre stripped out high performance Emira is not going to be under £60K if that is want you want then think you are going to have to wait a few years; with price tag to match the GT430 run of cars?
  5. It was good to meet up and chat. Good to see and hear a 380 not in a showroom
  6. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    4 wheels & tyres and a steering wheel
  7. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    @jimichangathe Esprit V8 350horses between 20kgs & 50kgs lighter than the Emira without the safety items etc. So why dish the Emira? @Evotionno I didn’t film the drive up the hill, no massive shove in the back, but enough to highlight how bad the surface was; wet with a lot of mud of track
  8. DarrylV8

    Lotus Emira

    @duncx @Mark030358i think i can testify having had a very fast (passenger) ride up the hill, the Emira is certainly a Lotus and rightly wears the ACBC badge.
  9. @Evotion Bibs is not being 100% true full, they are fu*king awesome + some
  10. @glen8 I would be very surprised if Lotus don’t make the AMG soundtrack addictive
  11. Hi @[email protected] @Davey D @Mike Healey Good to chat this morning, Julian hope your good lady enjoyed the remainder of her special day in York
  12. Shame Gavan and his team were not interviewed in depth (unless we are to see a follow on program later on this year), at Goodwood last week engineering team were giving lots of technical information on the car and the attributes i got the impression last weekend and from the internet review earlier in week that Lotus were given time to get the Emira right rather than letting the first owners do the development work post delivery as was the case previously when Lotus had little/no funding
  13. I thought the standard answer from technical persons was; have you tried switching it off and then on again. having purchased 5 brand new Lotus from four different main dealers (in the last eleven years) have only had one issue, when picking up one of the Exiges fuel tank was only half full, we have always been treated as I would expect to treat someone if they had spent their hard earned money with me @Matt WI assume you are referring to jct600 never bought a new Lotus from them but had both Exiges serviced with them at both service centres, and won’t be using their service dept. again
  14. At 17.45hrs, why the Emira needs to be a success
  15. @Loquacious LewI wish I had your temperament I certainly don’t have your patience.
  16. @jep i think most of us on TLF advertise Lotus cars when we wear T shirts or speak about what we own etc. we don't get paid to do this. So when you state Jenson must be getting paid to say good things about Lotus or that he owns an Evora; why? and you know this for fact? i'm happy that Jenson states he owns the same car as me, an Evora!
  17. @Evotioni have also heard that the September roadshow around the dealers, will give an opportunity for test drives. Then watch the excitement bubble go ballistic with even more people putting a deposit on the car
  18. @Loquacious Lewyou certainly have a lot more than I, patience that is
  19. Having seen, sat in and been for a passenger ride in the latest and possibly the most important car for some time; the future is looking good, very good Cant wait till September when hopefully we are able to drive Emira at the dealerships
  20. Looking forward to a bacon butty, coffee and chatting all things Lotus
  21. @NedaSayin one of the Goodwood interviews see SHMEE video when JB is driving up the hill, JB mentions he owns an Evora having seen JB on both the main Lotus stand & in front of the house he does come across as being a Lotus fanboy
  22. I might get this slightly wrong, on our run up the hill, we were in sport mode, the valve is variable rather than open/closed yes should have had a long play recorder!
  23. @Evotionso your at the factory for interior & exterior colour schemes, then you'll be at the factory to see the car in production from the viewing gallery, then (possibly) at completion; your be buying a holiday home on the Broads next! taking the car back to Hethal for its scheduled servicing
  24. I was fortunate to be offered a passenger ride up the hill today. With Dan from the Ride & Handling team being my pilot. a few facts that I should enlighten from chatting with various members of the Emira team; the Goodyear tyres were only signed off last week (after more than a year of R&D of the tyre) by mr ride & handling himself, if you are considering tracking your Emira then you should probably go for the Michelin Cup tyres, if you opt for the track pack but intend using the car mainly for A to B road driving/using the car in bad weather then opt for the Goodyear tyres. the stalks on the steering wheel are in-house (Geely) Volvo units, other switches and vent outlets are bespoke and manufactured in-house the Emira weighs less than our old Evora S and, has more downforce than the current Evora 410, it sticks to the road like any Lotus should. Imho; We all want this to be the best Lotus road car yet, so it was never going to be the weight of an Elise or Exige but it certainly handles as well even when only sat in the passenger seat, is it confidence inspiring; yes It certainly is the interior reminded me of the Esprit; a place you want to be even if only sitting in the car in your garage/on the drive will this Lotus make Porsche drivers come across from the dark side, I know it will and has already started OMG the exhaust sound, it’s epic is the Emira worthy of the Lotus/ACBC badge; IT CERTAINLY IS
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