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  1. Gents, we ordered our new V6 roadster 10 days ago and should have delivery Jan 2014, so yes i would say the factory is busy
  2. Jonny, we have gone for ardent red with ivory white leather interior and diamond cut wheels
  3. well some interesting comments above we drove the exige v6 roadster last saturday at SMC with martin donnelly being our pilot and then co-pilot for the both of us; we then went into Guy's office to talk figures for the options and signed on the dotted line twice I got a reprimand from MD regarding the speedo reading in access of 3 figures definately does not feel anything like just got to wait till 2014 now for the delivery YES a 4 month waiting list??? oh nearly forgot the roadster is f**king awesome IMHO and yes an improvement on even the coupe
  4. "does not harm the Lotus reputation" obviously not like DB then
  5. Ben once we have price confirmed for (V6) roadster with options we should hopefully be placing an order
  6. I thought Sutil tried (to fight) his way into a Lotus seat in a Chinese nightclub a year and half back? RG & SP back to go-karting me thinks so they can practise their overtaking frailties
  7. Ben, According to the Lotus Exige S brochure the premium pack for both the "Coupe" and "Roadster" includes leather dashboard and sills with the steering wheel in "full" black leather with the foot well area being carpet + leather HTH
  8. Lotus website gives more details on the new roadster starting price as per the coupe; looks like the quilted interior has survived
  9. Just read the interview with Nathan Leeming Lotus "Head of Quality" a number of instatnces where Nathan mentions "new models" and once even "exciting future new models"
  10. According to BBC F1 news; James Allison is to step down A big shame with two F1 champions that he has helped to win their crowns at Renault and Ferrari.
  11. PR wont win KR the world championship, not sure if he's a wa**er Buddsy i may need to defer to you on that one; but being a good tactical driving will win him shed loads of points and hopefully the DWC 2013
  12. 3 races 3 point scores with two being on the podium, if someone paid me £10M to drive a car 19 times a year in anger for about an hour and a half you could call me a cock I'd rather hear KR pit radio comments than a certain German who came 4th who must struggle to get his head in his helmet who looks like he's about to burst into tears if he doesn't win!
  13. CH may need a sense of humour after RBR qualifying! Good to see two Lotus cars in top 6 grid positions well done LH on a very good lap for pole
  14. Ben you need to sort yourself out a Lotus matey; how long till your little girl finishes uni?
  15. shouldent they be black & gold for the new look Lotus colours or is that for the Norwich City followers, kimbers what you doing in the cells on a saturday night to be able to get that low in the car??
  16. the Tesla UK website indicates the Roadster is still available at just under £88K
  17. Ben, you got your deposit down yet?
  18. OE as a minimum the choice is then a personal preference, only heard good things about CL
  19. Kimbers, what a tease (yes not my original chosen words); come on matey you cant leave us in suspense like this??? Spill the beans Cheers Gunter for the translation; much appreciated
  20. welcome Serge is there a button on the article page to translate or would anyone one like to translate the article? yep one of the lazy english who never learnt a second language, beleiving i can order my beer by pointing and sticking a number of fingers up, correct not very pc!
  21. MJK back on the contolling board at Group Lotus? come on Tony give a little dont tease
  22. the MJK Esprit is to be released this year not 2014?
  23. we had the fire extinguisher removed by the factory when we bought ours back in 2010, only difficult bit is getting items in/out of boot. don't see why you couldent use as a daily drive if your roads are that good and fuel is that cheap!!
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