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  1. we had the fire extinguisher removed by the factory when we bought ours back in 2010, only difficult bit is getting items in/out of boot. don't see why you couldent use as a daily drive if your roads are that good and fuel is that cheap!!
  2. DarrylV8


    what before the days of "warning" hot coffee; careful you might burn your lips on this freshly made coffee with steam escaping the lid!
  3. thanks Tony the thought of buying a Porsche badge Lotus really would take the pi**
  4. so the 2014 "new Esprit" will be a 4 x 4 using R8 running gear then??
  5. have you not tried the horse addative; now used throughout Europe........... yep i'm closing the door on my way out
  6. possibly not the best question to ask KR in fact I thought we were going to get the WTF sort of question is that answer; good job i can't read lips reminded me of when the reporters ask a griefing family member "how do you feel"
  7. why have you found away of fitting to the Uno?
  8. Lets hope Grosjean manages to finish a few more races than last year, could be in with a shout at top 4 in drivers championship
  9. Gert, The driver cell of the T128 was developed in accordance with the 2014 LMP1 regulations. Improved safety, visibility and driver comfort have been paramount in the development of the chassis. The T128 provides a better view for the driver from inside the cockpit. An extensive mock-up program has been carried through in order to verify ergonomics and driver accessibility.
  10. Ben with the amount of money put into Lotus over the last year by DRB/HICOM, I don't doubt they will push the brand. DRB seem pretty commited to sorting Lotus cars out to me. perhaps you need to get your check book out and get a Lotus?
  11. It would appear that Geely have purchased the black London taxi manufacturer based in Coventry for just over £11M safe guarding over 100 jobs, and is prepared to pump money into the company to develope the future generator/s of taxi cabs.
  12. About an inch of snow last night, looking forward to the heat wave tomorrow; won't be wearing me shorts outside thou
  13. N. Nott's back roads still some snow/ice; main roads clear
  14. well Bibs did you buy the only T125 in uk? next TLF track day can i have a go?
  15. my understanding is that we should see various new production "models" of Evora in the near future so get the cheque book out; have you heard anything Bibs? not sure about the roadster version of the V6 Exige not asked or heard
  16. Our reviews added, no problem either registering or reveiwing
  17. Thomas think you need to explain your comment you appear to contradict yourself; I think
  18. David that sounds good plenty of room behind the front seats to move the engine baulkhead forward, Tony are you aware if MJK looked into this when he was at the helm?
  19. Good news is starting to come out now after the very quiet 2012
  20. I assume its heavier than typical Caterham's, our 2010 Cup 260 is fully loaded kit wise yet 0-60 is about 4seconds
  21. Yes a GTE road version of the Evora with 435+ bhp and weighing in at 1315kgs or under would compete with Porsche, Audi etc and keep me very happy even at £120K or there abouts
  22. With Stirling on this, I also doubt CC had the amount of money behind him for Lotus that Newey/CH have at their disposal for design/developement of the F1 cars
  23. Alex, pretty good insight into marketing, thanks for that
  24. oh dear it must be that time of year my mum has just been relerased from BDH after an operation on her right arm, broke right arm and left hand in a fall down the stairs, apparently she caught her foot in her dressing gown. Good old parents?? Kimbers please pass mine and Sue's thoughts to your dad Time for a bungalow methinks!
  25. "rolling around on the floor with drunk people" i suppose that sounds better than interferring with a farm animal; gives a new meaning to living in the country? Real CSI stuff as opposed to TV CSI stuff??
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