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  1. Not sure why Lotus are letting people continually speak of the cooling issues if they don't exist?? Obviously the guys at the factory Kimbers is talking too don't really care for the cars they are trying to build so they can be sold so they can get paid, cos Kimbers is not going to come on the largest Lotus forum and tell us all that there is an issue so we wont buy probably the most anticipated and important new Lotus for a few years; especially as Lotus don't really need the money. Kimbers think you need to spill the beans and reveal the real reason why Lotus have delayed production?
  2. when are we going to see road going version Bibs
  3. I think the rear boot panel looks very different to the demo car we drove a few months back, even the grill/mesh looks larger. It could be the angle of the photo so I do stand to be corrected/shot!! Surferphils picture "Exige" is the previous Cup 260 not the V6
  4. Tony, I respect what you say, and agree; What people tend to forget about the V6 Exige issue (and many engineers I know at Lotus have confirmed this) is that, yes money was a factor for DRB on finally getting this out, but only because of the fact that it was released way before it was finished. Since removing the scoop plus having a bigger engine in than was originally intended (4 cyl 1.8) and enclosing the rear they suffered from overheating issues. We were seriously looking to purchase the V6 Cup and when speaking to LMS I stated that we would actually want the GRP slatted lid/cover apart from saving weight the V6 would have looked extremely good when parked next to our Esprit (S3 Turbo) the V6 still had to come down the production line before LMS got the car to work on/convert to Cup Track/Race! Bib's whilst I appreciate the dealers/Lotus can sell the Exige, if the car can't be produced (for what ever reason) then they can't be sold, having £5K deposit surely does not constitute having a sale? Unless cars can be pre-registered before going through the factory gate? Although our next car unfortunately won't be a Lotus (and yes we were hoping to be able to boast having a 2010, 2011 & 2012 brand new Lotus) we want to purchase a new Lotus 2013/2014 although this does depend on what Lotus have to offer "Evora GTE, light weight Exige V6 or even an Esprit" Guy (MR 10TUS) please keep us informed. Yes that's probably "good night from me"
  5. yes type approved, i thought originally the demo cars were supposed to be with dealers early this year (2012) with owners starting to receive March and yet nearly 8 months later we still don't have any on British roads (yes i know we've had the factory demo cars) i would say this constitutes it can't be sold in UK................ as there aren't any, can you honestly put your hand on your heart and say "January 2013" new owners will start receiving their new V6 Exige?
  6. at the moment it can't be sold in the UK which is an even bigger worry!
  7. Yes best bit of Lotus news this year, not sure if it should read only bit of good news from Lotus factory in past 6 months Just got to keep believing and keep the (Lotus) faith and before anyone asks no i'm not going religious!!!! Think Mike's grandchildren will have something to say to that one; "NO" in one word
  8. No dream Alex Bring back DB it maybe less expensive than fighting him in court. Sudders are you and DB calling in at Lotus HQ later today on your way back from short holiday to renew his T&C?? Bibs will you need to order a new Esprit before the production run starts? Is CEO above or below a COO in the pecking order! Not sure I was??
  9. Phil I'm sure if John was having a go at you it would have been more direct, sounds a general comment aimed at those who sit on the fence??
  10. I'm guessing that DRB and the COO dont read this forum. Sudders when did you and DB get out of the bunker? Although you turning up in Muscat (is that by choice?) would explain why you've been quiet!! Totally agree with the statement regarding accountants running companies, its difficult doing your job with one hand behind your back, in any profession. Gert not sure what drugs your on; HM has been pretty good to Lotus over the years, and I did not read into his column as you may have done! The only issue I can see is big possibility of the 3rd version of the Esprit before it finally (well hopefully) gets into production. Which may well make it a contender for the biggest white elephant in the UK. Any idea on (real) costs to date on both MJK and DB versions and the DRB costs since take over? Any way that's me done going to get the 260 out the garage, ready for an afternoon over at Doncaster.
  11. Just off to "drown your sorrows" not at the local surely looking at your post time?? Also read HM column last night, it does appear that the Esprit was a lot nearer completion than was previously known; not happy looks like Audi R8 v8 or v10 which to choose?
  12. is the last line correct or has there been a miss quote? from evening standard (don't have a copy of the Independant) "but the management hope to start work on the new models shortly"
  13. Does not make for good reading; hopefully GL will purchase Lotus and steer the company in the right direction. As others have stated above, Lotus need to sort the Exige out very quickly and get the cars to the new owners pretty smartly.
  14. that is the best laugh I've had since last october
  15. the over heating issue must be serious, i remember a few years back Lotus sorting out over heating issue on a Ford (mondeo?) mind you with the glass boot lid there doesent appear much escape for the engines hot air, are we going to get a lighter weight exige v6 using the gt evora grp boot lid from the gtn range?
  16. Gus, Thinks its up to us to buy new Elise/Evora/Exige to keep the production line busy! We have bought new Lotus cars in the past two years, with third brand new on it's way
  17. Someone must have faith in Lotus cars, big advert on Lotus website for 0% finance deals for new Evora & Elise models; which would intimate that Lotus don't have any issue selling the Exige V6
  18. excellent Duncan you may have a saturday morning job after all; when not looking after the little ones
  19. Bibs we enjoyed the LCI magazine, if i remember correctly it was £30p/a for membership and there were a few competitions for Lotus buffs!! Thinking back you used to be able to communicate with different factory personnel.
  20. ok so long as you can have it in black, the car that is
  21. Give me a Lotus any day; the red cars really don't do anything for?
  22. So when do you dealers start taking deposits for the new Esprit? Roger why would Clive want to get involved in the politics game, think plenty has been said on here without dragging the Chapman's into the pit?
  23. You need to get your sealed bid in by 11th Sept
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