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  1. Sounds like you are describing the Exige (V6) S Angus? A bit more touring/creature comforts possibly! Perhaps if Lotus can get the Evora GTE sorted out and then drop a V8 into the engine bay using some of the rear +2 seats/rear bench it can compete both cost and performance wise??
  2. If you feel sick while driving your Elise hard, then possibly you are doing the right thing; getting a Boxster that is, don't you drive your V8 hard?
  3. Nope, don't worry about additional options; AC & rear parking sensors look like the only options for every day driving; others are for track/racing Yes the base car is that good
  4. Bet you can't wait to drive the Exige Cup with 100kgs less think it will be the one to have
  5. Jesus, thats a lot of bubbly and helicopters??
  6. Gents, Elise & Elise S Exige S Evora & Evora S No announments till they are confident they can produce/deliver new variants/cars Its not what we want to hear, but after the last 2 + years of pie in sky; think its as much as we could expect from DRB/COO, frustration oh yes
  7. is this the 2-11 & 340R replacement?
  8. have owned a few pre '06 Elise and not had any issues with brackets the later series 2.5 cars utilise integral indicators within the headlamp unit; as mentioned above the fixing detail on the earlier indicators was pretty sh1t, but as is the Lotus way continual development is the way forward!!
  9. Rick, good to hear the young girl is doing well, and no i am too much of a soffty to watch the video, if any events in East Midlands to raise awareness/funds etc please let us know? Darryl
  10. Small print?? too many contract law specialist's on here, Thomas if you can read your view in to the article can you please PM me the numbers for Tuesday's rollover I'll even give Lotus 10M (out of the winnings) to continue with Esprit?
  11. Like it very much; come on Bibs what do you know? AK have you seen any of these driving between factory and the multiplex cinema in Norwich late at night; no wonder you cant sleep??
  12. I've read this a few times and still not sure what is being said
  13. So why have Lotus binned the GTE road car??
  14. Rednapp has turned down the Forest managers job; shame!!!
  15. Bibs its them beer glasses found in a tin of Fosters;
  16. Asked the director in charge of fleet regarding "free" company cars he said i'll be asking for free helicopters next, hope he wasent implying anything???
  17. Calling the bunker Sudders can you please ask DB best place to get cheap/free champagne? After 15+ cases Having a party with some mates; they have managed to scrounge free helicopter rides in to the grounds from various locations cheers
  18. Roger How much were they; may pick up a bargin, then I would need to drive properly! Look out RG and the rest of the grid hicky's learning to drive
  19. What and have us lot have a verbal with them; no FC!! Bibs has the new COO been to the stand?
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