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  1. Less than two and half days till the reveal
  2. Well less than three and a half days, till reveal. I’m hoping Lotus gets the Comms right for the Type 132 as @TomEsays the Emira certainly wasn’t Lotus finest
  3. Only Four more days to wait for the reveal this is going to be a long weekend!
  4. Our GT430 is insured with LV, access on windscreen replacement £190 & repair £20
  5. Followed a Porsche Cayenne on way home today well for about 20 miles mainly on 50mph speed camera road happy with the size but the Lotus must hold the road/handle better wasn’t impressed with the Porsche yes I know I was only following if the type 132 ends up being Macan size even better
  6. which i guesstimate at just under 5M length so if Type 134 is larger what we talking 6M length?
  7. hi @Bibs i assume the render above is Type 132?
  8. again an article which states joined by larger SUV, i assume the Type 134 is going to be extremely large then! "One of four EVs for the brand that will be launched over the next five years, the first model being readied by Lotus will be joined by a larger SUV and four-door Porsche Taycan rival."
  9. i have been up dating daily 3 days from today for naming and 7 days for spec's etc, and yes its dragging
  10. So if your wondering and have dropped to this last comment rather than get here after reading the previous rendering....... then it’s Seven days till the reveal although the name for the type 132 will be revealed earlier, in the next 3 days
  11. @exeterjeep Keith It’s bad enough on a daily basis
  12. Not sure why the ESUV is such a calling to us, we have only been waiting since the APX crossover for Lotus to venture into this market oh well 10 days now
  13. Less than two weeks, 11 days this is going to drag
  14. We are certainly looking forward to the reveal of what will hopefully be an Evija inspired SUV with the new Lotus signature front & side aero body panels which Lotus are now using; as with the Emira
  15. Hi all, bacon butties and coffee at the West Retford Hotel, table booked for 6 people in lounge/bar area meet about 10am
  16. Lotus following some of the big boys. The future of car buying?
  17. Hi @jaydt good to chat with you yesterday and for bringing your lovely Military Grey (FE) Exige 390 really awesome colour in real life
  18. Update on coffee it's £2.25 for a single person pot, £4.50 for a pot for two various coffee types same cost for tea.
  19. Please note we will be in the bar/lounge area and not the restaurant keep safe darryl
  20. @au-yt The parts list from Lotus ASO is: 36 Harness, alpine radio* C132M0326F 1 37 Cable, antenna input* 20 MY A132M6244F 1 38 Cable, FM output* 20 MY A132M6245F 1 39 Cable, DAB output* 20 MY A132M6246F 1 40 Splitter DAB Antenna* 20 MY A132M6243F 1
  21. Hi Graeme, If you go FM to DAB Splitter post, I posted up the Lotus part numbers for the adapter cables, we originally had used the Ariel booster unit which is now redundant. Cost of cables last summer was £125 but was really worth the investment I’m pleased we acted on what the factory engineers said to us.
  22. Just read the car magazine article on the car, no wonder the 132 is getting such high praise, really can’t wait till end of March
  23. Yep definitely expecting to see this year.
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