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  1. Mark B what are you saying?? or am i thinking like a juvenile?
  2. Hopefully the man at the helm will inform us what he intends for Lotus future during Goodwood think he will have been in charge 2 weeks then; I seriously don't think he was not primed on what could and did happen with his promotion etc hopefully he has bought into what the paymasters have mapped for the future of Lotus cars I am also keen to hear if he wants to retain the services of the people DB brought into GL and indeed are they willing to stay at least in the short term i.e. Esprit into production and Elise replacement Oh so many questions
  3. Ramjet; just in case your not taking the p*ss Spurs or lillywhites is the nickname for Tottenham Hotspur
  4. as you say David;" but someone else in authority should have acted sooner." Anything from the bunker to report??
  5. 15mins into the second half of last night's game and my money was on HR being in charge of England before end of weekend Fair result in end?
  6. Can't all be bad DB has managed to keep this thread with 23pages and counting! When's Goodwood so we can start another "hot" topic oops wont the Lotus cars being shown be DB's cars?? Good job the "team" at Hethal are still busy producing our cars!
  7. Don't think so ego not big enough IMO JM and plenty of money, nothing else will do;, ok DB and plenty of money oh no Lotus tried that!!
  8. I don't mind admitting i was a (big) fan of DB; apart from whatever the new owners got rid of DB for & the swizz beatz connection, and i suppose untill the truth (from both sides) comes out helicopters/houses etc or whatever else it was; DB put Lotus back on the world stage, not probably the right way but effective all the same
  9. oucchhhhh well written; ?? worth the read; wish i hadent bovered!
  10. I've heard THFC chairman wants to interview JM and DB Nothing surprises me in football its biased to a team who play in red (yes from manchester not Italy)
  11. DB or JM (the chosen one) they both know how to spend that will be a difficult decision for Daniel Levy (Tottenham chairman) Sudders can you ask DB if he is related to Jose, they both share many traits
  12. Is Danny still talking to the team he brought in; officially or unofficially Large rented property prices in Leeds area on the up?
  13. Calling the bunker, calling the bunker
  14. OOOpppps thought i'd gone to the wrong thread had to check the headline a couple of times!!1 Thought this was about DB being suspended or sacked not V8 engines either Lotus ones or someone elses sorry to be a tw*t but cant we start another thread??
  15. now i've managed to stop laughing and gone back and looked at the photo's again for heavens sake its got a "Turbo" bumper;
  16. Paul not being a gardender or green fingered person who is only able to use the mower (well sort of) what exactly are we supposed to be looking at? the brown thing the flower/weed with the petal or the green thing?? now where did i put this weeks gardening review? I know i should have took more notice at school
  17. Kimbers, is it not obvious why DB left Ferrari and Red Bull? Red Bull dont manufacture a sports car and Ferrari only build really expensive red things that look sh1t IMHO; where as Lotus ..............
  18. In that case can you please send the Evora to Nott's whilst we wait on more info of the GTE road car
  19. Yes I also agree Mark, a big shame if it was to do with the huge investment; surely there were otherways of dealing with DB I really do hope that the new guy keeps to bringing the new Esprit out and we dont go for another new review etc etc Hope this is the end of the cull and all the big names who DB has brought in can & will stay Good luck Mr Aslam
  20. Took the Cup 260 yesterday with a group of MLOC'ers Elise's to a rolling road day in Mansfield my first time; a good day allround, drinking coffee talking Lotus. I was informed by an Elise owner that the carbon seats in our Exige cost about £2200 each 255bhp and about 170lb yes Im happy with this; some of the guys there mentioned heat soak etc as to why we dident see 257+
  21. Yes setting myself up for the firing squad i know IMHO i dont think DB did that much wrong apart from swiss whats his name yes i'm too old to be into that kind of noise! DB has brought in some very talented people, which Lotus needed to move up market to take on the Italian/German cars head to head, Lotus were never going to survive just doing Elise/Exige and a basic Evora range; Lotus need a direction; 5 car/5 year plan or at least a forward plan. DB has put Lotus cars back on the world scene via an agressive much publicised and expensive(?) motorsport programme. In fact it has been way too long to wait (30+ years) to have a Lotus(?) F1 car that should have won the last GP and should win this afternoon Before I get shot; I have and always will hold MJK in the highest regards and during his stints at Lotus Mike did a brilliant job, however time does not stand still for anyone, and I hope that the parent company will promote from within and soon (if DB does go) to give a similar direction that does not mean the last two years are wasted The Exige V6 looks a winner and we are both looking forward to our demo drives, I am looking forward to the GTE road car and a demo drive and really looking forward to seeing the new Esprit; and hopefully we will not have to wait a further 5 years to see the rebirth...... and now waiting for the firing squad with my blind fold on
  22. Duncan it's a dark red with cream leather interior
  23. We have a 1974 Elite with Rover V8 efi hope this helps
  24. make me smile each and everytime i open the garage put an even bigger smile on my face each and everytime i drive a car that kids of all ages give you a thumbs up when you drive past when the driver of the car in front tells his/her passengers look at the car and passengers turn to look, wave and give you the thumbs up a car that the local kids always ride (on their push bikes) over to/run over to ask how fast is that/like your car MISTA the old guy opposite states still buying British then the young couple next door state wish we could afford one my dad asks everytime we buy a lotus supose you considered the german equivalent?? I'm too old to be boverd about how fast it goes, but it needs to accelerate very well, handle exceptionally so that when we go to a track I think Im fast and feel like an F1 driver
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