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  1. well spec'd souds like a very sorted car can see why you two enjoyed the day so much really looking forward to a demo drive
  2. Bibs, what extra's were fitted to the car apart from race mode and the race tyres?
  3. I agree with Mark; Bacon needs to shut up in public at least.
  4. A Tory MP? can't beleive he would lie! oh I maybe getting mixed up with the Tory MP who spoke at the "newspaper" enquiry yesterday; but then dident the PM talk to Malayan PM last week??
  5. well we've got 4 Lotus cars well all started life when they left Hethal as Lotus, but one has been highly modified Rover V8 engine REnault gearbox from the later T/T Esprit V8, HiSpec brakes (calipers & disc's) pads by someone else wheels drive shafts etc from the later cars; the other old one has Rover V8 engine new chassis by Spyder engineering(?) wheels from Ford The two recent editions come out of the factory with Toyota/Yamaha engine Toyota gearbox someone else's S/C although fitted by Lotus(?) brakes by AP To us all 4 cars are LOTUS cars! and to be honest we don't really care what others think
  6. DarrylV8

    4. Bahrain

    Excellent race; massive result for LOTUS
  7. Now that things appear to be getting back to normal at Hethal hopefully we can see the V6 coupe/roadster demonstrators in the Lotus dealerships some time soon
  8. Good news for the employee's Hopefully Lotus can get back to the business of producing the cars we (Lotus fans) all want, looking forward to seeing both versions of the new Exige S and the GTE road car
  9. looking forward to the review of the (white machine) very nice S3
  10. You need to be the consultant when the builder decides he's not paying you even when you have a monthly call off for the fee agreed and in the contract. Pretty happy the "client" is pursueing the builder and not one of the design team Looking forward to showing this to our legal people for a good laugh in the office on Tuesday
  11. Interesting to note the 17 photo's not mentioned in the article, not yet come across a builder/developer yet who gets it right first time round even when rectifing snags they still need 2 or 3 goes to put it right Another builder going bust?
  12. The last line appears to be very good news for Lotus; reading both articles there appears to be some big names waiting in the wings if the new owners do decide to sell Group Lotus
  13. I also don't see this as "doom & gloom" in fact the next few months should be very interesting at Lotus I think what happens between DB and GL could be the big story for Lotus The "skidmark" article refers to possible BMW being in the running for Lotus; should be interesting in our household for the next few months, I persueded Sue to sell her beemer and purchase the Cup 260 a couple of years ago Toyota have been into Lotus in one form or another for the past 30+ years, a few years back there was a VW 3wheeler going around the Hethal track talk then was of VW-Lotus partnership Yep interesting times and what the future holds for Lotus; nothing really changes as far back as I can remember Lotus in "cash talks" in one way or other with various suiters
  14. As the louvered engine cover has its own part number ALS5B0006F don't see why you should order as part of the exterior panel kit unless you want all the GTN panels?
  15. Not used the launch system on the Cup even though we are out of the two year warranty; if we had a boy racer at the lights next to us by the time I'd set launch control up I'd still be at the lights and BR and all in that lane would be long gone yes too old for this electronic wizardry!!!
  16. Lewis P1 Jenson P2 Kimi P5 Romain P7 Vettel on hard tyres starting at P6 Ferrari P9
  17. nice one Hopo; it does look nice and tidy the Esprit that is!
  18. Yes but easier to save weight on the car before it leaves the factory, getting this stomach to look like i'm 7 or 8 months pregnent has cost me a fortune and i like being able to fold my arms and rest them on my podge Sue's diet is coming along very well as you would expect of a woman!!! But that is not for me?
  19. hitting the rev limiter does not void the warrantee; on either the Elise or Exige
  20. Black & gold team for us; they are after all the factory team Just need a podium from Kimi or Grosjean or both and hopefully in the next few races Bibs we didn't watch in HD
  21. Dodgy, and named after its title sponsor, Group Lotus, which has an option to become a shareholder. enough said me thinks; Renault chassis sponsored by Lotus; not sure were "option to become a shareholder" money will come from??
  22. Bibs any idea when UK will get the GTE
  23. kimi in his Lotus sponsored Renault 7th good result for Jenson Lewis still not getting the luck with the safety car all Brits scoring points with PDR picking up a point
  24. Excellent result for Ferrari!! Well done LH and JB & Lotus/Renault
  25. Does anyone know how much weight is saved over the standard parts? Looking at the following GTN parts; GRP louvred engine cover Carbon rear quater panels Level 1 liteweight stainless steel exhaust
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