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  1. Less than two weeks, 11 days this is going to drag
  2. We are certainly looking forward to the reveal of what will hopefully be an Evija inspired SUV with the new Lotus signature front & side aero body panels which Lotus are now using; as with the Emira
  3. Hi all, bacon butties and coffee at the West Retford Hotel, table booked for 6 people in lounge/bar area meet about 10am
  4. Lotus following some of the big boys. The future of car buying?
  5. Hi @jaydt good to chat with you yesterday and for bringing your lovely Military Grey (FE) Exige 390 really awesome colour in real life
  6. Update on coffee it's £2.25 for a single person pot, £4.50 for a pot for two various coffee types same cost for tea.
  7. Please note we will be in the bar/lounge area and not the restaurant keep safe darryl
  8. @au-yt The parts list from Lotus ASO is: 36 Harness, alpine radio* C132M0326F 1 37 Cable, antenna input* 20 MY A132M6244F 1 38 Cable, FM output* 20 MY A132M6245F 1 39 Cable, DAB output* 20 MY A132M6246F 1 40 Splitter DAB Antenna* 20 MY A132M6243F 1
  9. Hi Graeme, If you go FM to DAB Splitter post, I posted up the Lotus part numbers for the adapter cables, we originally had used the Ariel booster unit which is now redundant. Cost of cables last summer was £125 but was really worth the investment I’m pleased we acted on what the factory engineers said to us.
  10. Just read the car magazine article on the car, no wonder the 132 is getting such high praise, really can’t wait till end of March
  11. Yep definitely expecting to see this year.
  12. Had our roadster 4 years from new NO issues even with a very picky MOTer but for us it was a very good sports car
  13. West Retford Hotel in the bar/lounge area table for six booked for coffee/bacon sandwiches. About 9.30/10am Please let me know if you are popping in so we can amend table size? Keep safe KR Darryl
  14. Yep but we won’t @MJONthanks for link to type 132 article very informative
  15. Wow @Bibs 2.4T after composite/alloy panels used, I assume the weight is in the chassis/battery compartment? which hopefully the type 132 will use the alloy chassis with front/rear alloy subframes? Can we also assume the Type 132 will be smaller than the iX-M60 and therefore less weight with better range/performance? I just need to stop day dreaming and wait for further teasers/more Lotus information??
  16. We are hoping the Type 132 takes on bmw iX - M60 which appears to have good range, power with AWD and it uses Lotus lightweighting principals
  17. Thanks Keith, a grey moment yes missed that point again
  18. Private showing in China or England?
  19. Surprised we haven’t seen another teaser, we had the 1st teaser 8th November followed by another four teasers by November 19th yet nearly six weeks later and still waiting for No. 6
  20. Hi Graham, do you have a photo and an idea of cost? if you go to the Evora section and place advert in Wanted/For sale area; Cars/Parts for sale.
  21. So somewhere between £55K - £145K with a Top spec type 132 at £NFI K. Sit back and wait for Lotus price update 😳
  22. Also looking forward to more information
  23. Not sure what I would expect for the type 132 if price was between £110K - £150K let alone above this figure especially as the car will be mass(?) produced in Wuhan I suppose it depends on which car Lotus are chasing Taycan/Aston DBX or....
  24. yes i thought i was the famous person in the shot till we had a proper look through our Goodwood photos 😀
  25. @exeterjeep Was hoping £60K - £110K depending on 2WD/4WD, power O/P and the amount of carbon No more details than those released, i was hoping for a big release yesterday as a bit of a Lotus Christmas present
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