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  1. going up the hill, well going to the start line ready for my R&H pilot Dan to show me the Emira's strength on a wet track
  2. Even with two years of Covid think we are well over low miles
  3. Happy Christmas all Lotus fans
  4. We have now placed a deposit with our local Lotus retailer/dealership
  5. Thanks @exeterjeep and @Bravo73 @TomE£1000.00 deposit?
  6. Has anyone placed an early deposit, was this with your dealer or direct with Lotus?
  7. Not wanting to get into a debate, however our car was built May 2018 (we actually went to the factory 22nd May during its build) and it was not the last UK GT430 off the production line
  8. If the 430 didn't make it to production then we would have gone Sport 410
  9. We had the diamond cut wheels on the Exige roadster (2015-2018) with no issues
  10. Hi Mark, i would also say replace both OE items with the Spitfire units. Try Seriously Lotus in Hull.
  11. Thanks Tony for sharing photo of Hazel & MJK
  12. RIP Hazel, condolences to Clive and family
  13. @Barrykearley not sure we can complain about NCT for both buses and trams
  14. Will be good to hear what you think M
  15. As good, possibly better!
  16. Oh my it took ages to get into the internet/modern technology mode end of last century early 2000’s looks like we might need a degree in computer technology for these newer/latest Lotus cars me not the the rest of you intelligent people
  17. yet when the GT430 was introduced Lotus only planned to sell 6 cars to the UK market, i believe 23(?) were actually sold so JMG must have done something right?
  18. Having spoken at length with R&H engineers at Lotus including winter tyres, Lotus R&H team spent a lot of time winter driving mule cars in Sweden "Tour mode has been tuned for all conditions including winter conditions." As for winter tyres, they are 235/35/20 front and 285/30/20 rear Michelin PA4 and will fit on the standard size rims
  19. With such excellent service from the staff yesterday thought I’d better give the news on prices as the venue is likely to hold further meetings next year. Pot of coffee £4.50 Bacon cob/bap £4.50
  20. For my two pence, touring if you don’t intend to regularly track and Goodyear’s if you want to drive all weathers. If you’re going to regularly track and not use in heavy rain use Sports and Cup 2, if you are going to use in winter then put Michelin PA4 on.
  21. @phil flasha couple of minutes before ours gives a reading, it might not be that long but certainly not giving a reading on ignition on
  22. Hi Cet, welcome to TLF although our previous Evora was a +2 and regularly took our eldest grandson out, I think you would be better going to a dealer who has a 400 +2 with your children and see if they are ok with the seating as for leaving the 400 outside all year you may wish to use a good quality outdoor cover if only to protect from UV and bird droppings
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