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  1. Mark @mg4lotusis from Sheffield, also has an NA
  2. @Emiralustjust my sad sense of humor!
  3. @PaperLawyerI don’t see any other manufacturer making a supercar (looks) and reasonably power output at £60K, so waiting two years doesn’t seem too long for such a car. being a Lotus and apart from being able to embarrass on a track supercars costing 2 or 3 times as much, it will be reasonably cheap to insure, maintain and run deposit paid middle of May 2021 if we don’t get our Emira till May 2023 not a big issue
  4. @Bibs thanks, yes James at SWLC has sorted me out
  5. DarrylV8

    Passenger seat

    Looking for tilt adjustable passenger seat for a RHD Evora, any condition of seat covering is acceptable but seat must tilt & slide thanks, Darryl
  6. A change in venue this Sunday still 9.30/10am The West Retford Hotel a 250 years old grade II listed building with period garden 24 North Road, Retford DN22 7XW we have had to book a table, if you are able to please let me have an idea of how many will be turning out end of October so we can firm up numbers to the hotel much appreciated
  7. Very similar dimensions to what I was given earlier in the year and, hence my confidence in getting two suitcases behind the seats yes we are both short arses with short legs. looking forward to driving Emira to Southampton cruise terminal 2023/2024 on winter tyres for our long awaited and re-dated cruises
  8. Yes they look like the dims I was given earlier in the year and, why I’m confident we can get two large suitcases in. Yes we are both short arses with short legs, looking forward to using the Emira on winter tyres 2023/2024 travelling to Southampton cruise 🚢 terminal for one of our rescheduled cruises
  9. Let’s hope the TT V8 is the right side of 500horses
  10. Certainly no regrets from the both of us, the 430 IPS was a major step up to our 2015 S IPS in speed of gear change and smoothness after the change
  11. Starting to lean towards the i4, just hoping there is no issue with the turbo in the rear and Lotus get the whole package sorted
  12. and bask in notion of dolphins and butterflies are breathing easy 🤫 & Rachel!
  13. the auto blip on shifts makes the driver appear to be a god really need to tell Sue she may appear to be a "goddess" when she drives!
  14. When Dan from R&H took me up the hill in the Emira at FOS, he put the car in Sport mode and the exhaust sounded very nice. Dan did state at the time that the position of the valve was dependent on engine revs.
  15. "you only need to make the deposit before the 5th November if you are going for the V6FE. If you'd like to wait for the i4, this configurator will be available in the new year."
  16. Was undecided when deposit was placed and still undecided
  17. Central Lotus did our GT430, awesome job, sorry no idea on cost; part of the deal as car was brand new. July 2018 no wear and tear of paint
  18. Deposit 17th May with CL, call center tried phoning me yesterday three times, I contacted them via the site chat line?? all good except I still don't know whether V6 manual or I4 AMG! But yes I'm old and need to drive both cars, as Emira V6 manual IMO is not the same as Evora V6 manual which we have previously driven on demo even though we have gone with Evora (S & GT430) IPS versions.
  19. Strattons are no longer a "Retail Centre" just a service dealer
  20. @TomE Dan Peck one of Gavan’s R&H team told me the same on my ride up the Goodwood hill.
  21. We were supposed to retire May 2021, but COVID put paid to that, as the employer couldn’t get a suitable replacement. I retired January this year. In February local trust asked Sue if I would consider returning to work with major infrastructure/energy scheme, in the last 7 months I will have been asked half a dozen times by recruiters if I would be interested in working on continent; so my conclusion Europe are possibly in need of British engineers as much if not more than UK
  22. Good to see clarky5150 yellow Esprit, and we don’t think the paint is as bad as you think apologies didn’t catch the name of the young (very nice dark Red) Rover engined Elise S2 owner and partner, next time you’re in Tuxford pop in
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