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  1. Dodgy, and named after its title sponsor, Group Lotus, which has an option to become a shareholder. enough said me thinks; Renault chassis sponsored by Lotus; not sure were "option to become a shareholder" money will come from??
  2. Bibs any idea when UK will get the GTE
  3. kimi in his Lotus sponsored Renault 7th good result for Jenson Lewis still not getting the luck with the safety car all Brits scoring points with PDR picking up a point
  4. Excellent result for Ferrari!! Well done LH and JB & Lotus/Renault
  5. Does anyone know how much weight is saved over the standard parts? Looking at the following GTN parts; GRP louvred engine cover Carbon rear quater panels Level 1 liteweight stainless steel exhaust
  6. just right; so long as you don't ask what we got the factory to install/remove on our Exige Cup 260!!! GTE F1 looks awesome; but then again we like the Elise V6 i mean Exige roadster
  7. DarrylV8

    Evora F1

    that does look the dogs bo11ocks how many kgs lighter is that body? still 2+2?
  8. anyone else seen this? lets hope Bibs or Guy can give us some good
  9. I'm guessing an Evora soft top as well; can't wait for Bibs little show tomorrow JC for a company that is £millions in debt offering 2 cars/major uplifts every year what more do you want? For a small car manufacturer I think someone is doing a pretty good job of keeping LOTUS in the public's eye
  10. No large rear wing! So not as much downforce/different geo Front splitter changed?? 20+ mph lower top speed = much improved CO emission better MPG & better road tax A WINNER I should think; just hope it don't take as long to get them to the paying customers
  11. Rob very nice, it will soon be March, the Evora does look pretty dam nice in white
  12. If only it was 1100kgs but i agree with TK £50K for the base model is cheap
  13. it weighs in at 250+kgs more than the old Cup 260 hence the bhp/tonne is about 10 better; so much for lightweight small platform; Cup 260 had downforce of 42kgs at 100mph and the new V6 Exige 43kgs at 100mph We will need to wait for the Cup version to loose a few kgs then we will have an excellent package the new V6 needs to be nearer 1100kgs to give it the 300+bhp/tonne then it will be quick
  14. The 1.6ltr in the later Elise is not that much more powerful maybe 10 or 11bhp With the weight saving over the 1.6 engined Elise probably a better bet for future CO emissions
  15. Bibs, How many members are there? We would be up for £10K
  16. Gary, I;m sure you can persuade your betterhalf to allow you to have and enjoy two very fine examples of British motoring! Good luck and enjoy them both
  17. Steve, You get what you pay for and yours does look extremely good
  18. Demo cars not at dealers till end of February/early March; form an orderly Q Saw the white No3 car at Guy's, the aperture into boot makes choice between Evora and new S easier; car looks more mature and grown up TBH
  19. We had already moved the brakes out board before the g-box finally packed in; but i'm sure the hubs on the later (Esprit) cars have the calipers mounted on. Before we changed the drive shafts we did discuss modifying the original drive shafts with a couple of (DS) manufacturers they did not consider this as a feasible option and we progressed with the later Esprit drive shafts etc
  20. Hi Frosty, Used to live in Thetford hence knowing Mr Lotus, but now back in Nottinghamshire Yes car has been in for its first annual service (although it hasent done 10000M) and required new brake fluid after the Spa track day last year went for some hi-performance fluid not cheap but not boiled/over heated either, we have since completed two more track days in France; tyres will hopefully do one more track day before requiring replacement, original pads appear good
  21. Steve, We have a 1981 Esprit (Turbo) with a Rover V8 not huge on power but higher on torque than the original 4pot engine. The Citroen box started loosing gears and we would need to hold the gear lever to keep 1st; we changed the box a few years back; the Renault unit form a dead (Lotus V8) along with drive shafts, hubs, wheels and gear change cables, and since then upped the power with no issues with the UN1 box
  22. Hi Frosty, I beleive your inspiration may have come from our Orange Cup 260 which was with Guy for a while whilst we waited for March 1st 2010 to come along We wanted the Cup 260 as it has loads of carbon fibre with the 257bhp engine; but did not need all the race equipment (fire extinguisher, "A" frame and cut off switches) and keeping the light weight battery; but wanted some "touring" bits fitted as we intended to drive the car to circuits in mainland Europe (Spa 2010, Clastres 2011 Ecuyers 2011) CDL, AC, cd/mp3/ipod, carpets/sound deadening throughout, boot stay, mud flaps, sun visors, driving lights, cup holder & alarm/immobiliser. All the above done by the factory whilst the car was on the production line. Strattons relocating the accusump unit from centre of boot to drivers side wheel arch. The car is purfect on the road and most certainly on a track with both Sue and i thoroughly enjoying ourselves driving this awesome car, we also manage to fit our own helmets in the boot along with all required toiletries and clean clothing.
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