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  1. Team C beginners Team Manager Darryl Cant Drive Fast DRIVER SELECTIONS Group A - Select 2 K Raikkonen (Ferrari) L Hamilton (McLaren) Group B - Select 2 F Alonso (Renault) R Kubica (BMW Sauber) Group C - Select 3 T Glock (Toyota) M. Webber (RBR) S Vettel (RBR) Group D - Select 1 J. Button (BGP) Group E - Select 1 A Sutil (Force India) TEAM SELECTIONS Group F - Select 2 Brawn GP Williams Group G - Select 1 Ferrari Group H - Select 1 Renault
  2. Nice shade of purple.... Good god my dad's 75 years old and gets in/out easier than that, maybe a bit of national service to get your body functioning properly....
  3. Easier to drive than the real car.......quote from LH after testing this week
  4. TBH can't ever see me getting rid, yes expensive to run but still the ultimate Lotus, now on my second S2 Elise good fun to drive and being lighter than the Esprit so much easier to track (especially if your a crap driver like me). When I purchased the first S2 a 2002 111S was looking at selling the Esprit to fund an Exige, my daughter reminded me of the times when she was younger and used to go everywhere with me (in the Esprit touring UK & France) and how she used to help with servicing, and how much fun I would have taking Cory (my grandson) in future years. On the odd occasion when the weather has been ok to get the roof off (a very easy & quick two minute job) the little Elise has proved it's worth, so the Esprit is relegated to quick short Sunday runs and touring holidays in all weathers, the Elise even with the hard top on is ok for the weekend away only with such a tiny rear boot, but it can be used on a daily basis although i did suffer dead bum syndrome on work related runs to Cardiff last year.
  5. Can we expect to see the AWD semi electric (new/replacement Esprit) supercar earlier now, Tony/Mike? Good news, hope there is more to come
  6. Hi Tony, Welcome to the little cars, on my second Elise now, not the head turner of an Esprit, but more usable with possibly more driver satisfaction. Always wanted an Exige but would need to sell the old Esprit to justify, enjoy cheap motoring when compared to the Esprit.
  7. Should have concentrated more at school, yes typical lazy Brit when it comes to languages. Although some of the text has been through the mill.
  8. Very very nice, a big thank you to you Scott for sharing
  9. Good news, well done Alex
  10. Very enjoyable read, your trip not your dealings with the various dealers. Looking forward to the second chapter of your holiday/trip.
  11. Have owned present Esprit for over 11 years, and i have spent a lot of money upgrading (brakes, suspension, engine and replacing the Citroen gearbox) and will only sell for the Esprit replacement. I am presently considering using my Elise and Elite as a means of getting a GT3 Dermot stay in the fold, you know you will regret selling your pride and joy for something "inferior". B)
  12. Well done Lewis, but better still ferrari dident win both titles. Do i care if Ron Dennis sprinted down the pit lane begging for someone to help stop the reds winning, NOPE. The big test starts next March, untill then enjoy having a British World Champion.
  13. Darryl Hickman 1981 S3 SCC082910BHD10999
  14. Has anyone fitted the Probax seats as fitted to the new Elise & Exige thanks Darryl S3 Esprit (Rover V8)
  15. Howard, We have the same problem need to sell the house which is going to be too late for this little number. Kimbers, are they likely to be bringing out any more wild variants next year (that you may have over-heard that you shouldent have and you possibly should not say)! A Y(es) will do. Now the adrenalin rush has sub-sided (from the factory visit) have realised that allthough the Europa S is a good car it is not what we want. Yet this Exige would appear to step up-to the mark, yes will need to show some restraint till the house sells, good job my grans dead cause i'd probably be selling her! Thats given me an idea where is that pink frock? Darryl
  16. If the attached short cut (below) is anything to go by, yes i appreciate its a limited edition run 25 cars only! But with more than 240bhp and less than a 1000kgs i'm very optimistic for the new Esprit. Thats not a bad starting point and only
  17. Audi must be feeling the heat, the 3.2 TT Quattro has now got a little cousin 2.0T FSI engine from VW 0-60 (in wait for it) 6.4 seconds. It has the same bhp as the Europa S yet slower? Stuggart getting worried? Darryl
  18. Not sure what i'm doing but i only appear to be able to add one photo into post? will add the rest later!
  19. Yes a BIG thank you not only to you for being at the evening function but too all the Lotus personel on the Monday. Also a thank you to all the Esprit owners who came and who gave very generously. I think Maria appreciates me disapearing in to the garage for 10 minutes and finally re-appearing 2 or 3 hours later, so much so that she has said if i want a second Lotus she will even give her side of the garage over and is now very proud of our LOTUS Esprit. Again a big thank you Mr Mike and all at the factory. Very kind regards, Darryl
  20. Hi Laura, Bibs & Kimbers, I have a cheque for
  21. Hi Bibs, No we both stayed till the end it was such an experience dident want to leave the factory in case we missed something. The certificates just for the member or guest as well? I picked mine up (and did not look to see if there was one for Maria) sh1t i might not be getting a Europa after all.
  22. Did you not pick up the "weekend" leaflet yesterday with your certificate, prices phone numbers etc all there. Darryl
  23. Well done Lotus this is surely one of the best handling striaght from the off cars you can get in and just drive! Both Maria and I thought it was so easy to drive hard from the off / being in the drivers seat for just seconds, the engine pulled well from low down and boy did it stick to the tarmac through those bends between the A11 and the factory 50 mph speed limit not in the S well over the (speed) limit and well impressed. Can't imagine doing 200-300 miles on a trip in an Exige but can't wait to drive down to Maria's parents house in Malta in the Europa. Can't see what all the negative reports (Autocar 13/09/2006) are about, fixed head less than £35K that goes as well/handles as this does. I think if the new Esprit is going to cost twice as much as the Europa it must be one hell of a car? I honestly believe Lotus have got the Europa S spot on. Can't wait to take one round the track it must be awsome? Maria I WANT ONE, ("it's no good stamping your feet Darryl shouting I WANT ONE you'd better sell your Fireblade") guess what Maria blade's going! cos I WANT ONE
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