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  1. Kimbers, I have just checked with Maria (my better half) who works for NU apparentenly because they are 24/7 the barrier to the business park carpark is down/closed and they do have security on. Hope this helps. Regards, Darry
  2. At least Kevin at GTO will up-grade your Renault box from 5 speed to 6 if you so wish.
  3. John, I like yourself was very dissapointed but went to the LCI dinner, since then the Exige S GT3 car has won the title with one race to go beating the Aston Martin DRR9S + porsche 997 with double the bhp. Light-weight (Lotus) is the way to go! Now i'm looking forward to being able to save a bit longer or go for the hot Lotus hatch or the circuit car. The choice is mine or yours to make? Don't be too rash i'm sure KimberGod has something up his sleeve if your going this weekend buy him a beer or two you never know what he might say!
  4. Hi, Hethal is NOT a race track it's Lotus's own test track yes there is a major difference race tracks are smooth the test track has many differing surface's. I would try your insurer again!
  5. Yes please that would be great. Maria and I
  6. Hi Ian, Would you be able to collect a rear wheel vehicle speed sensor from Neil/Steve about the same size as the ABS sensor and weighing next to nothing. Yes it is paid for.
  7. Bibs/Kimbers, If you can get anything for the following then you are welcome to give proceeds to the charity: If i'm not too late i have two original owners handbooks one is for an S2 (1982 Federal edition Part No F 079T 0324Z) the other for an S3 (1983 North American edition part number A though it looks like someone has over-written B 082T 0324Z) both bound in nice plastic covers red and green respectively.
  8. I thought the S was a S/C 218 bhp engined machine the limiled edition (about 18/24 months ago) was a fully fledged 240 bhp flying machine with the (run of the mill) basic Exige using the 190 bhp engine as fitted to the Elise R The S/C is what most of the Elise owners want as a kit but i would have thought Lotus would bring out an Elise RR version using the S/C 218 engine The Exige S version though i've not driven one (there was one at the LCI weekend dinner) does look, the dogs twitch*r I had a dream last night of driving an M250 with the S/C - 218 engine though it seamed very real to me (the dream that is?)
  9. Hi, what is the correct installation method for fitting the V8 stickers to the rear 3/4 glasing unit, does the sticker go on the inside or on the outside. when i try to peal the protective screen off the V8 appears to seperate from the esprit section or is this correct and the sticker does go on in two seperate halves. yes i'm sure it's simple (it is if you know the answer?). thanks
  10. Thanks Tony and Wayne for that, i suppose if i'd thought about it long enough (NO i havent got that much time)! Cheers.
  11. Kimbers, Thanks for clearing that up, i for one feel happier knowing this. So when can i part ex the mg zr for this Lotus hot hatch? My reason for thinking the Esprit would be the saviour, they where around 30 years i've owned them and still run one and i like to think in it's time it did keep Lotus going, i would go as far as to say that after Lotus pulled out of F1 it was the Esprit that kept me with the Lotus family! Question to any one (and please excuse me for being slow/thick/ignorant), but what is IMHO?
  12. Kimbers, Surely the Esprit launch date should come forward a year not go back another year, irrespective of new changes/developments to the "new Esprit" even the shape/body and the engine can allow a MK 2/series 2 to come off the production line after a short period of time. In the first three years production of the original Esprit it was re-vamped 3 times. With the M250 project fiasco and now this Lotus must be losing fans and admirers to it's competitors by the shed load. I class myself as a huge Lotus fan but i'm struggling to see any light at the end of the tunnel whether it's 5 years guaranteed by a board or not. I can't see how moving probably the 2nd most important car (to Lotus manufacturing) back another year (2007 to 2010?) is going to help Lotus cars in the short, medium or long (5 years) term. Even the Elise (10 years old) is constantly evolving! What happened to bringing out new versions of the Elise ie the circuit car which was supposed to be end of this year/beginning of 2007. Now what have we got to look forward too a 2+2, a Proton (GTi hatchback?) "badged" ride & handling and supped up engine by Lotus cars or someone else's small volume special! LOTUS NEEDS AN ESPRIT SIZED SPORTS CAR IF ITS GOING TO COMPETE WITH the best from Germany, Italy or Japan even if it needs to use an engine from one of them!
  13. Emma Parker Bowles a car reveiw reporter for The Sun newspaper talks of the Europa S as a new car and scores it very well and a must have car! Possible we all need to treat the Europa S as another car in the line up and not just another derivative of the excellent Elise. Hopefully a successfull future classic from Lotus.
  14. I may just be a cynic but are we being gentely lead down the BMW ownership path, for what ever reason they let MG/Rover go and the possible stigma that went with it. It appears that God has made some very complimentory comments to BMW/all the Proton staff have left the building? (It must be a holiday at home in the Far East). God has been in the automotive industry a long time. Since the best cars in the world had the ACBC badge fitted at the front of the car. He (God) appears to know the BMW family well (very well?). I'm not a fan of BMW or the people who drive them but i may well have to change my English passport to a German one! Will it be good news for Lotus and the up coming Esprit YES I THINK SO. Come on Kimbers please make it happen, i wont get drunk next time England beat the enemy at football, i promise hic ooh i don't feel to well!
  15. AutoExpress have given it 4 stars out of 5. and don't think Lotus will have a problem selling all that they intend to manufacture. Yes it appears expensive. However the shape is growing on me. I think there is more riding on the car than is believed and than Lotus is letting on. I truely hope it's a major success?
  16. Right if you go to the owners section my (S3) Turbo is on a page. And also featured in the factory club magazine earlier this year! Please don't talk to me about purist apart from the Esprit how many Lotus cars have Lotus engines? Yes its got a Rover 3948cc V8 engine sounds the dogs twitcher and yes it shifts. I bought the car back in 1997 with the engine already in place. As the engine is too torquey for the original Citroen gearbox which i broke after a couple of track days, needed to fit the later Renault box of the T-T Lotus V8 beast, due to having to change wheels, hubs, drive shafts, speedo and gear change rods etc etc. I had to speak to the factory firstly Nick who then put me onto one of their deveolment engineers Geoff as i couldent set the suspension up (yes fitted the adjustable top link). During one of the many detailed discussions we needed to get the car 4 corner weighed with half tanks of fuel. After giving Geoff the figures which put the car lighter than the 4 pot Turbo i had to get the weight of the engine fully dressed YES 10 kgs LIGHTER THAN THE LOTUS 4 POT. And for all you doubters if your going on the factory visit next month you will be pleased to know that the car will also be coming along. And no the chassis has not been modified but yes the engine bulkhead has been, yes it still passes the yearly test. Although i want a GT3 i will be still using the Black beauty! HAPPY MOTORING Darryl
  17. Hi a few questions on the GT3 From what month/year did production start finish. How many UK Orange coloured cars out there? Is 240bhp a true realistic figure? What sort of figures (both bhp & torque) could an owner get from the 2ltr honestly? Any horror stories from such a small engine or is it more than up to propelling a heavish car (compared to Elise/Exige)? What is the kerb weight? Those who own other Esprits how does the GT3 compare to drive, smile on face/grin factor pleasure to own? As a day to day car? Compared to other Esprit 4 pot's what's it's good/indifferent bits? What's it like to starting, switching off and slowing the car down from high speed? Does the car need another gear, always going for 6th? How often does the car require servicing every 12 months/5000 miles? What about the cam belt interval? How much are service items? Owner maintainable? What is it like on long distance runs. what's a good cruising figure (speed), mpg return at this speed? Motorway or on the hi-ways of europe? I'm sure there are other questions, the reason for all the questions i'm thinking of getting a GT3 so if any one has any good/bad experiences not mentioned above please feel free to impart your knowledge! Any one thinking what the hell does he want from the car if you see my owners page you will see that i've up-graded the brakes and gearbox just want to know what i'm possibly letting myself into! My email address is [email protected] Thanks in anticipation, Darryl
  18. 60&61 Darryl Hickman S3 (Rover V8) Maria Cannell No No would prefer to stay at the location 1 night yes Thetford Norfolk (just down the road from the factory Darryl
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