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  1. this is not a spoiler but hopefully answers @DaveC72we asked the factory about getting two suitcases in, and with the measurements we were given for the space behind the seats we are happy we can drive to Southampton for a 28night cruise with two large suitcases behind the seats putting soft luggage in boot 

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  2. @Evotionit possibly depends on what you call "better", some would counter bringing out a more powerful version is not like upgrading the interior or adding a different option package

    we purchased a brand new (one of the very last) Evora S just before the 400 came along, and we had no issue

    if you keep thinking what if Lotus bring out a newer/better version in 3 months/6 months time you will never buy a new one

  3. So how many of us Lotus fanboys, have either a letter of intent or a deposit down on the Emira; yes and still nearly a couple of months to go till we learn the full details.

    We have put our deposit down at Central Lotus

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  4. 9.30 - 10am Thaymar Ice cream parlor and farm shop; Haughton Park Farm, Nr Bothamsall, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8DB

    Bacon cobs and coffee and I would expect lots of Emira chat 😍

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  5. Thanks to Mark and Mike for making the Evora meeting this morning, hopefully when Mark has managed to digest his ice cream he will be able to upload some of his famous (David Bailey) photo’s 

    good to be able to chat TLF/Lotus things in public for the first time in over a year

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  6. @beady we are on our 2nd Evora with IPS paddle shift, even though the Lotus demonstrators were manual, our winter daily is a vRS with DSG and is our third from the Audi/VAG group and we don’t believe (in our opinion) that the DSG is any better apart from having the extra gear. Suspect it’s a personal preference as with the seats!


  7. There was I thinking the planet went through it’s own climate change periods of getting warm and very cold, and warm again, I’m sure when I was at school we did projects on the ice age etc.

    I agree where you can build solar powered generators (wind turbines, PV and solar HW panels, Hydro and tidal) then this benefits the human race, if persons want to purchase electric or hydrogen powered cars instead of petrol or diesel for whatever reason then they should be able to; and yes Sue very much wants to purchase an electric Lotus SUV in the next few years me I’ll stick to my petrol ICE

    if in future years it is proven that me/others have f**ked up the planet by using inappropriate vehicles then I apologise to my grandsons now

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  8. Hi Ruud,

    compliments on a very good looking install 

    i think the Lotus rational for keeping the number of displays to a minimum was to enable customers to drive their cars and not keep looking/reviewing further detailed information on what was a GT car, although I suspect your proximity to the German road system may allow you to drive your car harder than we possibly can in the UK; not only on racetracks before other hardcore members remind us that Lotus cars are for track use as well 

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