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  1. Hi guys Yes sold my evora for £43000 loved the car dont get me wrong but it was missing something great handeling car but straight line performance i thought was abit tame especialy when on the motorway when you have got a 330 bm deisel flashing you to get out of the way and there is nothing you can do about it, no faster than a 370z that cost half as much cant wait for a supercharger and at what cost £5000? going back to v8 esprit now thay put a real smile on my face ,when you can have all that performance and upgrade it for £20 somthing k sorry evora.
  2. Hey guys fixed the glove box its a tube with a spring in it and the string is att to one end . just put a knott at one end of the string re att, job done .abit fiddly 30 mins to do all working now.
  3. Hi Lot my daughter has done the same bloody thing to my glove box last night. there seems to be a little wheel behind the glove box wondering if this crappy pease of string attaches to that? did you manage to fix yours.
  4. Hi chaps had my car fitted with sports exhauts from blue flame, it looks and sounds great, they told me the evora has 3 cats two with sensors and one without ,the one without has now gone and the new exhaust is a much better design flowing in from the middle of the silencer instead of the left hand side easing up the flow, I have to admit the car does feel quicker.
  5. Cheers lads now connected. But just noticed have you been on the demo mode it showes you everything the alpine can do and also stuff mine cant do, when you press source there is radio, usb,cd,sat/nav but also, phone, when this is pressed your screen becomes a phone with missed call last no redial etc. at the moment I have to press sat/nav and get my phone that way and the screens not half as good, are yours the same.
  6. my phone worked for a week and then the alpine system now showing bluetooth disconected and when i press the touch screen to activate bluetooth, nothing happens(no green tick on left) even though there is the bluetooth sign on the main screen.
  7. car now been for first service and door lock problem now sorted happy days o yes and they didnt bill me for any of the sevice oil etc.
  8. yes it was guv cheers. Not been able to get there yet been snowd off.
  9. HI guys I have arranged to take my car to blueflame to let them develop an exhaust plus get mine for free. does anyone know were i can get it chipped.
  10. Cheers, yes at the momment the only way to lock the passenger door is with the key which also seem to be abit stiff, turn it to the right to lock and it doesnt seem to clunk into place I think it needs a new lock or somthing going back to garage next week for service hope they can sort it.
  11. Hi guys im in Blackpool, no theirs no bips when I lock the car.
  12. Yep had my Evora a week now only just relised I have been locking it and walking away from it all over the place not knowing the passenger side was still open.
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