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  1. thanks a lot Giorgio. Have a good night Christohe
  2. Hello, I have to rebuild my dellorto before.... fire ! Is someone know the size of the needles valves for this car .... lotus esprit turbo. Some kit are sailed with 150 needle valve size... other with 175, 200,.... What are the good one please? Thanks a lot Christophe from France
  3. Andy, Really sorry for my english. The hole i'm talking about is the one on the master cylinder ( the female part). Probably i need a reducer but if i change the total pipe with a cooper one with a new diameter ( smaller than the red hose) is it important ?
  4. hi, I have to change my master and slave clutch cylinder on S3 turbo.... I bought the new ones but when i replaced both... a little problem with the diameter of hole ( 3/8) on the top of new master cylinder and the bottom of slave one. The hole of the old ones were bigger than the new one... so i can't fit the old pipe on it can i change the pipe diameter with a copper one with the correct (new diameter banjo) or is it impossible???? Sorry for my poor english... christophe
  5. thanks for your reply, i will try tomorrow to desassemble the motor. christophe
  6. hello, i have the same problem with one of my light . I'm trying to connect to dancinggiraffe .com but it doesn't working... Someone know where i can find the picture or procedure to clean or how to repear??? Thanks a lot and sorry for my english christophe
  7. hi, thanks for your reply. I will going to buy 2 nylock screw and Pray ! Regards christophe
  8. Hi, Screw or not screw...what is my question. The engine was removed before i bought this car... and when i saw ( see the photos)... i have some bad feeling. I discovered the problem after a big noise during the French MOT What is missing : Only screw; screw with a silent block.... i'm really disapointed Regards to everybody... and sorry for my poor English
  9. i'm living near Paris. sorry for the photos of Elite, i took them when i bought the car.. Since it has a little bit changed.... leather inside, polish outside. it was a first hand but stopped for 18 years. The mouses leaved inside the car !
  10. Hi, If anyone can help me? I send you a photo about a parts under the Turbo of my Esprit (1982) and it seems it miss a screw on this parts . You can see a hole on the basement but i'm not sure if a screw is missing or if it's normal ? Is it important ....??? is it a filter ? something for regulate pressure ? thanks for your help Sorry for my english i'm french!!
  11. Hello for all! and happy new year. I'm a new one on your forum and really happy to be here ! I'm french and please thanks to excuse my poor english language.... I'm the owner of a lotus Elite 1979 and since 2 days the owner of a lotus esprit turbo 1982. I prefer to be member of your forum in england because in France nothing...nothing...nothing dynamic forum about this marvellous car.
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