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  1. Might be the upgraded S to 280hp from 250.
  2. The E10 is the nearest thing I've driven to the feel of the original 1997 Elise but has many modern tweaks. Brakes feel better and the engine is less likely (fingers crossed) to have issues. All the drive train is lifted from standard Ford parts so no reason to suspect any issues. I survived with an Elise as my only car for years - certainly no reason why it can't be used even in the harshest weather. However as good as the E10 is, I agree it's not an all-weather car. You can go out in thunderstorms (I have) and only get "moderately damp" but it's not ideal. And the lockable storage is
  3. The E11 is next (the coupe) and looks amazing. People won't be disappointed (and will have doors and windows and a boot). As any Lotus owner knows, doors and windows are hard to get right. So made sense to prove the chassis tech with the E10 as this was considerably easier (relatively) without having to consider doors. The hard part is that whilst the E10 could survive as an IVA approved card the E11 will be (I believe) type approved... whole new level of complexity.
  4. I think the interior works well (ok, probably biased!). The screens are great even in sunlight and the ergonomics are every bit as good as the elise. I don't think it's fair to compare with an elise though as easy to have a nicer interior if you want to add the best part of 200kgs! I never really liked the 211 interior as it wasn't even tweaked for screenless/roofless driving leaving a lot of exposed areas. It has some nice touches... Things like lockable storage, access to battery/fuses/OBD. I can totally recommend the heated carbon seats - comfy even on a long journey and being he
  5. Yeah I know about the "roof" - hence the quotation marks! I agree it could definitely use something to tension it as you can see on my pics it has a large unsupported area. I was tempted to use a fibreglass strut like what you find with modern camping tents to give it some tension and support. Just to take the floppiness out of the roof. As an added bonus it would help clear water that can pool in the middle of the roof.
  6. The chassis is every bit as stiff as the 211. All the suspension parts attach to the central spine which is incredibly strong. As an added bonus, this allows much longer front wishbones than you can fit in an elise. I had some upgrade work on my car and was stunned to see that there wasn't any metal under the top edge of the body side panels (metal is there just far lower). When you get in and out you put your full weight on that part of the body work and given how solid it felt I was expect it to be supported. Nope, it's a few mm of carbon fibre and it doesn't deflect a bit. The main pa
  7. I got my e10r back in April (1st customer e10r). coming from a 211 I'm really really impressed. I think with the R they have applied a lot of updates that address the comments on the brakes and gearshift. I use mine as a daily driver which I'd never have considered with the 211. for the carbon tub, they use pieces but ones that are full length. So whilst being recycled it's not a patchwork quilt. They panels are bonded together.
  8. bit of a zombie thread but thought I'd comment. with aero its all balance. the Audi TT had issues as it produced (like most cars) lift at the back (afterall cars in profile are essentially aeroplace wing shaped). However this wasnt balanced with the front so at high speed the loading of the tyres moves forwards as the rear lightens so provoking an oversteer situation. As the Exige in both forms produces front and rear downforce its not omparable. lots of aero downforce isnt always good. take the S1 elise - it had nearly 10 times the front and rear downforce of the S2 yet the S2 had much bette
  9. Hmm. They have metallic blue but it's much much darker (like nautilus blue). Quite fancy a good old laser blue to match my first elise 15 years ago!
  10. Does anybody know if Laser Blue is still available to order? Just noticed it's not showing in the brochures or online
  11. From the lotus cup rules for example: 1.3.2 All participants are required to have a minimum of four-point safety harnesses. A minimum of five point harnesses is required for all race group participants with non-expired FIA or SFI 16.5 certification. So 4 points with a current FIA certification will be valid however there is a definite move to phase them out.
  13. Following on from the Exige V6 thread I inadvertently high jacked: I find driving with harnesses great and generally would spec cars with them. However in my opinion I'm not doing it for safety reasons as a I believe harnesses have some serious gotchas: Racing harnesses are designed for high speed impacts usually encountered on track. The principle is simple - the car's occupants are safer if they stay in the main passenger cell of the car. Being ejected during a crash is usually "a bad thing". As such the harnesses are made from different material, much wider and importantly feature
  14. Anyway - any more on this? Sorry - my fault. Will do.
  15. I used to run 4 point harnesses but never again. There's a reason they are being progressively outlawed in motorsport. I don't have issues with people using harnesses - just the blanket "they are safer". Yes they have advantages in a very select number of scenarios but come with their own baggage.
  16. Consider a roll over scenario then. Harnesses without roll bar is way more dangerous as you are pinned to the seat bolt upright. Side impacts, again you are held in place. Not always good. Let's say you hit a tree side on - the tree will most likely enter the car quite a way and not bring bolted to the floor would be quite useful. Again, I'm not anti harnesses but they simply are not safer in all circumstances over three point belts. No need to be so dismissive of them as modern belts do a bloody good job for road cars. Track is a different matter but it's a fundamental different environmen
  17. This is a little misleading. At normal road speeds you are far likely to be injured with harnesses than inertia belts. By injured I mean bruising and broken collar bone type things. This is simply down to different design objectives of the two systems. At road speeds it's unlikely that the belt will fail so it's better to reduce impact by stretching. This is where the conventional belt is far better. Harnesses are designed for higher speeds where the objectives are to keep the occupants inside the car no matter what. The downside is that there is very little scope for slowling the impact. Do
  18. Pesonally I'd start off with the pro-alloy fuel tank with one way baffles. This will most probably solve the issue without modification to the fuel system and give you an extra 10 litres capacity. Easy to fit and a proven off the shelf solution.
  19. Chargecoolers are not required - plenty of applications where forced induction is used without a cooler however they do make alot of sense. It will not damage the engine - the ECU will adjust timing based on air charge temp and if it gets too hot it will back off and reduce power. Looking closer at the picture above there appears to be hoses going into the body - apart from crank case ventilation these could be coolant. there are superchargers with built in water charge coolers mounted between the charger and engine...
  20. I feels like a good fan or a magazine website than a corporate car sales one. Too much real estate taken up at the top with the rotating adverts. Also broadband only I see - the main image is 500k and the page weighs in at over 2mb. Thats a fair old chunk for your probable first home page with the user. To compare with the audi one, it comes in at 400k Oh for the love of... Bibs- tell them to turn on compression. They are using apache and it's a one liner config change. Why pay for stuff you don't have to use and make your pages load slower? I don't like the fact that the "cars" l
  21. The problem is - the standard fuel pump has a relatively small baffled section. The supercharged car can exhaust this very quickly. - the baffles in the tank are only half height and 211 cornering on slicks can generate enough load to cause overspill - the standard baffles have been known to come loose. The 70liter fuel cell supplied by lotus is made (indirectly) by Pro-Alloy. They make the primary aliminium tank section and ATP add the rubber sections and sell the final product. Unless you need the bag tank for racing regs, extra range or the extra safety aspect then I would go wit
  22. I agree on the new tracks - only watched them and driven them in F1 2010 but they just don't flow and overtaking is a nightmare. The only points they do have is usually a long long straight followed by a hairpin. Also agree on the run off. It needs to be safe but there should be consequences.
  23. This is the thing though - Chris is right in that Ferrari don't make a bad car. They don't need to lie and they don't need to be the best at everything. There will always be a better car somewhere down the line but it doesn't (or at least shouldn't) matter. It does somewhat concern me that we have the ex head of brand management from Ferrari now at the helm. I know Lotus have (like everybody else) been a little liberal with facts and figures in the past but I'd hate to get to the ferrari like stance.
  24. I do have kids and tried for several hours to arrange the cars seats in a way that was 1) safe 2) comfortable for me 3) comfortable for the kids I couldn't only get one out of three at any one time. It would work if you didn't have the large carseats as required nowdays or if kids are between 8-12 but thats it.
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