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  1. Can tell it's a work of fiction - the driver spends far too long at the boot of the car. Certainly not unloading anything... maybe just oozing over the engine
  2. To be fair to ford, ferrari have swiped the logo down to the font. The only difference is a dash (F150 vs F-150) and a slight rounding of the top right of the 'F'. Given the rivalry and that theres no love lost between Ford and Ferrari I can see why Ford did it.
  3. Yes - Canada. HK 16th, VP 17th
  4. Heidfeld is one of the most steady drivers on the grid - IIRC he has the record of most consecutive finishes (41? I think) which is pretty good considering a fair few were in the points. At this stage Lotus Renault need sombody like that to give consistency otherwise they'll never be able to setup or develop the car. Talk of Kimi coming back but after the fiasco last year where Renault were saying they'd basically signed him when he said they've not even picked up the phone might prove "expensive". The only thing Senna has in his favour is the likelyhood of getting some decent press and maybe sponsorships because of the name legacy.
  5. budgets must be tight.. cant even afford all the spaces in the message
  6. The picture is of an older B5 RS4 twin turbo V6 and whilst nice I much prefer the new B7 V8... So much so theres a lurvely saloon sitting in the garage right now The V8 is just divine and whilst (like any super saloon) it has things to watch out for the noise is bang on (engine pretty much unchanged when they put it in the R8) I like the understated nature too I had a VXR8 and bang for bucks they are unbeatable. I mean, brand new you could get them for 27k and 35k would get you a 6.3 supercharged monster. The engine is really lazy and bullet proof and with long gearing (ironically, the same as the evora... it is a diesel box after all) but with 400 lb/ft at under 2k revs available it was very wasy to drive on the motorway for long distance. Handling was hysterical (but fun) though - complete sledgehammer and no delicacy at all. There are 600-700 bhp ones around and you could get that for under 10k. Heavy b'stard though
  7. Screams "desperately clinging onto youth with fingernails" not "manliness".
  8. That would suggest it was unintentional
  9. The CBE doesn't change the law but it make any character assassination a bit harder. As for Kubica's accident - I see that as irrelevant to this.
  10. IIRC the europa was the malaysian market car project that was cancelled very late. So much so that it seemed silly to waste the development and hence the europa turned up.
  11. Trulli had power steering problems so no fast laps. In fact it failed on wednesday with Heikki but no parts available and they couldn't get it there in time for yesterdays testing. As such the team changed to component testing where lap time isn't a factor. I wouldn't read too much into the first test - all the teams will be a bit cagey at this time. I mean look at Force India - they are still using last years car for testing.
  12. Hmm - I'm of a different opinion with regards to continuity. Ferrari is a good example - Is ferrari the same thing as it was when Enzo was running it? In my mind, it's not. It's like is Group Lotus the same now DB is running the show to when MJK was? In my mind... no. No different to saying was Group Lotus the same as when CC was running it to MJK? again I'd have to say no. I'm not saying things are better or worse but inevitably things are just different. No entity can surive a significant amount of time without change. The Morgan Aero8 isn't made out of wood but doesn't make it any less a morgan. What is key is the core principles and beliefs... Spirit if you will. This is easier to embody when you have continuity of people that share the mindset but I do believe that even with a complete staff change you can find that initial spark again and justify a name.
  13. The other reason for the same effective length is that they want each combustion pulse shockwave to be separate and join together in the gaps so as not to interfere with each other. From a cosworth V10
  14. Lets hope they got the heat management sums right. Teams were having enough problems with the blown diffusers causing parts to fail. Now renault going for the blown floor approach that'll make some things quite warm.
  15. Not always true. When the cams are tuned for maximum performance theres a massive overlap in exhaust and intake valves as the exhaust leaving the chamber can help pull in more fresh air. If there's no (or little) backpressure in the exhaust and the exhaust leaves the chamber too quickly and easily then you end up with the fresh air charge following it and reduced power. This can happen on N/A road cars when people put in "sport" exhausts and remove the cats and wonder why they are down on power. The problems stack up in that under some circumstances the air volume entering a F1 car at high speed is massive and you can end up with the intake airbox under pressure and in this case you don't want any overlap and the minimum exhaust restriction possible. But when you slow down and this "ram air effect" drops then you want almost the complete opposite. F1 cars can change the valve timing no problem but the exhaust is static. As with everything it's a compromise.
  16. Fernandez didn't try to copyright the green and yellow as you can't. It's like intel trying to copyright a number - they couldn't either and so changed the processors from 586 to pentium which could be protected easily. He applied for a trademark which you can protect although trying for a specific colour without anything else (font, log etc) is very, very unlikely to be granted. Lotus tried a similar thing with the esprit when they faxed an outline asking people to respond asking what it was in an effort to protect the design.
  17. That courtroom transcript is hilarious. Gotta say, I like the judges attitude: "That is a very important provision. My experience over the years has been that that stops people taking silly stances because they come in front of me and I shout at them." What was going on at the end about names? Sounded like a monty python sketch "no we're not", "we're not?" "yes" "you are" "yes"
  18. Interesting - the Renault car has a Renault Type number (The R31). Even when Lotus Racing were under license they ran a Type 127 which I believe is an official lotus type number. As for the press releases - well I have to say it did work out majority in favour of Group Lotus. I don't think anybody was surprised that the summary judgement was denied as the case is too complex however I think TF was aiming for a november date for the name so after a full season of F1 where any enforced name change would be easier to handle. Having everything decided in March leads to the dangerous possibility of should TF lose then he'll be forced to change the name and most likely be stuffed by Lotus again.
  19. 7) it's 2 seconds faster to put on than the previous clothing range
  20. Thing is TF and TL have nothing to lose - can you imagine what will happen if the renault engine coupled with the Red Bull back end (which as far as I understand it Lotus-Renault do not have) and a working hydraulics system actually start to move them up?
  21. Debt is a funny thing - it's often shifted about here and there. Just look at Manchester United and Liverpool. If proton wanted to sell they've two options - 1) shift a load of debt in (doesn't have to be directly connected with Lotus) and sell for a £1 2) shift the debt out of lotus and absorb it elsewhere and sell for a much larger amount. It all depends what yields the most cash. What I suspect will happen is half way through the process a choice will be made based on how things are going.
  22. This is my point though - even if it is "theirs" Group Lotus will come out of it appearing to be spoilt ungrateful children trying to bully and buy their way into F1. It really doesn't matter if it's the truth or not - thats how it appears. The british are a nation of underdogs which is why I believe support for Lotus Racing was there. They (LR) appeared to be doing and saying all the right things and it didn't matter that they didn't score a point being consistently ahead of the other new teams was a good initial benchmark for such a new outfit. Lets not forget that in first F1 championship Lotus finished dead last (2 didn't qualify and porsche only contested one round). The following year again Lotus was last out of all the teams that went to all the races. However by 1960 Lotus were right up there and settled in second in the championship. Things take time. It wasn't hard for Lotus to push all their motorsport using the same colour scheme and use the F1 drivers for the team - sure the operations were different but the link was there and all seemed ok. So GL storming around and playing the bully will just get on peoples nerves.
  23. Antony - I agree. Somebody said to me ages ago the phrase "perception is reality". It doesn't matter what the actual truth were behind the intentions or actions the simple fact of the matter is that GL is coming out of this very badly even if they "win". The publicy perceived timeline is that TF asks nicely for a license, GL grant it, TF gets to the core Lotus fanbase, DB turns up and wants to take over the world, TF has the license revoked for "contract breeches" and then poof! GL sponsor renault to brand the Lotus-Renault. I find the spoilt child quote quite fitting and unusually myself in the position that I would rather support TF as AirAisa than an official Lotus team after this mess.
  24. Well my opinion of Group Lotus and Danny Bahar will depend soley on one possible outcome. IF in the event the summary hearing finds in favour of GL and TF have to stop using the name Team Lotus then they will need all the teams agreement to change in order to keep the 10th place from last year. If it turns out that only Lotus-Renault object thus preventing the name change then I would consider this petty beyond belief and pretty much confirm what I currently think.
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