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  1. Agreed - although I've not had a problem with the BaT ones (not done one in a while though) the LoT are by far the most expertly run and offer the best mix for Elise based cars. There's a good reason the LoT ones sell out quick!
  2. Hi guys, how did you get your race technology data loggers hooked up to collect data? (are you grabbing things like oil temp, speed, rpm from the car?) Ta, Ads
  3. He he - if you happen to spot any of the grommets that cover the tool kit you'll be a lifesaver! ;-)
  4. Shame it's not swedish - then it'll flat pack and be easy to send accross the pond!
  5. I was going to say the same - the stick ones are easy to adjust and "lock" into position. The only real pain is that it involves alot of jumping around to get them just right and it's all to easy to knock one.
  6. Thats what I run "hot". 30 is just WAY too much ding
  7. err... thats not the vinyl tonneau cover
  8. I find them pressures bang on really. The trick is maintaining them!
  9. Slight hijack - Where did you mount the sensors? I was looking at a fuel filter sandwich plate but there is already one for th eoil coolers. Thanks!
  10. I believe it's variable based on throttle position. Under full throttle the 2nd cam can come in at 4500 but at less openings it can be delayed to 6200rpm as per the original N/A engines. If correct then I would expect the ECU to limit the 2nd cam limit and make it much higher such as at 6000 rpm rather than switch in earlier before the engine is up to temperature.
  11. id be surprised if the oil was up to temp esp given the cold ir temp so may be the ecu preventing 2nd cam engagement
  12. It would be nice to have a full car cover for when parking overnight - not so much for rain protection but more to stop unwanted attention. I'm looking at the one from Specialised and they have a tailored 211 (one each for track or SVA) breathable all weather cover for indoor and outdoor use priced at
  13. Agree with the above: I'm already looking into having oil temp and pressure sensors fitted - gauges are a personal thing and can vary between people but having a nice mounting/pickup point would be perfect. (Reminds me - must chase up Louis in M/S on this). Would also like a wheel speed and fuel pressure but I realise thats quite bespoke - will probably use the Toyota transmission vehicle speed sensor (If I can get one - hard to track down). I know you can tap the ABS feed but 1) its the abs and would rather not mess about with it 2) it pulses to fast for most applications. I'm going to sort something out for the fuel pressure when I get the tank swapped next year for pro-alloy anti-surge one. Fabric tonneau would be great - esp if it doesn't require removal of the pax seat. Little gadget bag for stuff is great idea. Oh - I know the mirrors have been updated but for those with the original (cool looking) stick ones it'd be great to have a quick release type thing so you can pop them off and then put them back in the same position without having to constantly tweak it every time you drive
  14. ads_green


    It would have been easier just to come into the pits and take on inters if Timo wanted to let Lewis past. As it was he gained some positions and ended up 6th which worked out for him (I think). Was waiting for Lewis to get penalised for not putting the steering wheel back on - glad he didn't give up. I certainly didn't start celebrating until a couple hours after the fact to give the stewards time to look for technicalities ;-)
  15. ads_green


    check out the timing for the last lap and you'll see all the dry tyre runners were on similar laptimes. In fact Glocks teamate was almost identical so I don't think there are any shenanigans here.
  16. I've been to talking to Russel and as an aside he's confirmed that you'd need to switch the ECU as well to get the dash and it's not really worth it (due to the updated Can Bus protocol). It's not the funky data logging one or anything special just a different layout and style. BTW - i really like the colour scheme for that car. And the gearbox is the expensive bit - something like 20k all in. It'll be a race unit so straight cut gears and a maintenance schedule to match. Edit: Apparently whilst testing on the Silverstone GP circuit it lapped in 2:01 on slicks and 2:04 on 048's.
  17. Does it do it on every change? Any other gears affected? I'm surprised it only does it on high rpm shifts - do you heel and toe to match the rpm? Do you double declutch when changing? Try it again an make sure the clutch is fully disengaged. One way to test it is to find a quiet bit of road and accelerate in 2nd - nothing to hard just to build some momentum and then change from 2nd to 3rd but do it slightly slower than normal with a slight pause. The idea is that you want the revs to drop just right to match the speed so the syncho's don't have to work as hard. If thats ok then yes it is possible you have a synchro problem.
  18. The details say the MY08 Dash - this is black with white text. if it's like the normal exige/elise setup then Unfortunately I don't think it's retrofittable as Lotus changed the Can Bus protocol to something different. I guess you *could* upgrade the ECU at the same time as I would imagine all the canbus info to be defined by this. I don't think anything on the 211 other than the OBD port, dash and ECU use the Can feed.
  19. Looking at the spec I'd be surprised if there wasn't a very hefty price difference between a "normal" 211 and this fully prep'd race car.
  20. Ok - few things on here: "Gearbox: sequential 6-speed close ratio gearbox with LSD" "Gear shift layout: Push pull sequential with flat shift and auto blip systems" I'd love to know how much that is if it's available as an option. "Power: 270 PS @ 8000 rpm" So power is up at the same RPM so somebody has improved the torque then. Again - How much! gimme gimme gimme! Would love to see in in cabin and under bonnet photos. Ads
  21. Need to make sure it is actually new oil rather than left over debris from the original leak. Oil is a bugger to clean out and a little goes a looong way. The accucump should pressurise to the same value as the engine oil when running . It also has a an electronic valve that closes when the engine is off to allow a oil boost when starting so it should never read zero
  22. and I'll be very disappointed if it is just a software rev limit increase with no other modifications and Lotus start charging 100's of pounds ala the 111r cam switch update - esp as they don't have the same warranty commitments.
  23. Yep - not fun at all. Definately feel you butt cheeks clench
  24. Actually hats off to the guy - if you've ever been in the position where the middle pedal hits the floor I wouldn't try to carry on. It's dangerous not only to you but everybody else as you never know when you'll have nothing on the brakes.
  25. Chances are that it'll simply remove the brief 8500 limit and make it accessible 100% of the time. IIRC the peak power is quoted as 255 @ 8000rpm so assuming torque is relatively constant 167lb/ft then this'll be bang on 270 at 8500. I'd be surprised is the gearbox couldn't take an extra 500 revs as it's usually torque that blows gearboxes. Worst case, you could just add an oil cooler for the transmission.
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