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  1. Only comments I've heard bad about the xj220 (size not included) is brakes made out of balsa wood. I've a half hearted pet project to build a replica but with modern tech under the shell. No interest in buying an original really rather have one to my spec that I don't mind driving.
  2. I had a tuned sport 190 on the a3 (50 zone in guildford) when I stumbled on a xj220. Kept together through to the national speed limit and I floored it in 2nd... got ooo about 3 maybe 4 feet before the turbos kicked in and the car just dissappeared.
  3. Not really - just the perspective of a very low sportscar. 4860 mm long is pretty average today. My old vxr8 was 4950mm
  4. I have worked with one sports car manufacturer who were paid to use brand X and then binned it and filled up the empty cans with brand Y as they wouldn't let that oil near their car. I think truth be told any modern proper fully synth (not just in name) will be an excellent choice of oil and won't cause undue harm. It's still important to get the right grade though and I find the link to the wiki quite worrying - the range of oils there are pretty much from one extreme to the other. I mean the difference between 10W/60 and 5W/30 feels like it'll be huge.
  5. Still one of my all time favourite looking cars. Wouldn't take much to tweak it into a contempory design (mainly the rear and rear overhang).
  6. spud doesn't work... it just comes shooting out of the tail pipe. Now... instead get some Iron oxide and work it around some magnesium ribbon. Light said ribbon and this sets of the reaction where the iron oxide gets very hot. Hot enough that if you were 16 and stupid and put it on a car bonnet it would eat it's way through the block and take a sizeable chunk out of the pavement.
  7. But that setup will never pass the regs for a volume manufacturer.
  8. Glad somebody else said this - I was thinking the same. 350 bhp/ton is a fair number - thats basically the same as the £175k+ Ferrari 458. My biggest concern is that to keep 2liter and 350bhp then thats an almighty big turbo in the same vein as the mitsubishi evo cars and they suffer from the lag a bit. The next issue is torque... that engine will have probably about 300lb/ft which is way above any factory car. This will mean beefier chassis/subframes so I'm a bit stuck how they will keep the weight down when the last exisges struggled to keep under a 1 ton.
  9. My problem with Dany Bahr is that for a so called marketing genius the maner to which he has conducted everything has been in my view a public relations disaster. No matter what the truth he has come across as a bully and brits don't like that kind of thing - hence the support for TF as he's the underdog AND a victim.
  10. To me the reason for NOT buying an existing F1 team is that it's not really your team. It will always be renault and Lotus is nothing more than the sponsor - the team boss has already confirmed this in interviews. Lotus have no input on management, design or team structure. Just the paintwork. Regardless how successful a joint venture with TF would have been it would have solved all problems of legitamacy and been a Lotus team everybody could have supported. And as mentioned above, nobody can help but cheer for the underdogs. The problem now is what happens if Lotus Renault have a worse season than last year??? To me that is more embarrasing. At least with the TF team they could have demonstrated big things by scoring a decent points finish. I mean, do we really think lotus renault will be up against mclaren/ferrari/red bull next year? No - it'll be hanging onto the coat tails of mercedes and be another midfield runner where much of the hard work that went into the team would be lost under a viel of percieved mediocracy. Finally... imagine the fallout if TF beat LR on the track! As I said, underdogs rule
  11. Just saw this - I would have gone for the yaris too. We've had two over the years and good little cars.
  12. <sigh> I would say you're more on a religious crusade than I. If you bother to read (assuming you can?) I wasn't saying the prius is the answer to all and the best car ever. It's not. far from it. In fact I'm selling mine. But as a cheap to run car *with decent spec and space* there's not a lot else that can touch it. I couldn't care less if it spewed molten cyanide out the exhaust. It's cheap. Insurance - 139 fully comp, zero car tax, 99 quid to service *from a main dealer* and a real 65mpg on petrol that's cheaper than diesel.
  13. So a ruthless brit is ok but not a ruthless aisan? What next?
  14. So TF isn't a saint. Whoop - what a surprise. Seriously, you do not get to that level of business by being "nice" and well thought of. There was a very real chance that Colin Chapman would have been in serious trouble over the Delorean lost cash scandal.
  15. Yeah - lets compare a full size 5 seater hatchback with a mini car that up until this year didnt even have air conditioning available (not even as an option). I do find it interesting on car forums the faster, bigger more powerful car gets slammed in favour of a 75ps 1.4 diesel. Don't get me wrong - I got fed up with mine but I did comfortably hit 65mpg average whilst trying to go quickly down lanes that my old vxr8 managed 12mpg at best. Sure its not the solution to all problems but I don't think they deserve to get the bad press that seems to surround them
  16. Ok - I've watched his feet. To me he's using the clutch on the up and down shifts. But it's a street legal road car with a synchro H pattern box and no turbo... So whats the point you're trying to make 'cause I can't see it myself
  17. I needed to repair some cosmetic damage to the 211 - I whipped of the entire side panel and it fit inside the prius fine. Don't get me wrong, not an ecomentalist - it was bought as a cheap 5 seater car.It was interesting for a while as wanted to have a play with a hybrid but the novelty does wear off quickly. It didn't do it for me so got an RS4 and the prius just sitting under a mound of snow waiting to be sold. It can do 70mpg (65 is easy) and can seat 5 and take luggage. But it is very tinny and doesn't feel substantual. If you drive about in london then not paying the 8 quid a day congestion charge soon adds up.
  18. Don't get the "it's heavy" lines.... Its lighter than a 1.6 mondeo with similar size and interior space. Remember that the prius doesn't have a gearbox, alternator etc so the extra weight of the battery (40kgs) is offset by a degree. Hell, it's got a lot more room than my RS4 inside. If anything I think the ride is too soft? Feels like theres no damping in it at all. Was it the current 3rd gen?
  19. You think TF is doing this for the money?
  20. McLaren are cottage startup? What about Lamborghini? their engines are based on (and built by) Audi. I have to say I agree with Frank - I'd have no interest in buying a brand new esprit with an unproven engine. Was a quirk for a TVR and older Lotus's but for a 140k modern supercar is frankly laughable.
  21. The more I read about Bahar, Lotus and Renault the more I don't like it. There he is claiming that he wants to be involved in the day to day management and yet the same day the boss of Renault racing has made it quite clear that Lotus are just a title sponser and have no influence over any part of the team other than cosmetic design of the car. I also find it hard to believe that Lotus Racing/Team Lotus wanted 3 times as much as Renault - that would put the figures at what? over 100million? If the prices banded about are right (circa 60million) then that would mean TF wanted nearly 200million?!? Come on, get real. So many lies and counter lies that I'm losing alot of faith in "Lotus Renault" before it's even got off the ground.
  22. The engine had a few issues initially and in 350bhp trim with two turbos was probably very understressed. the problem was I imagine the huge effort that goes into designing, building, testing and (now importantly) getting it certified for various markets only makes it commercially viable in large numbers. Even current Ferrari engines can trace their lineage back as an evolution of previous designs rather than complete brand new bespoke units. They don't reinvent the wheel for every new car. That being said, I don't think a premium brand wannabe can use other engines that don't meet the same expectations - using a Toyota/Lexus engine (apart from the lush LF-A v10) would probably detract from the brand. I don't think you have to build them yourselves though as Pagani do well with Merc engines and Mclaren were never hindered by using a BMW unit. I think it's more the case of picking the right engine than obsessing with the manufacturer. If Lexus offered a LF-A derived NA V8 reving to 9k rpm kicking out 450bhp then I can't see too many people being put off by the lexus tagline.
  23. But don't you use the excuse that you "need to make sure it works"... otherwise think of the dissappointment on the big day if it doesn't
  24. Hah - I thought Lotus swore to never build their own engine again after the V8.
  25. Ah yes, the well know turbocharged NSX-R.....
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