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  1. <<<<<< Final Update to this thread Picked her up on Friday and was positively perfect conditions. Although have already managed to lose one of the grommet's (the one that secures the "toolkit") <sigh>. Even after Scotts very precise instructions still managed to screw up the refueling but not a major disaster (just some spillage rapidly cleaned up) Need to get my pictures sorted out just not had time really! Never get bored of the acceleration thats for sure. Big thank you fo Scott and his team for sorting everything out - the car is stunning and like new. In fact, I'd say "better" than new with all the layers of polish (I've never seen such a clean undertray). Really made everything smooth and I'd heartily reccommend them to any prospective 211 owners. Ads
  2. Agree with Jo above - you are talking about a stock 1.8 inline 4 thats already running 140 bhp/litre. Coupled with the aero which is definately geared towards downforce rather than outright speed then your going to need considerably more than you can get out of the toyota lump. To be honest I think the car is beatifully matched to the power and tyres. "If I can get a reasonable discount on a new car, I will take the plunge." Worth trying your lucj but there's still a reasonble delivery wait and lotus recently up'd the price. A launch spec now would set up would be just in excess of
  3. the caterham is fast - very fast. But being front engined it feels a lot different to the 211. I found it doesn't have the poise and controllability of the 211. Again, horses for courses and definately worth trying out. One thing I would add is that should the worst happen I'd much rather be in a strong extruded ali bathtub than have a couple thin panels!
  4. Update: I'm looking seriously at the Stack unit as it should be compatible with the momo quick release boss. The steering wheel has it's own quick release connector so all is good there. I have been talking to Stack and a couple technical guys who are looking into the mounting side of it. In theory everything is ok to pull all the informatio required for the unit off the CAN bus except that info that isn't available to the ECU itself (oil temp for example). It's looking like that there would need to be a MFR (multi function recorder) black box somewhere that connects to the CAN bus and the steering wheel. As an added bonus it also has many traditional sensor inputs so can be exapanded as required. There's some nice extras in that the unit has a Compact Flash based memory and can record the sensor data and is WiFi compatible to download and configure. Ok - it's not going to be cheap. In fact it could end up being silly money but am still giving it a go with Stack to see whats involved. If I here any update will post.
  5. Scott encouraged me to get right into the bowels of the car - I'd say that it's even cleaner than new! So much so I (almost!) feel bad driving it and not parking it in the front room.
  6. I saw the 211 ***BOJ with the unpainted clam at B&C (I think) last week - It was still in a lot of bits so some quick work done there!
  7. I was bored so looking through the online catlogues of various suppliers. Found the Dash2 from race-technology that looks pretty good - notice quite a lot of race converted elises' use this. This looks good - you can even hook up the data loggers via the OBD Can bus port so no major rewiring required. Looked a bit more and found the Stack steering wheel. Now I'm thinking you'd need the Multi function interface to hook into the CAN bus. Has anybody linked anything into the CAN Bus using Stack product? Just wondering how easy it would be. Thanks, Ads
  8. Yes the low oil pressure light should still trip once the accusump is exhausted however as you say this is generally far to late. I guess a standalone gauge with a configurable warning is required. In an ideal situation you'd wnat a oil pressure gauge /warning mounted before the accusump. This would then tell you that the AS was having to assist the oil supply. I am surprised that Lotus still dont fit oil temp gauges.
  9. The Accusump is really a half way measure to a dry sump. Not saying the accusump is a bodge as it's not - It's a very cost effective and effective alternative that's suitable for most cars. Also within the confines of an elise based engine bay it can be made to fit in anywhere. The main problem with the accusump is the time it takes to recover - a one off use will provide adequate oil supply for pretty much every corner available. However it's the next corner you need to watch. There's no way in the world it'll supply the engine oil for a minute. The time would be in seconds. What would be ideal is a meter or warning light when the accusump pressure drops below a certain point.
  10. All it needs now is to have flames coming off the wheel arches
  11. Not soon enough! Fingers crossed next week
  12. That actually does make sense - Nick is great at explaining stuff (missed him when he had to stop participating in the Lotus offical club forum).
  13. I've been looking at an intercom too - what system so you use? Ads
  14. Ditto - nice car. I've always found that revs are not the problem when running in - as long as you avoid labouring the engine or using full throttle and that the oil is up to temperature it should be fine. With the 111R's lotus adivse going up above 6rpm occasionally to make sure the send cam also gets bedded in.
  15. At a bare minimum you can use shatterproof sunglasses - I did on my test drive. However it's not the best as your eyes will still water (and my sun glasses are designed for extreme sports and skiing) There is no windscreen - the aero screen is designed just to divert most airflow over the passenger area to reduce buffetting. The only bonus is that in an elise derivative you do sit nice and low in the car. You can get (or one is due soon) a higher aero screen deflector to reduce further the air buffeting but it wouldn't make any difference to any debris. As such there is no protection at all from anything - On my test drive we were lucky as the car infront flicked up a stone and it hit the roll bar between me and the passenger at about head level. On my first elise I had the rear screen smash twice from stones coming over the windscreen and dropping into the pax compartment. So it's a problem with a windscreen for the elise anyway. I'd advise that some decent protection be worn - at a minimum I guess you could get away with something like a BMX/Motocross face mask (certainly easier to stash in the car) but a proper helmet would be better.
  16. All I know is that I was speaking to my local UK dealer yesterday - they still have full-spec launch edition slots available and they have been told by the factory that they won't start arriving until october 2009 at the earliest. If this isn't the case then fair enough but somebody needs to tell my franchised dealer whats going on.
  17. Some people have used their 2-11's for trips round europe so it definately can be done. The actual on road behaviour is exceptional and doesn't feel any worse to drive on the road than a normal elise.
  18. I was speaking to a dealer today and the target for production start was October 2009.
  19. Hmm.. v. interesting. I wonder if Lotus's almost fanatical pursuit of bio and multi fuel engines could be the solution? I mean, if a car is badged as tri-fuel how would you calculate the co2 impact?
  20. I can second the fiddly nature of fitting the pax seat. If you can get hold of a rounded allen key (with extension bars) then it makes it doable. It was tough enough with an Elise with access with the pax door open but with the fixed panels of the 211 I can only imagine the extra cursing and swearing involved.
  21. ads_green

    hi all

    If you're driving the radical to the track there's some more time to rack up there. I've never seen a radical last a whole trackday without some under the bonnet tinkerings. I've no idea of your background so apologies if I'm making any assumptions or causing offence(as this isn't my intent) but if you're going from a 600bhp Evo to a Radical then that is a fairly different and big leap to make. At least the 211 has ABS and adjustable traction control to help with the transition from Front engined - 4wd to mid mounted rwd. I spent alot of time with a Evo 6 Extreme on track with slicks and it was pretty much untouchable and unspinable. Good fun in a raw speed kind of way but you could be pretty brutal with the controls and the trick diff's would sort everything out. I still say that point to point the evo is probably the fastest thing around. The radical hasn't any get out of jail free cards and really is proper fast - they can lap most tracks faster than F3 cars and the SR3-Turbo nurburging record stood for a long time (only to be beaten by the SR8). If you have limited experience of mid-mounted rwd then I really would say to think really hard as at best you're not going to get the most out of the car and at worst possibly bend it.
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