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    hi all

    Not sure but I think it had been there a couple months. It'd definately been reduced in price a couple of times.
  2. ads_green

    hi all

    Hi and welcome, I'm not sure but I believe the Christopher Neils' 211 has been sold (well its no longer being advertised). If you are concerned with running costs then a radical is most definately not the way to go. A radical is essentially a race car with road legal lights - and running costs to match. The engines are comparatively fragile (being tuned bike engines shoving twice or more what they were designed for) and require frequent rebuilds. The sequential box's have their own service schedule and again don't be surprised if you need to rebuild it now and then. I also found them to be too quick for a normal trackday - you get stuck behind pretty much everything and in a whole day you may only get a handful of clear laps. Forget them as a road car - the radical is god awful on the sorry excuse we have for a road network. If you can't trailer it then seriously forget it. Finally, if you're not used to "proper" downforce then you're on a big (sometimes fun sometimes scary) learning curve as the dynamics are nothing like other cars - even those with token downforce like the 211/Exige. The 211 is a different beast - it's chassis is basically the same as the S1 elise and has as reliable engine as you are going to find. Unlike the radical the engine was designed to be used in heavier cars like the Toyota Celica so in an Elise derivative it's underworked. Everything else is pretty standard (gearbox, drivetrain etc) and proven in other cars. Running costs are then limited to the consumables (brakes, tyres etc) and the only other point I would say is to service the car as normal but treat 1 track mile to 3 road although it's worth changing the oil as often as you can if you track it (I used to do no more than 2 track days on one set of oil). Unlike the Radical the 211 is positively a joy to drive on the road - I had a long test drive and found it more enjoyable than any of the Elise's I've owned including tuned motorsport ones. The radical is a great car and certainly an experiance but you do need deep pockets and the right environment to use it. The 211 although slower is as much fun to drive as is setup perfectly (as you'd expect) Ads
  3. Yeah - knew about the pax seat. I used to take the one out of mine quite a bit (no choice when the throttle cable keeps snapping!) and didn't think it too much of a big deal. Guessing it's the same mounting with 4 allen keys in stupidly difficult to get at places Still not decided yet - Oxted Ford don't know anything about any damage though. Are sure it's the same one? Just confirmed - it is the same one. Everybody ok but front wheel off with possible chassis damage.
  4. Accusump do a 3 litre unit - would buy some more time. Of course dry sumping is the best option but isn't easy at the best of times without the space constraints of an Elise engine bay.
  5. Grooved is way better than drilled (IMO) - If you want to go one step further then grooved and dimpled I think give the best brake performance. I've no idea of the current 211 braking setup but the other options would be to look at improving the cooling airflow over the brakes or trying a different compound pads. The Pagid RS15's are great but like any proper pad work best at operating temperature (I'd switch to something like RS14's in wet conditions). They will wear the disc much quicker as they have a high ceramic content but I personally rate them highly. I've never had them fade on extended track outings with a standard brake setup running 200+bhp on an s2 elise
  6. Yep - Scott's on the case Going to call him tomorrow.
  7. Agreed - the biggest concern I'd have with a 2nd hand 211 would be it's history and warranty. I expect the cars to spend time on track and it's unreasonable to say otherwise. Properly looked after I don't have a problem with it. Gonna have a word with B&C and weigh up the options. Veering towards a new one to be honest.
  8. Oh no! Thats a real shame - the car was in stunning condition and obviously very pampered and looked after. Is it terminal damage? I no I've been too-ing and fro-ing about it and I think somebody did mention that another person was interested. Wonder if it was the test drive or being taken back to the owner. Either way not a call I'd like to have made. Am a bit dissappointed (but I guess nowhere near as dissappointed as the owner) - had finally sold it to myself as a good thing to do.
  9. I was... whats up? Someone else grabbed it?
  10. Had the drive on friday - have to say (in short) a stunning car. I've ran Elise's for years now (the last 12 months the first time in ages been elise-less) with my last one a Series 2 Sport 190. Definately two completely different cars - I used to love the peaky nature of the tuned-to-within-an-inch K series but the shove from the 2-11 engine is non-stop from low down to the limiter. Considering the same tyres, mechanical grip on the 2-11 is much higher with a faster steering (made me think it has a faster rack). Even over crappy raod surfaces it wouldn't be provoked. The area I was concerned with was the brakes - my old s2 was last of the K's and so had the non-servo'd brakes. The servo asistance on the 111r's was "ok" but still a vague. Lotus do seem to have sorted it out as the pedal had good feel and quite natural to heel-n-toe whilst still getting the most out of the brakes. Just putting all the things together as I'm really interested - my only other question now... How much are the Tonneau covers? Aha - found them
  11. Hi, Noticed on the options list that there is a mention of a fabric tonneau cover available apparently end of may. Has anybody seen any of these? Thanks, Ads
  12. Its not really got (well, much) anything to do with the dynamics - from a drivers perspective though I have found that a cenral driving position makes it easier to position the car accurately without favouring left or right's
  13. It varies from tyre to tyre but in general a rule of thumb is that a tyre's peak coefficient of longitudial friction is when the wheel is moving at a speed difference of 15% to the road surface. So yes you do want to break traction to a degree off the line. Mentioning the launch control - how do you set it? (just curious). Does it work well?
  14. My last one was from LSP and I had to do alot of remedial work! (the wiring loom was shocking, sensors were not located properly, throttle pedal was out by miles, throttle bodies not balanced, steering rack was loose and as for the throttle cable mounting and routing... it caused the cable to snap within 4k miles!) Was also off the road for about 8 weeks with an ECU mapping problem too causing misfire protection to trip. Loved the car and was sorry to see it go but I did swear to mysel that I'd not do it again
  15. He he - yeah. Might be. They have a scandal green s1 for sale too.
  16. I'm off to look at the Oxted one. I did try the Christopher Neil's one but they offered a laughable trade in with no scope for negotiaion. Considering the CN one is pre-2008 mods I'd have thought they would be more open (and they have started reducing the price) but hey... what can you do. Noticed that they have dropped the price more than once. One of the Ford sales persons is a Lotus fan and elise owner and quite enthusiastic - ended up chatting lotus for quite a while. Jo - you mentioned (I think iot was you) that you used a halford dupont external cover - what size di you go for? I'm guessing the small should do it but at 80 quid want to make sure
  17. Hi all, I'm off to look at a 2-eleven this week and am very tempted - just wondering if people have any pointers or things to definately look at. It's very recent (May 2008 build) and has the updated wing mirror mounts (diagonal rather than upright). Also, I've posted on selec about issues with rain on the cabin - how good is the interior for dealing with the (innevitable) shower? The car I'm looking at is launch spec with the yellow launch spec seats. Am hoping that they are able to cope with getting soaked - One person did say about having velcro attachable cushions which makes sense. How does the dash and instrument cluster hold up to getting wet? I've seen some various posts over the years about the details of the warranty of 2-elevens - can anybody say for sure how it works with these cars? (I've had cars from LSP before so know I need to ask about it!) Thanks, Ads
  18. The whole power v torque argument isn't new however there is only one answer for acceleration and you want power. Acceleration is generated by wheel torque. Wheel torque is a function of Engine torque, engine RPM and gear ratio (including final drive and wheel radius). Or to simplify in other words a function of engine power and gearing. A modern f1 engine has circa 900 bhp and I sure you'll agree has no shortage of acceleration. Peak torque? around 250-300 lb ft. there are huge number of cars that can top that but nowhere near that kind of performance. A high torque engine can feel faster and on the road and will be more flexible out of the optimum rev range or if you are caught in the wrong gear.
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