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    Evora S

    Hang on - this isn't a new engine and this engine has been supercharged before. Also the supercharger isn't stretching anything - it's not as if you're doubling the capacity of the engine as it's a relatively modest power boost. Al it is down to is the lack of any realistic profit from selling the kits and Lotus would much prefer to sell a new car than a kit.
  2. ads_green

    Exos Evora

    Nice - I'd have the transition from white to black a bit further back though.
  3. I can't help but look at the new elise and think "honda civic" - hell even the centre console looks similar. The gap between the Elan and Esprit is a bit close - which suggests the esprit will be silly cash (150k) and the Elan about 911/R8 money. Oh, I bet the carbon wheels of the esprit don't make production ;-) That being the case the Elan will have some very stiff competition as although not to my taste the german cars are incredibly capable on and off the track. If it were me I'd be pitching the Esprit against the 911 turbo - pretty much the benchmark for supercar slaying (I'm not counting the GTR as I think thats a car in a class of 1). With the new mclaren and 458 along with the never ending gallardo LP editions the 150-200k market is just too tight. The Elan would then slot in at the cayman/entry 911 and v8 R8. Having the 2+2 is a nice option for a car in this level. Guess it means curtains for the evora but IIRC it was only scheduled to have a 6 year production life. However the elise at the 45k mark is a tough one... Even if by some unrealistic miracle they get the engine they are quoting which would make it a fine car theres something niggling. I've said it before but I think theres still a huge market for a 20-30k simple sports car. Not striped out minimalist but a "nice" car.
  4. I can't see the 211 continuing for much longer - the engine stocks are rapidly drying up and it just doesn't fit in with the current lineup. I suspect any future orders for the 211 will be GT4 (£££'s) spec only and perhaps shelving the SVA version. That way you can bin the warranty, not worry about euro5 and charge alot so it makes sense to keep going for a little longer. As for a replacement... Well I guess we'll see race versions of the new lineup eventually but I doubt anything along the same lines as the 211.
  5. They are nice but the engine specs give the game away - these are pure aspirational concepts. There is somewhere saying the engine specs based on what is anticipated in 5 years time. For example, the elise is marked with a 2 litre V4 returning 320bhp but 150g/co2. To compare, a Mini cooper S has a turbo 1.6 I4 and chucks out 140g/co2.
  6. Stability control is mandatory on all new passenger/light cars in the US from September 2011 and November 2011 in Europe.
  7. The elise can catch you out on standing water - esp if you have semi slicks. Originally it took alot of hamfist driving to upset the 120bhp car but with 200 bhp+ pretty much a standard coupled with a heavier mass the car will let go more easily. Not the easiest car to catch either if you are not expecting it. I found the ABS/Brakes on the 211 frankly stunning - really very hard to engage full ABS with just a little chirp here and there as the road surface changes. Not much that could keep up under braking - one trackday in Abingdon I had a couple people ask how the hell I was leaving it so late on the brakes and still making it round the corner.
  8. Apart from EBD (which has been standard in elises for a while) it's all driven by the ABS and Engine ECU's. Wonder if they have got a different supplier for the brakes or upgraded the existing unit?
  9. buhahahahaaaaa Sorry - the "seats" are worse than the evora and with worse headroom.
  10. Nothing really that bad against them. Only cost and some leccy ones need a three phase power supply. And damn heavy. Personally I'd prefer something like Generally cheaper and less stress to raise the car. Pack up out of the way easy enough and if you need to work on the wheels you get cross beams in.
  11. Are you talking about a group 0 rear facing seat? If so then absolutely no reason why not. I had to use mine in an emergency and my elise had harnesses but I found them more secure than a 3 point belt.
  12. Doesn't change at all weight transfer. It affects how the car reacts to it but apart from the big 3 the actual force generated is the same. If you don't touch the mass, cog height or track then you don't change the weight transfer force just how you handle it. Re-reading, I think what you mean is lower, wider cars generate less weight trasnfer which is what I was saying. But adding a stiffer ARB is exactly the same as increasing the spring stiffness - so in your catseye example as only one wheel is hitting the cats eye the ARB will come into play so the ride will feel stiffer. The other way to do it would be to adjust rebound damping as this will not stop the body roll but make it happen slower. If you have 3/4 way adjustable suspension then you could increase the slow bump/rebound damping as this will control the car's attiude but a soft fast bump/rebound still gives the ability to ride normal roads (and curbs )
  13. Lateral weight transfer is based on three things - mass, centre of gravity height and track. No matter what else you do you won't change the amount of weight shifted during a corner. Now the problem with body roll isn't on the first corner its the transition into the second. Anybody who has driven a car that rolls a bit at speed through a chicane will know what I'm talking about. Suspension just decides how fast a wheel reacts to the shift. Stiffer springs/damping mean the wheel recives the weight faster. Makes the car very twitchy but responsive. If you are on a racetrack this is good but on the roads (esp the UK) they are simply too bumpy to deal with stiff suspension (the 211 is a good example of this). So for a road car I'd agree with the above and try to work on the damping. As for the bump stop - I personally would steer clear of them. If you are riding the bump-stops then you're effectively running a much harder spring and it only takes a minor road bump and then the wheel will bounce.
  14. I love the little child saying "its broken down!"
  15. Yes - only early 211's didn't have the hook fitted. Look at the front of the car - if some of the front mesh is cut away then you have the hook mounting post.
  16. Didn't even get that far - was looking at it seriously for the LT but after getting into the technical details it just won't work.
  17. I thought that too but I don't think it's the same - try turning off the ignition on a normal car whilst it's in gear and see how quickly it stops! As for it being the same as cutting fuel... I don't agree. Assuming 100% the fuel is cut then engine is more than a dead weight but actively slowing the car down reducing the coasting distance. You could pop the clutch but then you have to restore fuel to keep the engine turning. With a hybrid there is no engine braking (it has to be simulated with the motor running in charge mode to have a drag effect) so more efficient. Also I believe the prius is the only car that has no accessory drive belt - the steering, brakes, oil and coolant pumps are all electric so having the engine not running isn't a problem.
  18. the same technology available to pure petrol cars can be moved over to the petrol engine in a hybrid but the hybrid has the advantage that it can scavenge energy under braking/coasting that the other can't. Also the hybrid can shut down the petrol engine with the vehicle in motion during coasting. Therefore a pure petrol could never be as efficient as a petrol/hybrid... maybe close but thats not the point. Not saying hybrids are the solution to all problems as they are not - a decent diesel can be as good or better on fast long motorway trips. The problem with pure electric cars is always going to be the physics of moving x amount of charge from one place to another - you can only speed this up so much. But pure leccy cars work well in the urban environment and daily commute - if I had to commute I'd look at one. Range anxiety is always a problem on long trips... As for the tesla... difficult one... The concept of a leccy sportscar is ok (although it'll never be a track car) but I think they shouldn't have gone so extreme. If they had built an elise competitor using less powerful motors and smaller battery packs getting 60 in say 5-6 seconds rather than sub 4 then it could have been alot cheaper and they wouldn't have been delayed by the transmission issues they first had with the 2 gear box. If they could release a 50k elise derivative in that performance bracket then I think they'd sell more than that 100k sub 4. Finally the issues with Li-ion battery packs is a nightmare - don't see leccy cars really taking off until they can properly solve the heat issue (and not using tesla's method of installing a fridge ;-)) Porsche's hybrid spyder is more like the right approach although the est cost of 400k is a bit high for the now. But my view is that there's nothing wrong with an internal combustion engine. The only reason we have the emissions we do is down 100% to the choice of fuel.
  19. The problem is right or wrong the rule was there and ferrari blatantly broke it. At the time of the offence the rule was clearly in place. The fact the rule looks like it will be binned should have no bearing. What should have happened is the team should have lost the points but let the points stand for the drivers. Ferrari have no real chance at the constructors so would have made no difference to them but the drivers championship still open Is the rule enforceable? hell no. F1 is primarily a team sport and no matter what the drivers say they'd be nowhere without the team. They just get to do the fun bit The problem is that unless clarrification happens today/tomorrow then what is the state of play for the weekend? The FIA are supposed to bring order to F1 but this decision just makes an uncertain rule more chaotic. And as for the excuse "insufficient evidence"... well... I'd have preferred a more honest explanation even if it was "the rule we made is crap and we're binning it".
  20. Yes granted... However I do believe sometimes you get what you pay for... A sequential box for what? £5k? That just doesn't fit with the mo-jo. A decent race proven box will be up near the Sadev price.. however one at 1/3 the price... well... hmm.. Could be wrong but it just doesn't "feel" right.
  21. But then you're replacing a probable new gearbox in a few thousand miles with a definate rebuild every 3k miles (or there abouts)
  22. Never needed 2nd gear on track as as you say the jump to 3rd is soo high and coupled with the flexibility of the supercharger any accel gain is lost by a gear changes (never mind another one in the braking zone). The gears do fail with high power - when you see the size of them they are well underspecc'd for anything much higher than 260hp (although it'll be torque that kills them). But it also might be the synchros failing causing mismatched shifts and crunching the gears. My view is that the high rpm limit Lotus have set is killing the boxes and specifically the synchros. Standard celica was 8400 then down to 8200 before settling at 7900 where as Lotus have 8500. Given that we're dealing with cars that live on track then they will be at a minimum of 6k with a more likely 7k min limit and living in the 7-8.5k band. The input shaft of the gearbox will be spinning very very fast and I suspect it's operating outside it's design limit/standard parameters. This fits with what Walshy has found with standard NA cars in that he's broken lots of boxes even though down on power and torque. So we're back to the same point - I really don't think the box is up to track work and even with uprated 3rd/4th gears and oil cooling they still go pop far to quickly. It might be an idea to look at dog engagement as this would obviously eliminate the synchro issue and make for a fun track experience but a right royal pita to learn if you are used to synchros. Also I would suspect that some race regs would not allow such a change.
  23. Whilst true about the gear temps they are generally way over the spec for the oil but cooling it help with the bigger gears however the gearbox itself is fundamentally not up to serious work without a lot of tlc. The same problem has been around for celiac owners and the only other option is the e153. Not cheap but monkey wrench do a kit for 5k usd. Failing that you can go for the sadev sequential at circa 20k gbp
  24. From reports across the pond all you do is move the weak point from the gear set to a different gearbox component. For example, people have found that the engagement rings are the next point of failure and after that the actual gearshift has been found to flex. You can still break the stronger gears as the oil temps get way to high without a cooler. To be honest, with a stock 211SC you may be ok 260 is about the limit but you could still do with a cooler to help out the gearbox oil- doesn't matter how strong try are if the oil is starting to breakdown. How long are your track stints?
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