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  1. Something going on - looks like it was pulling timing. Worth checking again with obd scanner hooked up.
  2. Oh absolutely - nice install and yes if it was an option I'd have that the wheel works great on track but can be a pain on the road.
  3. I had this in mine - worked really well.
  4. The aero is worse but it has a considerably lower frontal cross section
  5. Look at the emissions, the torque increase, the bhp increase and the RPM redline that remains the same. You don't get those figures from mild head N/A tuning but from adding forced induction and lotus are not going to strip and rebuild the toyota lump in a mainstream car. The supercharger was probably the worst kept secret ever - everybody knew it was going to happen.
  6. Hmm - wonder if it's getting the vacumn it needs and after driving a bit it builds up enough for the ABS light to go out? What happens if you start the car (assume the light comes on) and then gently keep the car revving at bit higher than normal (normal road engine speed) - does the light go out?
  7. Gotta be supercharged - you don't gain that amount of torque low down and at the same time boost top end hp with some head work.
  8. Common practise by lotus (and others). I remember when the Elise S2 came out from nowhere - I very nearly bought an S1 as the dealers were practically giving them away with interest free no deposit loans! Agree tech and sport essential - quite surprised how many are speced with one or the other and premium pack.
  9. Yes the exige is heavier but the aero is much more suited to high speed. Once you get up to high speed 120+ weight is tertiary to power and aero.
  10. No adhesive required - IIRC It's activated by some gentle heat. Apply dry and smooth out with an applicator (this bendable plastic thing). Don't use soapy water like conventional vinyl. Then just add heat, smooth... rinse and repeat.
  11. It's very very good - it has proper texture and can be gloss or mat finish. Quite difficult to tell without having a close look. Fitting is straighforward but depends on what you are actually wrapping. It will wrap around complex shapes and a little heat will solve creases and help curves. The end result is directly proportional to how much time and paitence you put in. Oh, and it's damn expensive
  12. All of those engiens are fine but not what I'd call a true performance engine akin to the honda and 2zz. My wife has a cooper S (184hp - 211 is only cooper S works and damn expensive) and whilst a great engine for the mini I'm not sure it would suit a lighter RWD sports car. It's not the most linear in power application and red lines at about 6k. The gearbox however is stunning and one of the best I've used (trumped only by my RS4's) The issue I'd have with them is the same as why I didn't get a VXR-T and instead paid lots more for a K-series sport 190. The Forced induction nature made the accelerator feel like it was connected with an elastic band and didn't have the same sharpness you get from a N/A, But I guess the days of cheap, economical NA performance engines are drawing to close. I think an interesting curveball for the base elise could be the toyota hybrid drivetrain - hear me out here. In standard form it's about 140bhp so the same as the current model and if it can (and I know it can for a fact) get 65-70mpg with 89g/co2 in a car thats 400kg's heavier then it would be a scoop to hit the 100mpg numbers as that would compete directly with the figures being banded about for all electric cars. I'd also be interested to see how the CVT could work in a more sporty setup. Lotus do need to do something as any hot cars would need to have their CO2 offset.
  13. Hows that for kudos... "sorry I'm late, but I had to park my space rocket next to my submarine"
  14. Bibs is right - the valuation is purely to give an indicator for the premium and represent an absolute ceiling that *could* be paid out.
  15. Won't affect current cars - mot always is as per the year of registration. I don't think the 211 will continue in its current guise. It certainly doesn't fit in with the new direction of lotus. Yes it was successful but I don't know how much room a new model would have. It can't get much lighter so would need to match 260's performance and can't see where they would get the engine from.
  16. Not really - I'm 99% sure the 2zz could be modified to meet euro5 as it's not all Co2 based. The real problem is who going to pay for the development? Toyota have already killed the engine as they are going towards economy having realised they can't directly compete with honda on performance engines. No one else who uses it have the resources... So it's a dead engine. as for the 1.6... dunno if it lends itself to tuning quite so much as the 1.8. I would say it would do better from a turbo rather than a supercharger on that one. apart from honda theres not a performance 4 pot that'll fit and suit the car. (Impreza doesn't fit and the evo is lag city)
  17. It wouldn't surprise me if the brake compound was "learner friendly" and so not quite so fussy with temps. As the owner improved different setups could be swapped out. I know what you're saying about 20 lap range however after 5 laps in a f1 car I was seriously fecked. Also I wouldn't be surprised if the smaller tank was to meet some safety regs... not sure though. Also smaller tank reduces the fuel burn effect and with rookie drivers you don't want a car that suddenly transforms the handling after 20 laps.
  18. Also consider trains - massive weight but top speed is unaffected even when empty or loaded. If you have x amount of torque at the wheels then there will come a point when drag and mechanical resistance equals this and then acceleration will be zero. Weight just influences how long it takes to get there. But reducing weight will make you faster on track as you very rarely attain vmax.
  19. How do you know that this chassis hasn't been designed by lotus just manufactured by somebody else? As in with every elise and exige ever made for example? To say Lotus had zero input on the chassis design I think is crazy.
  20. I don't think (but happy to be wrong) Lotus did the tub themselves - I don't believe they have the CF facilities in house to build such a thing so it would be in partnership with a supplier. This makes sense though - Lotus are not as I understand it a CF specialist so why try to be? Wouldn't surprise me if it is a modified version of the current F1 chassis from the same supplier. As for degrading the engineering... thats just crazy - thats like saying using somebody elses engine in a Lotus degrades the engineering... Even Mclaren realised that with the F1 and that cost way more than this car (in real terms - the price in 1993 was about £640k which today is equiv to £920k). I doubt they turn up complete and unpainted with Lotus just adding some spit and polish.
  21. Whilst true - somebody spending 650k on a toy isn't going to worry about running costs they sure as hell don't have a lot of paitence. Any F1 competition car will be very fussy to run and even when current teams spend tens or hundreds of millions they still break down. This car cuts away all the crap of running an f1 car - a detuned proven engine running comfortably within it's design limits and no legal/contract strings attached. If I was the target market I'd have a car I wasn't too emotional with to drive in this way. And as for saying you can buy a Ferrari F1 car for the same money.... I dare somebody to contact ferrari and say "I want an actual F1 car from the last 5 years but I want it for 650k and here's my 10k deposit". They wouldn't be able to speak for at least 2 maybe 3 hours until the laughter had subsided. The brit mentioned above is a well known Ferrari customer having a large private collection and as such is a preferred client. Hell, he had the first road Masser MC12 in the uk. Even owning several million pounds worth of ferrari cars it took a huge legal process (18 months iirc) to go through the T&C's as Ferrari (Like McLaren) don't just give their cars to anybody. Just look at the video of Button and Hamilton wandering around the Mclaren storeroom looking for Senna's old car - they have all their cars their, plenty of cash so don't need to sell them so generally don't.
  22. +2 There are way more than 25 people who already do this kind of thing for fun. It like 211's - they may be road legal but plenty people criticised me for spending 40k 'on a toy'. This is no different just much higher up the bank balance and exclusivity deal. I don't think development costs would be massive - proven existing engine, chassis from a third party, even the wheel is off the shelf. yes, putting it all together effectively is the trick and this is something lotus do well. Also, wouldn't surprise me if all 25 are already sold.
  23. I think people will buy the exos and I'm fairly sure they will enjoy it...
  24. Wow - 640 bhp. I do hope lotus are sure they know what they are doing - I mean I think it takes more than cash to be able to drive a car with I'm guessing well over 1000 bhp/ton with full on proper aerodynamics. Basic radical is not even close but very very hard to get it working well. You have to really know what you're doing and have that confidence that it'll stick. I've been a passenger in the minardi f1x2 car and that has got similar numbers to the above (give or take) and When Michael Schumacher drove it with a passeneger he still would have qualified for the gp based on 107% lap time and not at the back either...
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