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  1. The people buying this car will turn round and say things like "recession? what recession". As in they are going to be so seriously up market wealthy that a couple banks nosediving won't have that much of an impact. Anybody spending what I imagine to be hundreds of thousands of pounds on a fun track car will be pretty set already. It's quite a genius move in some respects - as I understand it even with a very strong pound v's dollar making for a very expensive car the 211 sold very well accross the pond. Theres definately a market there and is probably one of the nearest things to a formula car you'll get. All the other track specials still look like their road car roots and in some cases terrible hacked up monsters (FXX comes to mind). this car is simply stunning to look at.
  2. Damn - got a kids party else I'd be there in a shot. Best of luck though
  3. ads_green

    12. Hungary

    Agree the schumacher move was shocking but I'm struggling with a comment made by my wife. Both me and the commentators said prior to the move that rubens should just lunch one up the inside or full opposite lock and let schumacher decide if he wanted an accident or not... But as wife pointed out schumacher gave rubens the chance to make the same decision by avoiding the accident by braking... Now we both agree schumacher was in the wrong but I can't quite get a decent answer as to why one is encouraged and the other... not. Also, the reason for leaving webber out was to get him second place. RB had no intention of him winning the race
  4. Engine mounts help a little too - I have trackhq inserts and the big gain is on the throttle response
  5. Yep - I've been singing the praises for about a year now. Never missed or crunched a gear and you can actually feel the workings inside the gearbox as the linkage is that good. It's a great bit of kit and highlights how shocking the stock linkage is. No matter what is said that the stock linkage can be made to work you can't compare proper bearings with sloppy rods and r clips. I have mine set as it comes which is a shorter throw than standard but not the shortest. To fit on the 211 you only need the access provided by the engine cover (no need to remove undertray or even jack the car). The only parts you need to remove to make it easier are the passenger side supercharger steel pipe and the bracket holding the coolant resevoir to the chassis. Everything else can be done with normal tools and if you have it all planned shouldn't take more than a couple hours. It took me 4 the first time but I was being extra pedantic as wanted to get it spot on.
  6. ads_green

    So if...

    Selling order queue positions is getting harder... Generally frowneed on by most manufacturers now so the T&C's generally make it specific to an individual. Remember with the evora deposit it was non-refundable and no transferable IIRC
  7. Thats really odd - looking at a before and after the position of the cables is pretty much exactly the same. Thinking about it some more this must be true as I don't think the cables use their own mounting bracket (they'd reuse the cheap gold coloured pressed metal one) Be interested to see any pictures from it. What position are you setting the gearbox throw to be ?
  8. Which bit of the motorsport cables doesn't fit?
  9. Surely the service light is an information light not a warning light?
  10. ads_green

    11. Germany

    The issue is that how are the new teams supposed to improve with the ban on testing? Every race is like a new test so it's always hit and miss. They can't change the chassis so if it's bad then they are stuck with it. Lotus freely admitted their car was overcooled to improve reliability so is going to create a lot of drag. 6 months to get a team and everything else that goes with it was very impressive. Also - the criteria that all new teams must use cosworth engine is just crazy. The only other team using it is williams and they've had a massive step backwards. They did ok last year with a lot of 4th-6th places however this year it's considerably worse on average. Can't help but feel the cosworth engine is really down on the rest of the field. What I thought they should do is allow some testing mid season but treat it like an engine penalty. Say allow a trade for 1 day's testing in exchange for a -5 place grid penalty on the next race for both cars (in addition to anything else). The top teams won't go near this with a barge pole, the mid field teams may if they get a new package but the lower and esp. new teams would jump at this. It allows the costs to be kept low enough but at least give the teams a method of collecting some scientific data for various bits and bobs and allow them to close the gap.
  11. That's a good idea bibs. The 211 engine is pretty much stock - the only bits different that I know of are the flywheel and larger injectors. I don't think there's mileage in building a stronger bottom end - yours is the first I've heard let go in this way. I still can't help but feel that the modification to the engine oil system could have been a contributing factor - just a bit of a coincidence that 5 laps after it's done it goes pop but been fine for 1500 miles of track usage (even then that's only about 6-10 trackdays) If the rid has failed worth looking at the cylinders and piston rings- if there is an oil problem then these will heat up pretty quick and expand more than they should. This has a seizing effect that could very easily break a rod (something would have to give and that's the weakest point) . I'd then expect the piston to be rock solid in the block
  12. Ok yeah, thats a bit different A broken con rod is pretty rare - It would be interesting to see a picture of the damage. Do you running any oil pressure monitoring? I'm just wondering if there was an oil problem that caused it to overheat and fail. If you get the engine apart a decent inspection should be able to give an insight as to the cause.
  13. Oooo - I love rye house track. count me in. might be able to get a.n. other too.
  14. Firstly glad you're ok - any kind of fire in a car is not the most plesant experience. However there's "fire" and theres "FIRE". The fact you just fitted a oil cooler does initially (without any other evidence) point the finger of blame towards an oil leak in or around the oil lines. If this is the case and you shutoff the engine quickly before most of the oil could leave the engine then in all probability the engine will be completely fine. Oil fires always look more terrible than what they usually are as they generally burn at a very low temperature but with big yellow flames and clouds of black smoke. Get the rear clam off to have a look and cleanup the smoke damage from the bits you can as the chances are that all you need to replace are a few rubber hoses and plastic wiring harnesses. I'd be very surprised if an oil fire could cause any damage to the metal structure of the engine. Do you have any pictures of the engine bay? Also a picture from under the car to see the oil cooler would be good too.
  15. Yes - he was the stig when he drove my S2 190 Elise at the top gear track.
  16. Ok - this has been done to death soooo many times. There is no one "stig". They (BBC) knew they could not have a decent driver on retainer for the series and the Stig persona is perfect as it allows them to pick and choose from who is available at the time. Perry Mcarthy was the original however there's been loads since then. I would wager that given some of the special races they have had the stig is more often than not a BTCC driver of the usual suspects (but not plato) I don't think for a second it's Tiff - 1) granted a excellent driver but I'd cringe in saying a great one. 2) Yes he know clarkson but from what I understand they didn't get on. 3) stig never speaks so words are just mentioned. doesn't make it the same person. The overriding reason why it's not Tiff is that he's to public doing 5th gear and given how protectionist the BBC is I don't think they'd allow a "defector" to channel 5 anywhere near one of their flagship shows.
  17. Doubt very much it'll look like that - doesn't fit with the current car "branding" style with the revised S3 and Evora
  18. The temp going up after switching off is normal heatsoak. Heat in the engine is being offset by cooler oil and coolant and this equalises as you drive. As soon as you stop the engine the heat is no longer being removed from the engine and it has nowhere to go. This will for a short while make the coolant and oil in the engine far hotter than it would be normally and when you then start the engine this extra hot fluid will hit the sensors and trigger the effect you're seeing. As long as the temp comes down quickly as fresh cooler fluids hit the engine then there is nothing to worry about - all cars do it. Similar but less pronounced is the effect of airflow and fluid speed. For example, if you sit at 70mph in 2nd/3rd gear then the engine may be revving hard but isn't really under a huge load and the coolant and oil are flowing as fast as you'll ever see. Now drop down into 6th whilst keeping the speed the same and you'll probably see the temp go up due to the fluid pressure droppingdue to lower revs. The various thermostats will recover and stabilise the temperature again no problems. With my old S2 sport 190 if I dropped from 5th to second at 70 I could knock the temp down from 84 to 72 for a few seconds as the engine is flooded with cold coolant but then it's fine once the thermstat adjusts. The hot weather will also affect things but as long as it settles it should be fine - the only time to worry is if the temp spikes very hot very quickly without you doing anything different.
  19. Yeah I've heard similar - My gut feel is that the low pound is making the export market very lucrative.
  20. The problem is times are very different from 2008... I'd be interested to see how the Evora is selling v's targets.
  21. brochure pic looks to "hard" to be an evora. maybe just concept art.
  22. Ahhh I'd love to do the corkscrew in the 211. Paddock at brands was really good fun if not quite the same ;-)
  23. I don't see the problem with cruise control esp as it doesn't add any weight bar a couple buttons. If you've ever had a right leg injury you'd appreciate just how hard it is to maintain motorway cruise speeds pain free. Also with the 211 I wouldn't mind its easy to be +/-20 mph very quickly without much of a pedal change. (also the dash is hard to read in the sun)
  24. I agree it is not the best way to do this - quite a high gamble as it's not as if we're well out of the recession and onto the good times. If they don't get the dealer take up they are looking for then they could end up with a massive hole. It's all an unknown - as per usual Lotus are playing their cards close to their chest so nobody has any ideas as to what these new prestige cars will be. This makes it a big risk even for some of the established dealers. Most are not located in places where people with 150k to drop on a car just wander past. Existing supercar dealers from other marques are going to be hesitant as they are not going to divert funds from an established brand will be hard to swallow. The esprit might generate some interest but I don't see many people stampeeding accross the country to get to one of the few prestige dealers to look at an Evora. Ok, people do it with Porsche but the Porsche network is actually surprisingly big and well spaced and you also always come back to the fact that as good as Lotus cars are they are still not perceived as a Porsche rival yet. If it were me, I'd go for a two tier dealer network similar to Vauxhall and their VXR approved dealer system. So you'd have a Lotus premium dealer selling all the cars but most likly specialising in the top range cars with big flashy showrooms. Keep the existing dealers that can provide sales for the Evora (and lower) to a suitable standard but say that as a "normal" dealer they won't get the same treatment... For example, well down on the stock allocation through to not allowed to stock the Esprit. This covers alot of bases - Lotus need to remember there is still a large and dedicated customer base of existing cars that really need to catered for. Most of the existing dealers are more than able to provide after sales services to them without having to cut the network to a handful of prestige dealers who won't touch an lowly Elise or will do but only after the customer parting with £200/hour labour rates. Hopefully all will become clear at the paris motorshow.
  25. I've always thought that for oil it is good to get it up over 100c to ensure any moisture is evaporated out of it. But measuring at the oil filter generally gives slightly lower values as the truely hot oil should be dripping into the sump so I don't think theres a problem.
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