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  1. When I added the stiffer inserts I made sure that the bolts were thread locked as I'd heard that too. The problem is that the service manual has no reference to the appropriate torque for these bolts so it's a bit hit and miss.
  2. I think he's changed the cooler hardware not just a normal oil change? The cooler won't get air locked but you could end up with an air pocket hitting the engine when it's expecting oil. The oil system will eventually self purge the air but not great. Most sandwich adapters have a bleed nipple on them. connect hose and open then disconnect the oil return from the cooler. Add oil until it hits the bleed nipple. Add a bit more oil, reconnect pipe and run engine at idle. periodically check oil level and add as required. This is on an elise so may be different.
  3. Hmmm. I'm not so sure. 20 odd bhp can be found by mapping a boosted car but if there really was a magic mapping that made 300bhp with no other changes then the Toyota factory supercharged car with 320bhp must have been throwing the horses away and the stock mapping by Toyota/Lotus was shocking. I don't think either of these points are true. I hate to say it but given that the biggest complaint against the evora is the apparent lack of power then saying something like "oh a map will fix that" just seems a bit... easy for my liking. Dont get me wrong I'd like it to be true but I remember talking to some senior lotus engineers at a mag photoshot and they were adamant that for an N/A engine there's not much scope for big number improvements unless you carefully map each specific engine individually and even then the gains are not what you'd call "large".
  4. Old topic but thought I'd add my readings. Normal driving I see exactly the same - 70 deg maybe 75. Even in traffic jam it never really got to high. On track at brands it climbed up to 86-90 but was very difficult to get above that (I start to flag before the car does).
  5. Just doing some routine checks on my 211 and found a couple things: 1) the Fuel line has a plastic clamp to fix it to the coolant expansion tank. Its not a great it (well on mine anyway) and had popped off. It had then started rubbing on one of the large coolant pipes nearby. Nothing major but a noticable shiney spot so would have eventually gone through it (the fuel line is tough so no marks on it). Just make sure the bracket is firmly in place - I used a small scredriver to physically open the plastic feet so they are in properly. 2) Accusump filter - mine is covered with a very (and I do mean very!) thin sheen of oil. I suspect either the fitting to the filter or the hose to the fitting is not quite right. It's due a replacement anyway so I'm going to pop open the accusump valve and leave it overnight to make sure it's got rid of the oil in the hose and then have a decent look. (as an aside - why could lotus have put the filter right up by the accusump and not down between the engine and the bulkhead!) Oh - got round to fixing some dynaliner to the front wheel arches... ahhh... so much better. No more massive Crracks! as stones pummel the crap out of the front clam.
  6. As long as it's not gearboxes ;-) IIRC all the new teams had to use Cosworth (Mad Max strikes again) which is one of the public reasons prodrive didn't get a place.
  7. I do think that this could be overblown by the media. Lotus need to give two years notice before changing the contracts... fine. so they give it. I would imagine this isn't a big surprise to the dealers (esp the ones they want to keep) and Lotus would know that such a statement would be seen as crazy so I expect a number of revised contracts for dealers to be sorted well before the paris motorshow (if not sooner) to make sure that everything is all nice and ground and no interruption.
  8. Here's a pic of my engine bay after the heat shield material fitted. Looks alot better as mat black looks a bit dull in an engine bay.
  9. Sorry - yes, £80-£90 for both sides (I might be a little out) Contact details are: C41 Corporate Branding [[email protected]] 01953 887701 (Jay's the owner). Very easy to put on - just use lots of soapy water applied with a garden spray bottle.
  10. I found the actual supplier to lotus for the decal set and they will provide the decals individually on request. I'll dig out the details but unfortunately I know from the above that the small rear side stickers only come attached the full long side strips. Cost is approx 85gbp plus vat.
  11. Hmm - the French version takes on a whole new meaning in English let's hope Andrew got the right thing fitted else you'll be in all sorts of trouble!
  12. Nothing wrong with "a very little tank between the fuel tank and engine" - more accurate than calling it a swirl pot as the BOE one is actually a surge tank. (swirl tanks also prevent fuel aeration)
  13. Still fuel surge... Wow. In that case you'll probably need a swirl pot. This one might be worth a try
  14. The original poster asked if it was easy... it is, however I didn't say it was cheap or economical However 8k for retrofit? I'd be interested to see how that was made up. I mean, the big brake kit is 1500-1700 so I would have thought that was the biggest part. ECU - depends if reflash or replacement but assume replacement thats about 550-750. Fitting that should be easy after all it's only 4 bolts. I had to remove mine from the 211 and had access problems but still only took an hour. Roof scoop - no idea on cost but guess supplied unpainted so add on 300 quid to that. Interested to see how it was fitted but even if it's bonded in place thats a couple hundered. I guess going through it we're already at 4-5k without huge amounts of fitting added in so I guess 8k would be achievable.
  15. 1) not surprised at the front mounts - access is a b'stard. The rear ones should have been easy to do right in the first place. There's some duff info out on the web regarding torque specs for these bolts and the service manual doesn't have any information. I used the recommended specs based on the bolt size and material along with thread locker. Once in don't check with a spanner as you'll break the thread lock. If it's in and not loose then it should be fine. 2) will check. They are a bit flimsy. As an aside I've stuck dynaliner in the front arches and this does a superb job stoping stones and is oil and water resistant. My bit of info - check the accusump filter hoses. I had one working loose off the barbed connector. Added a hose clip to add some more strength.
  16. All done - stuck with the silver as I preferred the look. IAT is much lower - OBD reporting circa 10 degrees C and the box is almost cool to the touch. Easy to do (although removing the duct to do a proper job is a pain with the location of the screws and nyloc bolts that spin inside the duct!)
  17. Exige should just still be ahead at 100 (9.9 for exige 10.4 for audi) But after that the audi will begin realing in the exige as 400+bhp is more than 240. I liked the RS4 and nearly bought one however the exige will run circles round it
  18. 1) on the road, not much difference really.You are talking 10 lb/ft right up the rev range. Nothing to stop you retrofitting the pack (it's only a roof scoop panel, ecu and brakes) however I don't think the variable traction control would be straightforward to fit. 2) not a problem outside. 3) as a Lotus road car I believe it's 2 years Ads
  19. I checked the temp after a Hugh speed run which is why I thought it was a bit hot. Will try to see the iat sensor reading before and after from the obd
  20. There is a very strong argument to lump most duty onto fuel - you can't really avoid it and it is fair in that the more you use the more you pay. I do disagree that you pay VAT on the Fuel Tax - Tax on Tax seems a bit laughable. It would also be good if petrol companies were forced to break out the different taxes on reciepts. I can't stand the current road tax system - typical old labour of trying to add as much useless nonsense. I have no problem with different bands based on some environmental measure however 13 bands is just crazy. For most of the *thirteen* bands the difference between them is quite marginal so it generates a "why bother" approach which defeats the objective. I'd have three - free/average/massive. Easier to manage and a real incentive to get to the lower bracket. If the charges are not going to be applied to imported cars then whats the point? Larger manufacturers will find a way around the rules. What about moving production to Norway Ironically you can cut car CO2 to zero if you dump the cat... of course you end up with stuff thats quite poisonous at ground level... Have to say Maggie may have had the right idea - she was the only European leader against cat converters and argued for lean burn technology. With a degree in chemistry/natural sciences from Oxford and working as a chemist for a plastic manufacturer you can't help but feel she might be one of the few people who knew what she was talking about.
  21. I've noticed that the black plastic box duct mounted to the air chargecooler radiator (the one that has the two black hoses feeding cold air) gets really hot from the radiated heat from the engine. It actually feels hotter to the touch than the chargecooler radiator itself. I was thinking of adding some heat shielding to this - something like Or for the ultimate bling Anybody have any thoughts on this? good idea or not?
  22. Are you sure? I have #21 so a motorsport built 211 and it has the newer panel.
  23. I wouldn't worry about the sturdyness as it's primarily a heat shield. I don't think it's structural like the fuel tank shear panel. I took some pics The blue bit is the accusum. Shows the bolt holding the heat shield in place.
  24. No prob - will do in a couple hours. Might be a crap set of pics as the clam is in place and only have camera-phone but will do best. I think it's safe to say the new part you have is the road one and you want the track one. Hmm - I wonder. The parts manual is pretty ambiguous. The picture the item you want is labelled item "8" and is illustrated as the road item *however* item 8 in the parts list on the same page has it as "track exhaust shield". I get the feeling that there's been a mixup on the parts and perhaps the list and associated part number is wrong. I've checked on and they have Part Number Part Description A127S0005F HEATSHIELD-EXHAUST UPPER(ROAD) €138.90 A127S0003F HEATSHIELD-EXHAUST UPPER-TRACK €90.31 As such I'm pretty sure the part youve have has been labelled incorrectly at the factory. Also, that pretty much explains why there are two options - all down to the track one being cheaper! It may be it's been superceeded however the lotus part number does have a character for this so you'd expect a different part number (Lotus are pretty anal about parts). What have you been charged for?
  25. I know old thread, but I had to remove the front clam a few weeks back so as an early 211 I decided might as well fit the tow post. Got one from Elise Parts for 70 quid and it fits fine. Bit of a wggle to get it in but no problems.
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