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  1. Ok - think the mystery is solved. I definately have the new replacement part one and in the void you have the panel there is nothing. In the parts manual it has the later one pictured but there are two enteries for it 8 - track exhaust heat shield - A127S0003F 8a - road exhaust heat shield - A127S0005F I suspect the track one doesn't have a cat so can be much smaller. The road one has to deflect more heat so is larger and is actually mounted under the rear subframe cross member not flush with it (the metal brace with big circles cut out of it) This explains why it is larger and angled differently - the mounting to the rear clam is in the same place. I would see if it's possible to mount it as I don't think there would be any issues with using the road version on a track car although the other way around might cause excess heat. If you need some pics I'll see what I can do. Ads
  2. Hmm - I will check tomorrow am but I'm sure my car (#21 uk sva) has the same panel as the replacement. Thing is I can't visualise how the existing panel could reach the interior of the rear clam. Can you post a pic of the inside of the bodywork to see how it connects? It's almost appears like there might be a second panel/bracket in the clam that was superseded by the single larger panel.
  3. Think it might end up more than losing 1500 for the 2+0.
  4. Must admit I'm tempted - there are some LE's now coming through with trivial mileage for under 50k.
  5. Guessing 2.0 or 2.4 ford duratec. I doubt te sadev would be road legal but I don't think it would be checked. More likely that it's be too painful to drive on the road for any distance! And the rebuilds would happen that much sooner. Edika- if you speak half as good English as you write I'm sure it's better than some native speakers
  6. Just noticed this - sadev in the uk is 18k gbp and your conversion is more. Whoa - the price of blazing the trail I guess. I'd hope that future conversions would be cheaper and quicker though as at that price I think I'd go for the sadev
  7. I thought the boot was supposed to be air conditioned too? I don't see the point of the 2+0 though - for the extra money you'll have a far easier time selling it and I suspect it will retain more value than the 2+0. not as if you lose anything by having the rear seats.
  8. Lotus need to move on from the Elise/Exige as yes whilst it's still class leading in it's sector that particular market is now saturated. Those who want an Elise either have one, already had one or will buy second hand. Just a quick look at the lotus sales figures show that they need to offer other cars. However lets not get carried away - Lotus building a 100k supercar is going to be tough. There's no way the LFA engine is going to be available at that price - not for about 5 years at least as how annoyed do you think the 300k+ LFA owners would be? My view of Lotus's line would be: - New 2 seater Elan convertible. Light, low powered front engined rear wheel drive - ie a direct competitor to the MX5. Nothing fancy, a similar engine to the 1.6 from the current elise would do nicely. Doesn't have to be 100% focussed on light weight (but it all helps) so some nice creature comforts could be thrown in. Using some of the styling cues of the current lineup could result in a stunning looking car and if the base model could be no higher than 20k I think it would sell. Tricky finding a suitable engine and gearbox as not many small front/rear wheel setups but I think it could be done. It'd also be interesting to see what hybrid tech could be used on such a small car. - Elise. Pretty much as is now. Personally I would only have two engine specs. The current 1.6 and then a higher powered model. I've no idea how easy the 1.6 is to turbo/super charge but that would be enough. I'd also say to get some of the creature comforts out and get the weight down rather than boosting engine power up to high. The problem is that the elise/exige has been the only car Lotus have had in their lineup so it's had to be jack of all trades. Now we have the Evora and if we had a Elan in the lineup then the Elise can return more to it's purist form not needing such refinements. - Exige. This is a bit of a wildcard as we don't know what engine options will be around. Ideally I think it should stay as a boosted I4 but as we all know there's not a suitable engine off the shelf from toyota that fills the gap left by the 2zz-ge. If it does get a V6 then fine but I think like the elise it needs to be even more focussed as it doesn't need to fulfill the touring coupe anymore. - Evora. Great car. Pretty much as is and starting to recover from the lanuch edition 60k+ fiasco. I'm hoping that with the weak pound the imports have been selling well as this is the source of the money for any future models. Need to get the convertible, supercharged and leccy models out. I don't think the SC version will annoy existing owners - everybody *knows* that a SC version will be released and you can't expect Lotus to still twiddling their thumbs waiting for them to sell their Evora until they release a more powerful model. As long as the upgrade kit is also offered at the same time (or perhaps say after 6 months just to give the SC some chance to get moving sales wise). - Esprit. This has to be the killer halo car but I don't think it should be a tech loaded toy like Ferrari and Mclaren. Leave the fancy toys to them - I'd much rather have a well engineered Lotus chassis and setup coupled with a decent engine and gearbox. Sure, have a few things like SCS, TCS and ABS to keep them from being binned by the owners but there's nothing quite like the feeling you get from driving a fast car quickly knowing it's you doing the driving and not the car. If it must have a DSG then fine but as long as they offer a decent manual too. If I had to pick a likeness I'd say it needs to be of the same blood line as a noble but with non kit car looks or feel. If they can do that for 80k then they'd never be able to make enough of them. The market for 150k cars is completely full and they would struggle. Take a leaf out of audis book a go after the R8 and 911 as a target - there's always time to build a 150 super espit should the car be successful. Sorry - rmabling. Bored waiting for the football to start
  9. From what I can tell, the jubu gears are fine... But it simply exposes other weaknesses in the gearbox. Instead of the gears failing the internal locking mechanism then breaks. The c60/64 really is at it's limit with a 211 sc and I don't think there's a huge amount you can do about it without looking at other boxes. I'm surprised the only streetable option currently available is the mr2 e153 unit which is hardly a drop in fit. There's nothing wrong with the bell housing of the standard box so I wonder how easy it would be to fit a different mechanism with say 5 speeds with chunkier gears and shafts.
  10. I've driven it in the 211 and its great - much prefer it to the old Bridge complex. The first right hander is very quick (eventually took flat in the 211) and the next corner only needs one of those lift's you and god know about but the next right and left hairpin are very slow with some good solid braking. The last long open left hander is very quick and a joy to take although I did put a rear wheel on the outside curb and snapped the rear round faster than I could react and end up with a 3.5 spins at about 140 and a half spin back the other way. Ended up facing the right direction in the middle of the track still doing about 40-50 (even hard on the brakes - the joys of abs!) and carried on. Overall I like it as it's has some very fast corners leading into a slow corner ending in a long straight with hard braking into Brooklands and I suspect more overtaking options here given the multiple lines into this corner and the compromises for Luffield.
  11. Just curious - how did you get the fuel pressure? Is this from the Can bus/OBD?
  12. Yawn... How long has this been going on for? Apparently it's been 6 years+ in development with a dev team of 120-150 and cost $60mil. It may be better than Forza but at least I've already got over a year playing 3 and 3 years playing 2. The next gen consoles are probably only 2 years away so it'll look outdated pretty quick.
  13. Found them on the LotusTalk forum but their post was instantly killed by the mods.
  14. Another option is a Quaife unit. I believe these guys have the european exclusive distribution deal for the kit. From the vid it says limit is 30m/kg which I make to be 216 lb/ft. Caracteristics: - 6 speed sequential dog engagement gearkit - Straight cut, close ratio gears - Shorter final drive ratios - Compact drum type sequential design for a faster gear shift - Includes gear lever and cable - Includes new strengthened outer casing and all sequential mechanism - Digital gear position indicator included - Quaife ATB differential included Gear MPH KPH 1st 43,41 70,34 2nd 62,17 100,07 3rd 81,60 131,34 4th 102,22 164,54 5th 122,40 197,01 6th 146,24 235,39 The cost? 6.1k euros + 500eur for the shifter.
  15. Just noticed that Lotus lapped the other new teams - good work there!
  16. It's down to the rubbish way EPA test for fuel economy. It's tested in a lab on a dynometer and they measure tailpipe emmissions to calculate the actual fuel burned. I suspect the LR gearbox is too long for this test and if you use 6th to do any accelerating it'll cripple the economy. As a driver you may drop to 5th to significant'y change speed and then return to 6th when finished which is far better. I think the problme with the evora is the launch edition - releasing a car with every option ticked for 15k over it's base list price has permenantley set the perception the Evora is a 62k car. It's not - it's a 47k car *with a lot of options*. You can spec a reasonable Cayman up from 45k to well over 70k very easily - is the cayman a 70k car? Hell no. Hopefully this image will get better now the launch editions have dropped in the second hand market (some cropping up for under 50k now with less than a few k miles - I reckon you can get a sept 2009 for 45k from a dealer if you haggle well). Also non launch editions are hitting the 2nd hand market and even new they are lurking around 50-55k as most have only 2 of the 3 pricey option packs.
  17. I like the idea of keeping the passenger seat in place though. I was tempted by the fabric tonneau mentioned by Lotus but as far as I know nothing ever came of it. This one seems to have the best of all worlds without losing the passenger seat - a definate plus in my mind as I often give pax rides to people and enjoy their rather unsettled look when we come back into the pits.
  18. It is only valid for cars in the pit lane not a garage. If you check the slo mo replays hamilton was released after alonso started moving but before he had left the garage area and joined the "pit" lane bit. The problem is that this like the incident with vettel, hamilton got too much wheelspin in his eagarness to leave the pit garage allowing alonso to get the position. So the release was fine in terms of the rules. At least Alonso didn't start kinking to force hamilton into a pit garage. He just held his line knowing that he had positional advantage.
  19. Depending on what car you go for the clutch might already be upgraded to a reasonable limit (more than the gearbox will take). You can get the gearbox out without removing the engine (just) but it's pretty labour intensive. Also the gearbox is well known for being a complete b'stard to repair with some people responding that even when taking car they end up breaking something connected with 6th gear. In the US (not sure about UK) the policy was to not repair any gearboxes and simply fit a new unit.
  20. nope - it's a one off special colour. Lotus paint code b111 dupont code X3453. The silver is artic b115 Dupont code x2907. Mine didn't have a code on the chassis plate either. The black is 'lotus motorsport black' Here is a good reference for anybody else. I can confirm it's a perfect match.
  21. Very nice - guessing it uses the mounting holes for the aeroscreen and the side panels. Will it be possible to have rhd version with the left pod blanked out? How do the blanking panels secure in? Some pics from the drivers point of view would be good - do the little screens obstruct anything? How does it affect getting in and out of the car? Now just need somebody to Photoshop some colour options for a geneva launch edition I think black with carbon screens would look mean Sorry for all the questions but quite interested in this - I've always felt the cabin is s little too open and this seems perfect.
  22. Looks really good - I like that a lot. Qq - do you need to remove the pax seat to close off the passenger side like the lotus one? Also can we get a side on picture to see the profile?
  23. I've not had any probs with mine even when hitting hanger straight at silverstone (over 140) Scott must have been a Jessy and not tightened them up enough
  24. I think you're confusing different aspects of a corner phases together. On a synchro box you will eventually lose a synchro as whilst ok on the road under track conditions things happen too quickly to properly sync everything up. If you got a dog box then thats a different story as it's the complete opposite - you almost want to change gear as fast as you can with maybe only a dab of clutch to unload things. But I digress.. The best option is to do normal heel n toe on corner entry. Once the gearchanges are out of the way then you can swap feet on the brake (without letting up pressure) so you transition to left foot braking leaving your right foot to balance the car or keep the turbo's spinning. Do it right and it looks like you are tap dancing on the pedals and it feels great when you pull it off. Do it wrong and you can easily end up in a hedge.
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