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  1. Looking at some high res motor show pics (and assuming the body panels don't change between then and production) it looks like the door sill stretches as a single piece from the front wheel arch to the back wheel. This would be a bugger to have such a large item bonded in place so I would expect it to be bolted into position.
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if the "launch spec" is simiilar to the 211. Given that the launch spec is pretty much fully spec'd up and the most expensive then Lotus would be silly not to continue to offer the "launch spec" for cars past the first 200 fixed launch spec cars. This would explain why there appear to be far more launch spec orders than the 200 advertised.
  3. And inspected every year. Personally I don't think an FIA bag tank is a practical way forward for anything other than a pure race car. Even for a track day car it's a lot of effort and cost. Have found this link which is an uprated install (56 litres) for a Exige 2005 which is specifically designed to prevent left hander fuel surge. Apparently tested to 4 litres with no fueling problems. It's a conventional tank so should have no lifespan problems. Here's a direct link to the supplier's website for the product and states it's 211 friendly.;id=proalloy At 540 quid it's considerably cheaper than the bag tank and should be a simple swap in replacement. The manufacturer are only a few miles down the road from me so may give them a call and find out some more details. Ads
  4. Some light reading...
  5. I would imagine (but not sure) that Lotus would have trouble with the SVA regs fitting a FIA bag tank. Yes it solves the problem but technically its a track only item. I guess for markets like the US it should have been standard given that there are no SVA equivilent to allow the car on the road. Fitted at production time would obviously save alot of money (still
  6. A bag tank is pretty much what it says - it's a fully or part flexible structure where the idea is that allowing the bag to deform in a crash reduces the chance of fuel spillage. It's made from blast proof nylon (similar to kevlar) so very very strong. It also has a separate remote scavenger pump (the normal system uses two pumps but basically next to each other) in addition to the normal setup. I believe also the foam prevents fuel surge too. It has no disadvantages and makes the elise almost a grand tourer in terms of range other than the one biggie - it's perishable and must be replaced every five years. F40's are known for failed fuel bag tanks with many of them going up in flames when they fail (usually through owner missue). If lotus could replicate the same setup but using a conventional aluminium/steel petrol tank then it should help an aweful lot. The bag on it's own from Eliseparts would be 1500 quid including vat. forgot to add - the FIA 70 ltr unit scavenger pump is twice the pump rating of the standard unit.
  7. There's not really a service manual as such - more like a service addendum. You get it on the usb stick. I would send it on but it's copyrighted so could upset people. What info are you after?
  8. Me too. Heh - you can always spot the elise drivers at track days - they are the ones constantly obsessed with tyre pressures
  9. I'm going to get one too - considering the cost of the small rain cover it's actually a bargin Be very useful if it can be used outdoors - when traveling I can't guarantee a garage overnight. Ads
  10. For the fuel issue I can't see many options to be honest. If the car has a similar fueling system to the normal elise then it already has what is similar to a dry sump arrangement with a scavenger pump feeding a primary pump mounted in a tall thin open topped section. As long as the scavenger pump can supply fuel quicker than the primary then all is well (with the excess just overflowing from the top). I guess you could mount a second scavenger pump but far from straightforward... Maybe tilt the tank more to favour the pump. It depends if it's down to the scavenger pump not in the fuel during cornering or it's all sloshing out of the primary. A beefier scavenger pump would only hellp if it was still able to get fuel. Difficult to say really.
  11. Its not dreadful - It's definately not doing it at every junction (only done it twice) and the engine light is definately not on. I do let it record stuff - by the time I switch off, take crash helmet off, remove steering wheel, clamber out its well over 10 seconds! Don't worry - it's still very shiney (was commented on at a East England BBQ on Saturday). Already had a quick clean n polish/wax at the weekend
  12. Yep - Scotts car. He he - yeah I know. Wasn't sure if it was just me or not. Scott got the car prepp'd and serviced for when I picked it up so hoping that in 6 months time they'll be a magic fix
  13. yeah - mine's done it both hot and cold. In fact one time was is stop / start traffic for the dartford tunnel (+stage 1 exhaust = big smiles) with the fan kicking in. Lights off both occasions. Only similarity is slowing down around 10mph and coasting. It doesn't settle to idle it just falls and falls then stalls. it is quite odd though. Sometimes I've seen the revs drop to 500 odd ish and the engine recover just in time. The only time I had something even remotely similar on the old k series elises was when the battery was very very low or empty and it seemded that the alternator drain could be enought to cause the stall. however mine had been running for over an hour so doubt it was that. Just wonder if Lotus changed the rpm recovery point with the supercharger? Oh well - will enquire when it's serviced.
  14. Phew - don't feel so bad now Thanks guys. Is it something that Lotus know about or is it just one of those things? Ads
  15. Hi All, Has anybody had any problems with their 211 stalling very very occasionally? I've had two instances where I've been slowing down and at about 10mph drop the clutch to either change down or just to stop and as the revs come down they drop to far and the car stalls. It starts fine when you press the button but is kinda annoying when it happens. I know there were issues with the first lot of 111r's stalling just wondering if it's related? Ads
  16. I guess the key word is "relatively"
  17. Second everything Jo Said. Silverstone is expensive anyway (maybe not so in a couple years) so the track price ok but the additional stuff is just too much. Also agree about the venue - In an Elise it is dull. In a well sorted elise its even more dull as you can take a majority of corners very easily. Brands is superb as a track - even the indy circuit is damn good fun in an elise. Bedford, rockingham and donnington are also good venues.
  18. Scott would hunt me down if I did that
  19. I've got hold of build 21 (complete with several layers of polish). Cambridge
  20. If you are serious about the brakes then I would say don't go for drilled. Dimpled and grooved is the way to go.
  21. Anybody have the reccommended details to hand?? the manual and docs seem a bit vague (unless I've completely missed them) Ads
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