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  1. Yup - agree with that. But pro's and cons with both though. - Going through the gears is easier to rev match but you have more to do. - Doing one big downshift reduces workload but it's a massive blip. I'm sure thats what senna was doing - shove the car in neutral, blip to keep turbo boost up and then slot in the gear just beofre end of braking zone.
  2. Doesn't make it right though. I've driven track boxes that don't like clutchless and some that do. It varies from driver to driver and car to car. My personal preference is that unless its a dog box with angled off engagement gears then a dab of the clutch (even a half press) can really reduce the drivetrain and gearbox shock making the change quicker. It's kinda like Frank's steering wheel technique - he's had a lot of abuse over and it's not what I'd do but obviously works for Frank so I wouldn't say its wrong. Thats not how he did it. It was blipping the throttle in neutral just under braking. If you're trying to change gear whilst cornering then you'll have other problems as well as being slower.
  3. Thats fine but then his plan is to release a new esprit, new elise and new elan (and possibly a new europa). Nothing like clinging onto the past eh?
  4. I think it was insane - given that group lotus are using green and yellow pretty much everywhere else seems strange that they break from this for F1. Unless they are going to change everything...
  5. Yes, lets look at the rest of europe. The two economies most like our own (Gernany and France) both had less severe recessions coupled with a faster recovery. What does that tell you about the state of our finances before the crash? Who exactly are you to say what the population thinks? I really aggravates me when I'm told by random strangers "this is what you think". I'd like to point out that whilst not an absolute majority more people voted for the Conservative party than anybody else so that should count for something? I'd also like to point out I didn't vote conservative before people jump to conclusions. What annoys me is that I've read the proposals which I can safely assume most of the people online and also rioting haven't. Or if they have basic maths needs to be addressed in schools. And lets not forget who introduced paid fees in the first place??? And what exactly would Labor do? not much by the sounds of it as less than one week after the Shadow Chancellor advocates that a graduate tax won't work you have their limp leader pushing for it.
  6. Education should be free... But unfirtunately we don't live in a society of unimited cash. It's like healthcare - you can't pay for everything for everyone. Otherwise where do you stop? PhD's that take years? should we (the tax payer) stump that up? What about courses people take during their working carrers currently paid for by emplyers? same argument says as education it should be free. I do agree everything should be free up to A levels however university education is expensive. What about people who study at the cost of a UK tax payer then go abroad? hardly contributes to our society. As above, what about the wolly degrees that again have no real merit other than personal advantage. So it's not as simple as yes / no. I do think the scale of the increases is heavy and potentially been handled very very badly. Also the repaymnent method is far to complex. To me a better system would be to assume that the loan is repayed over 40 years. Every year you are earning below £x then the government pays that year, if you earn over £y then you pay the full amount and if in between then it's shared. To put into context the full payment would work out at £13/week this way.
  7. I don't understand the fanatical obsession with group lotus... group lotus split from team lotus decades ago so the link is simply not there. It would have been very easy for TF to brand his team as a malasian outfit but the guy is passionate about what he's doing. To me he's tried to do things the right way in restablishing Team Lotus in F1 and from what I've seen the current Team Lotus is more akin to what I would prefer to see as Lotus rather than muscling in with a huge was of cash. All I see from Group Lotus these days is "look how expensive everything is we must be good" and thats hardly in keeping with the traditions
  8. I have to think that Tonf F would make more money if he pushed his own AirAsia and other brands. I think he'd also make more money by taking the cash and time invested in F1 and putting it elsewhere... But he's not - I do honestly think it's not for direct financial gain. The problem we have now is that we have one team that has history but are nothing more than a glorified sponsor and the other has no history but at least building their own car. Would have been so much better to all have a group hug and collaborate under the one team which is what I think most people were hoping for. However I suspect it was a clash of peronsalities that rendered this impossible. This is nothing like red bull - they were using torro rosso almost as a R&D and driver training program but fell foul of the change in rules making such an approach not as effective. I'm surprised TR haven't been sold. What we have here with lotus is two teams that will bitterly fight each other.. haredly helpful for anyone.
  9. Err... don't we currently have the ashes? kinda suggests we weren't that bad last time either
  10. Have to say I agree completely with the authorities. 60kph is equiv to a 40 mph zone and 200kph would be 125mph. I don't care what "arguement" is used to justify this (with the most common being "driving to the conditions of the road") 85mph over the speed limit in what from reading the article is a town/built up road is down right unacceptable. Coupled to the fact they were alledged to be racing makes this even worse. Doing three times the limit here and I think you'd have to work very hard to avoid a stay at her majesty's pleasure.
  11. ads_green

    Evora TV Ad

    Never be allowed on UK TV - too many rules on "cars" and "speed". The last ones I recall are the one with the car being driven mentally on a skyscraper roof and the one where the guy parks the car in a carpark using similar moves (and catches his coat in the door at the end). Both received the wrath of the nimby brigade so unlikely to see anything else like this.
  12. The track surface was brand new and soaking wet - a very bad combination. I think people were extra cautious of this which I think is sensible. I noticed that about webber - wheels turning however... I think the initial impact was survivable and didn't seem to wreck the car. So he looks lie he was trying to get the car back and ona wet road the only way to do that is to keep the wheels turning. If he had applied the brakes the wheels would easily have locked and then aquaplaned. Not saying he was right - just possible explanations.
  13. From a functional perspective maybe, but life without passion is no life at all.
  14. But as you say, the CR 1st and 2nd are the same. 3rd is (IIRC) 97mph and long ratio is 104mph Iv'e driven both and the CR on track... The engine does a good job with it's low down torque of hiding the gearing but plenty of times I found one gear too long and the one down too short. It's such a shame as the handling is absolutely stunning - like most Lotus cars driving one on the road isn't even half the story and the evora comes alive on track when pushed.
  15. The tyres still get quite hot although obviously not as hot when it's dry. Any heat they can get in them is better than nothing. As above - 60-80% of a full wet tyre is designed to get rid of the water to give the other part some chance at making contact with the tarmac. I forget the actual figure, but a f1 extreme wet can displace 0ver 60 litres of water per second - a couple laps of moderate speed can clear a track pretty well as long as it's not continuing to rain. Also, you don't want 24 cars barrelling down to the first corner - much safer to have a rolling start with brakes and tyres nearer operating temps. Finally, they wasn't sure if the race was going to go ahead - a few laps under the safety car allows feedback from the drivers to added to the stewards decision. If all 24 had said it was to wet and too dangerous the event would have been called off but not going to know unless they drive it: Oh - anybody worked out if the drive though for kimi affected anything?
  16. My biggest complaint with the evora are the ratios. They are "fine" but they don't make it "feel" like a sports car. To put into context, the evora standard box has the same ratios as my old vauxhall VXR8 that had a 6 litre 420bhp corvette engine and over 400lb/ft torque. That suited the nature of a super saloon nicely and made for some relaxing motorway miles. However I don't want this from a sports car - I want revs, exhaust noise, backfires on the downchanges the works. I'm not the only one when you see the amount of computing power Ferrari have dedicated to calibrating engine noise. But I mean 84mph+ in second gear? To me thats too much and also hurts the pub figures - 2nd is too long for 0-60 and to short for 60-100. I know it's pub bragging but like it or not 0-60 times do sell cars. Be nice to keep a long 6th gear for motorway cruising but bunch up the lower gears. Wouldn't surprise me if top speed was higher in 5th than 6th in the standard car.
  17. Pointless - the jubu gears use the same synchros so won't have any effect on wear or failure. A rebuild is pretty expensive as the c60/ c64 box is hard to take apart safely. Might be worth looking at a replacement box. Long term though there's nothing you can do to really make the oem box reliable. The oil temps are too high, the synchros too weak, gears not strong and the primary shaft will flex.
  18. yep - any more than 260 (and thats pushing it) then say good buy to your stock gearbox (most likely in bits spread over the road)
  19. I'll take bets that carbon wheels won't make production
  20. I do know the factory support for the F1 is well.. how can we say... "above and beyond" comes to mind. I'd be stunned if many of the road F1 cars are the same factory spec as they were built with.
  21. try this Whoa. 1077kg's with a 6.2 v12 and nearly 700bhp, 490lb/ft and 60 in under 3 seconds. Top speed aparently "over 250" so think they are gunning for a new record?
  22. Why would you fit upgraded injectors for simple map change on a N/A powered car. Reeks of BS on that front alone. You'd only need to fit new injectors if you were getting bucket fulls extra air - this would most likely need at least a cam change but more probable a new free flowing head *and* cams but even then I'd be stunned if the standard injectors couldn't cope with what is less than 10% extra power. The other software option to increase bhp on a N/A car would be to up the rev limit... but you get this already with "sport" mode. I'd be interested to see the power graph with sport on and sport off to see if the evora is having breathing problems in the 6400-7000 "sport" rpm range. If the air is restricted then this won't help much at all (apart from wear the engine). On N/A cars (and I have a post from Nick Adams on this very subject from the K series days) the engines are already pretty close to optimum - there's not much scope for improving things. You can turn each engine individually to extract every last bit but 2% would be your target there.
  23. ads_green

    Evora S

    Oil cooler is part of the Sport pack however some info I have seen says the sport pack add an "additional oil cooler". TBH - given the worldwide nature of the car I'd be surprised if it didn't have at least one cooler as standard. Even then, it's no big deal to add a laminova oil/water cooler. At the end of the day I've no doubt that theres no mechanical reason stopping the supercharger pack just that it's not commercially viable to offer one. Lotus would have info on how many Exige/Elise owners made use of the supercharger retrofit and as above the market for the Evora will be tiny by comparison.
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