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  1. Opportunity cost - whilst you're building those 35 cars with all the specialist tools and parts that can't be reused you can't be building something else.

    Also if the Europa got faster it would start to encroach on the Evora 2+0 - sure I know the Evora is a totally different car however if the Europa got a V6 and a facelift to fit in with the current lineup it would look like a baby Evora with similar if not better performance and a price tag of about half.

    I would much rather Lotus develop the VVA a produce a nice cheap and importantly fun front engined Elan S3 than another Elise derivative that never had a clear direction.

  2. Yes, I saw it too. I thought it was very interesting (esp for swimbo as she's a neurosurgeon).

    Moss's steeringwheel was just frightening but it probably saved his life as it looks like his forhead hit it and it slowed down the imact. If he'd not hit anytihng then his brain could have hit the skull much harder. I hope I'm that energetic and withit at 80.

  3. I remember back to how I used to drive my old 1.1 1979 fiesta and agree that to a large extent power isn't really the deciding factor. Teenagers will find ways of being a tit regardless of the power.

    that being said, I do think there should be limits similar to bikes. How it can be legal to learn and pass a test in a corsa then jump straight into any car you want is a bit beyond me.

  4. It wont be 400bhp.

    It wont be 350bhp.

    I fully expect between 320-340 bhp.

    Why? Basic business reality,

    Toyota already have a proven supercharger install from the factory approved TRD. This install will be warranty friendly to Toyota and even if Toyota dont warranty the engines it will mean the risk to Lotus coughing up for failed engines will be based on a known setup. They would be able to estimate pretty accurately how many (if at all) will fail due to the increase in performance.

    Just look at the Exige/Elise. Initially a 190 bhp but with the supercharger 220bhp - an increase of 30bhp or about 16% and the same on other toyota installs.

    280bhp + 16% = 324 bhp - almost identical to what the engine runs on the TRD car.

    Given Lotus tuning being slighly better than OEM and likely to feature chargecooling so 330-340 bhp is a good target.

    All the high power Exige/211 installs with 260 bhp have considerably reduced warranty cover that would be difficult to accept on a 60k car.

    Based on the details I've got the engine is very strong and can make some good reliable numbers - 400bhp is easy with FI.

    Gearbox details are sketchy as I think its new but no reason it shouldn't be good for more.

    But is this such a bad thing? I dont think so, A SC will add a large chunk of low down torque which the long gearbox certainly would relish making an exceptional GT car.

  5. The rear boot space is smaller on the evora as the engine is mounted quite a way back and has pushed the boot a bit.

    However you can't discount the rear seats/shelf regardless if they are fitted as seats as ayou can get a fair bit in the back.

    That being said, the convertible version willlose this area so only be left with the rear seats.

  6. The main problem certainly with A&E is the crazy 4 hour wait target installed by the previous government.

    If you got to A&E you need to be either discharged or admitted within 4 hours of walkthing through the door. Doesn't matter what else is going on and this leads to the type of problems you mention above.

  7. I don't see what's wrong with a sandwich plate. Every exige/211/elise sc has them as does every car in the states for front oil coolers.

    You can't replace the oil pressure sensor on the Toyota unit as it's also used for Vvti engagement/control. You can T it but as with the above you must mount the T remotely and I would advise steel over brass.

    Being a Japanese engine the sensor will 99% be 1/8 bpt and not npt.l

    Also it's not just me - at least three other members here and more than I can count on lotus talk have fitted sandwich plates without issue. It's cheap and takes only ten minutes to fit and you can do it easily without draining the oil. I did it by undoing the oil filter and catching about 100mls of oil into a funnel and bottle.

    The other bonus is that most sandwich plates have a second port for fitting a temp sensor. Now some might question the accuracy of Reading the temp at the sandwich plate but that's a different argument all together

  8. I'm still toying with the idea of getting an Evora now-ish and then upgrading to the probable "S" spec supercharger later.

    the advantage withi this is that they'd be no tax banding increase for the modification :thumbsup:

    Hmm - wonder if Lotus will look again at the Targa option. I always thought that was a great roof option and looked great on the S2 launch just a shame they never got it to fruition.

    The evora boot looks big enough and if it was a similar design that was hinged on the T bar then that would be great.

  9. Hi,

    I use a sandwich plate for stack sensors and it's been fine. There is already a sandwich plate fitted by Lotus to supply oil to the front mounted oil coolers so I don't see it as adding a weakness to the engine.

    However there are things to watch out for.

    1) Make sure the snadwich plate matches the thread of your sensors - They will usually either be 1/8 BSP or 1/8NPT. Stack are 1/8 NPT so yo need to make sure you get a sandwich plate that fits else they will not seal properly

    2) Use some form of sealant on the sensors (and blanking plugs if fitted) - either liquid gasket or teflon tape. I had a leak the first time I did this on one sensor and had to refit the sensor (no big deal). The leak was obvious even at idle so I think if it holds up there it should be fine. As an aside, the oil pressure at idle when cold is actually not far off the pressure when hot running at high speed (somewhere about 80-90 psi)

    3) On the bolt that mounts through to the existing sandwich plate I would advise using some thread lock to ensure this doesn't vibrate loose or come undone when changing the filter. (dont use it on the filter thread though!)

    As for the remote mounting, this is more for when you "T" an existing sensor which is quite a common approach. The pressure sensor is quite heavy and there have been cases where the extra weight of two sensors coupled with engine vibration has caused the T piece to fail. However there is no issue if you want to take a short extension pipe (I would recommend braided) and attach this to the sandwich plate and mount the sensor to the chassis. This won't affect a pressure sensor however you can't use the same trick for a temperature sensor as the unit needs to be in the flow.

    If you are particualry worried about this then I would recommend fitting a remote filter plate to the existing sandwich plate. You can then mount the other end of the remote filter plate to the chassis and then fit the sandwich plate to this along with the stock filter. The added bonus is that this would also reduce the chance of the filter (now quite long with two sandwich plates) being hit by some road debris although I see the chance of this incredibly low.

  10. The sat nav receiver chips in stand alone sat navs are a huge improvement over those included in phones (esp the current iphones).

    Most phones are a compromised solution trying to do lots of different things so something has to give,

    The iphone solution for example "works" but it can be quite a fragile signal. It doesn't matter which software you use as the problem is hardware related (although how the software copes does make a small difference).

    However, that being said, I don't see why car's can't include a bluetooth GPS receiver as part of their standard spec and that would solve alot of problems with phones (bar the iphone which doesn't allow this although I think that may change as thats how the TomTom GPS enhancer cradle works).

    But the story was similar to my Vauxhall VXR8 - it came as standard with the 9" Colour TFT screen in the centre console as this controls all the aircon and radio. *All* that was included when you ticked the sat nav box was a wired GPS receiever and a Nav DVD.

    The price? £1500?!? I just don't get it - surely the majority of the cost was always the screen and the software - I actually found the software available direct from the manufacturer retail site for £200 so £1300 on supplying and fitting a wired GPS sensor that could only cost less than £30.

  11. Must be a slow news day for autocar.

    How many years has this been doing the rounds?

    I don't believe for a second Lotus will release an Exige with a v6 especially one with the evora engine.

    It is more likely to be a testbed for either the Evora or some other 3rd party engineering project.

    The only thing that could substantiate this story is that reserves of 2ZZ-GE engines may be running low and Lotus are having to find a completely alternative powerplant for the Exige/Elise. Even then there are far far better options available than a heavy V6.

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