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  1. I am 5'11 too and have a 1.5 year old and a 3 year old so not too far from your child ages and probably their size too.

    I went to buy an Evora with cash in hand... unfortunately the other hand had a group 1 car seat.

    I have the smallest group 1 seats you can get in order to fit in a Mini (which they do nicely).

    However in the evora fitting one seat comfortably ment that it extended over the half way line of the back seat - this means there is no way you'd get two seats in.

    Also with the drivers seat as far forward as possible whilst still being to able to just about control the pedals (uncomfortably so) there was zero leg room for the rear occupants. Their leg is effectively trapped between the child car seat and the drivers seat - not unduly so with any pressure but such that it would only allow 2"-3" of foot movement. My 1.5 year old doesn't have long enough legs for the knee to reach the end of the car seat so their legs stick out even more. The evora would reqiure them to almost sit crossed legged or have the legs sticking out at an uncomfortable angle.

    Also this is with the car seats set fully upright... as soon as you recline the seats to allow better sleeping the child seat will hit the back of the seat.

    You *may* get two group 2 seats in as they have less side protection so are narrower however this will be very marginal for the 2 year old as it is recommended that children are 4 years or 18kg before moving to a group 2 seat.

    I think the "sweetspot" age is the group 3 booster seats - once your kids are at this age I think the evora works very well.

    If only Lotus made the rear seat padding removeable so the child seats could sit 3"-5" further back in the car alot of these problems would be solved.

    I would strongly advise that you take your current car seats and test it to be sure and don't forget kids have this annoying tendancy to get bigger so what may fit now may not work in the future!

    I don't think this is specific to the evora - all sporty 2+2's really suffer from this (GTR, 911, Evora, etc) and some are frankly laughable (DB9, Jag XK8). I think the rules on car seats effectively killed off using these cars for small children for anything other than a short trip.

  2. Not sure what they could do with the current drivetrain (dammit - why am I also the negative one).

    We already know the gearbox is at it's limit (possibly beyond) so unless there is a different unit being put in it won't be much beyond 260bhp.

    In terms of everything else can't see any real weight reduction and the aero is as good as a completely open car will get.

    Even the styling is more like the revamped cars than the S2 Elises so no need to completely redesign everything.

    Just curious as to how much of a leap forward it would be and hopfully not just cosmetic.

    And yes I would probably buy it regardless...

  3. Hey! I'm only repeating what I'm told! And drinking in the same pubs as the employees and living a mile from the factory does help to know whats going on!

    Sorry - didn't mean to step on toes :construction:

    I'd be ecstatic if it were to happen though (5-6 new models not the toe stepping)

    The S3 Elise is already at the dealerships.

    I didn't think it was officially called the S3... thought it was MY2011 S2.

    I'd say S2.5 at a push - from everything I've seen it's a facelift which the Elise definately needed but nothing more substantial.

    Hey, it may be a case of "if it aint broke"...

  4. 5-6 new models?

    Let go the most optimistic and say they roll out a preview of the S3 elise and the next Esprit (and I think thats a big big leap of faith).

    Without trying to sound negative what else could there be?

    Sure I think the convertible Evora could be a car and Evora SC at a longshot but other than that I can only see other concept cars.

    I loved the Electric evora concept but I want to see cars I can actually drive and buy.

    Maybe a new 211 :construction:

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  5. Good point - should be "relatively" straightforward as there are good auto boxes already for the engine.

    Just a case of the interior tweeks for the controls and any electronic interfaces.

    Does make a lot of sense to me to offer the slushbox. See how that goes and if ok offer a DSG paddle shift :construction:

  6. I think it's too early for the SC - I would expect no sooner than the start of next year.

    The electric one I think is even further away.

    Wouldn't surprise me if the convertible is causing problems with the seals and electrics.

    So in short, other than maybe a few option packs and the obligitory paint schemes I don't think anything else will happen this year.

  7. I'm building a XJ220 replica but it's purely because I love the shape and always have done for as long as I can remember.

    Thing is I don't think I'd want a real one even not considering the price at 100k+ - The plan is for mine to have decent contempory interior with nothing resembling the original 1980 plastic boxes and I also want proper brakes (not made from balsa wood) coupled to a LS9 6.3 V8. I don't think I'd have the heart to do this to an original.

  8. Sorry Jo. Must remembe my new car has an intercooler - not a chargecooler :-)

    Hope they find it soon.

    pedant mode on.

    I can almost guarantee you don't have an intercooler - that implies you have two separate stages of forced induction comrpession as an intercooler sits between the two.

    I'm guessing you actually have an after (as it is a cooler after all stages of charge compression) charge cooler. The actual mechanism of getting rid of the heat doesn't change the terminology.

    So a water/air and air/air are both charge coolers.

    pendant mode off.

  9. No worries - one of my (pedantic) pet hates the whole chargecooler being water and intercooler being air :lol:

    if it runs fine but when on no load still won't get up above 6k then defiantely a sensor problem.

    Which isn't helpful as they are a bugger to track down an sometime the fault codes are a caused by a symptom not the underlying problem so sending you off on a wild goose chase .

    Sure b&c have have the funky tools and gadgets - the only way I've solved things like this in the past is to have a similar car and run them both comparing the odb diagnostics as they run. Crude but surprisingly effective :)

    hope it's sorted soon - ESP as the good wether is pretty much here!

  10. Jo - thought your car was supercharged?

    If so then you'll have the air/air chargecooler fitted.

    Apart from a duff sensor there could be a blockage in the air intake system which could be increasing the air charge pressure.

    I'll need to double check where the sensor is located in the intake system. If it's after the supercharger then could be a problem with the throttle body (iirc you've had this changed before)

    although I'd expect other codes to be logged too.

    Be worth taking of the chargecooler to see what state it's in.

    Hmm - also check the main air intake duct - wonder if it's detached itselft somehow and is taking in hot engine air that's tripping the sensor (worth also checking the chargecooler pipes too for te same reason)

    How do it run below 2nd cam?

    If you use part throttle in neutral how far can you rev the engine?

    Wonder if it's the bypass valve on the supercharger stuck.

    Sorry not much help

    Just checked-

    air intake->filter->throttle body->supercharger->chargecooler->charge temp sensor->intake manifold

    A problem with the chargecooler rad is possible.

    it'd be good to test the car with obd logging and mobile the air pressure sensor.

  11. It is not a good choice mount the wing on the rear clam. My wing is mount on the rear sub-frame not touch the clam.

    Only our design can easy to open the engine lid.


    Sorry, I wasn't saying mounting on the clam but through it to the rear subframe(like the 211 and S1 Exige). If it's only ease of access then fine although I've always preferred to try to get any download operating directly through the appropriate wheel axles to stop any dowforce being wasted trying to pivot the car. IE, if you were to stick a wing 5 feet behind the rear wheels then only some of the force would be used to press the rears down with some lifting the front.

    It's all a compromise though isn't it - mounting the wing further back like that is going to improve the quality of the air getting to the wing.

    Swings and roundabouts...

    Nice work though :)

  12. Kinda what I figured. Decided that if I need to replace a cable then I will use the SSC but it's more hassle than the letsla kit so will stay stock until then.

    Surprised the kit hasn't taken off over here - the quality of the fabrication is superb and the bearings are top notch. Support from the designer is also excellent and I've received 2 new parts from the states free of charge where the designer has received feedback and made alterations to the design. I guess it is expensive but once you've got it in place you'll never go back.

  13. I asked this (or similar) a while back for the 211 (and got laughed at :)) but I think it's a valid question.

    One thing I think people forget is that lots of small throttle pedal movements can be difficult for some people who have had past leg/foot injuries.

    The issue I have with the 211 is that the dash is hard to see in bright sun (I've gone about 20miles down the m/way with indicators on) and a very slight pedal pressure change can be the difference between 60mph and 80mph.

    It's not too bad for me now as I can pretty much tell by the wind noise if over 70 as it gets quite significant but still would like something to click and forget :animier:

    As for your question, no I doubt it. The cruise control will be totally contained within the ECU and secondly I don't think the R/SC ECU's are wired for the clutch input required for effective cruise control operation.

    At the end of the day the new 1.6 is a completely different engine to the 1.8 used in the old S and current R/SC's so expect the ECU to be incompatible.

    You can get an aftermarket units and depending on how handy your diy skills are they are not too bad. The problem is linking the unit into the throttle pedal signal. The "proper" way would be to have a device the simluates the signal from the pedals 2 sensors however I would be a little cautious of having this kind of system iin case of a stuck throttle.

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