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  1. Here's mine from a while back.....
  2. Bibs : Sure! Nic : camera is a 'go pro hero hd', very happy with it.
  3. Correct, some (but not all) sections are sped up to make it less dull, and the vid not too long.... Whilst the esprit is no truck, it can't corner THAT quickly!!
  4. A little vid from earlier this year. Only just around to uploading it. Best viewed in 720p HD - Enjoy!
  5. Hi Rob, Saw your Esprit pop up on Autoscout the other day. Looks fantastic.Great write up. Top Pics. I have to say in over 12 years living in Switzerland I've never seen another Esprit on the road here. Always had the same great response from the public with mine too. People have no idea what it is and ask all kinds of crazy questions. You can unfortunatly see mine on Autoscout too. Not sure about the market for a RHD GT3 in Switzerland, but we'll soon see! An Exige S 240 will most likely fill it's place. cheers from Baden, Andy
  6. Hi Dodge, The gap between the sensor tip and pole wheel (ABS ring) should be between 0.6 - 1.4 mm (0.024 - 0.055 in). This gap is pretty critical. If you don't have access to an oscilloscope to measure the waveform, you can always use a multimeter with a min / max function. I had a similar issue on my GT3. After replacing a suspected sensor, I picked up that the signal was infact inconsistent. After a thorough cleaning of the pole wheel teeth with a wire brush / screwdriver to remove any corrosion between the teeth it all worked fine - even with the 'old' sensor - typical! Hope this helps! Passmore
  7. Hi Bibs, As I live in switzerland I have placed an order to Lotus and nominated TLF as the dealer. Do I need to send you an order confirmation? best regards, Andy
  8. Passmore928


    Winter : Snowboard Summer : Hiking, climbing and a bit of wakeboarding Always : Bringing a bit of noise and colour to the mountains :-) I'm lucky that my work is fun too, messing about with large gas turbines.......
  9. Cheers for the clarification! New parts ordered today. Looking forward to any improvent they may offer :-) cheers, Passmore
  10. Sorry to resurrect the thread! I am planning on replacing the ignition components on my GT3 before the snow thaws here in Switzerland. Can anyone tell me if the components above, as purchased by Fesuvious and VulcanGrey, are also compatible with the GT3, i.e. Coilpacks : MSD 8224 Primary Fuel Injector: Bosch D1680 Secondary Fuel Injector: Bosch 0280150973 cheers, Passmore p.s. Off to Geneva Motor show tomorrow - looking forward to seeing the Lotus lineup!
  11. I bought a cover from the LEF shop and can vouch for the superb fit and high quality. I have the indoor cover, it's nice and thick and surprisingly heavy! Much nicer than many covers I've had previusly. Outer is a material similar to a 'hoody' style sweater, inner material is soft fleecy stuff. Infact, it's so nice I even considered buying a cheap plastic cover to go over the LEF cover to keep it dust free - Makes a huge difference to open the garage door and find a lovely covered up car. Andy
  12. beat me to it Jonathan! this is where I got mine....arrived in Switzerland after ca. 4 days. cheers, Andy
  13. Fantastic and comprehensive write up Jonathan. I also have milky brake fluid and will follow your procedure to see if any improvement can be made (by the sounds of it - yes!). Additionally, often when having been driving for longer periods without any braking, if then applying the brakes lightly - i.e. first 1cm of travel, I get what sounds like a solenoid opening and closing rapidly and a subsequent vibration through the this also a symptom of aerated fluid? cheers, Andy
  14. In the end the code 26 was traced by my local(ish) Lotus garage to a faulty ECU. I bought a new ECU from South West Lotus Centre. This was actually far cheaper than having it repaired by Bluestreak, who quoted over £400 - the brand new one cost £220 including shipping to Switzerland. Once this was installed everything now works. No Code 26! I made another run with Espritmon I can see my WGDC varying according to throttle input etc. (see attached screenshot) So clearly a code 26 will prevent the waste gate solenoid allowing additional boost via bleeding the pressure line to the wastegate capsule. Car certainly 'feels' a bit quicker and more responsive than previously. Thanks for all the help and advice. cheers, Andy
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