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  1. Thanks for the opinions guys! Very helpful. Does an elise SC not have an air conditioner? For some reason I thought an Exige S 240's roof was removable.
  2. Im still about a year off from buying a new car (graduation from law school ). And as a life long lotus lover a lotus is on my short list. I have always loved esprits but i dont have enough money or technical know how to dedicate to maintaining one. I also live in the middle of nowhere so parts would be tricky to come by. So that leaves me with an exige s or an elise sc. Which do you prefer, and why? Right now im leaning towards an elise sc mostly because I prefer the looks of the elise over the looks of the exige. I also like the fact that the elise has a rear view mirror. However, on the used market there isn't a huge difference in price between the two and the s 240 has 20 more horsepower than the elise sc. I have read that the exige does 0-60 in as low as 4.1 seconds while the elise sc does it in about 4.4. both are fast times. i believe the 1/4 mile on the elise sc is about 13.3, im not sure what it is on the exige s 240. I did read a car and driver review of a 2007 exige S which has 220hp (about the same as the elise sc) and it did 0-60 in 4.1 and the quarter mile in 12.8 which is exactly what im looking for. can i achieve those numbers in an elise sc? Besides the looks and the power is there a whole lot of difference between the two cars? I feel like the elise sc is a little bit less serious than the exige, a little more fun loving perhaps? im looking for a car that is A) fun to drive, B) not a headache maintenance wise, C) fast. I dont need a super serious race car, this would mostly be a summer daily driver. I may occasionally head down to a local road course but really the majority of racing would be your basic street light run-ins with the random mustangs and camaros of the world. So which car would be better or worse for me keeping in mind that im not crazy about the looks of the exige. Also, what are some common problems that either of these cars have? How is their reliability? What kind of maintenance costs yearly am I looking at?
  3. it does! its just a hobby, nobody keeps the numbers under control out here except hunters/coyotes. if they need to lower pheasant numbers they just extend the season a little bit
  4. thats interesting. most of our hunting seasons grouse and pheasant included dont start until november
  5. as mean as they are, i gotta say they are gorgeous birds. that one behind your elise looks like there's plenty of food to eat out there haha do you guys hunt them?
  6. haha i had no idea you guys had pheasants in europe. they can be pretty mean birds. if it makes you feel any better, I kill about 100 or so of them every pheasant season. ps...i have no idea how to resize my pictures so my apologies
  7. are exige's pretty reliable when compared to esprits? Id imagine the engines are great but what about the rest of the car. how hard are they to work on? it doesn't seem like there is much room to get your hands around in that engine compartment. is basic stuff like belts, oil change, radiator flush, spark plugs, (other routine maintenence) pretty easy to do for someone who has a decent amount of experience working on cars, but is not an expert by any stretch of the imagination?
  8. if that body builder picture is real...i will eat my hat
  9. what do those have in the way of horsepower? what kind of accelleration numbers does it put up?
  10. well at least it has one. what about a spare tire?
  11. does it have any kind of trunk? or small storage space or do you pretty much just have to put your stuff in the passenger seat?
  12. can you take the roof off an exige? i've been planning on getting an esprit but man those exige's seem pretty sweet, plus it would be nice to have a pretty reliable car. i assume with the toyota motor the exige's are easier/cheaper to maintain than the esprit
  13. how do you like it compared to your esprit? how much less comforable/practical is it?
  14. are exige's bigger or easier to get into then elises?
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