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  1. Cliff

    I'm a winner

    Damn the bad luck!!!! :clover: I can't even win anything via email...even if it is .
  2. Cliff

    Happy Birthday my Esprit!

    Time to pamper her with a bath!
  3. Cliff

    Happy Birthday All of you

    Happy Birthday -- Cheers!!!
  4. Cliff

    iMac'ed any one?

    I have been in the PC business, owning my own company since 1990. During this time, I have always heard about the Mac's, but never 'drove' one myself. Well...about a year ago, when Apple converted to the Intel CPU, I bought one for a little R&D. I enjoyed it so much, that I applied to Apple to become one of their Authorized Sales and Services dealers. I was accepted last week and now can sell the Apple line of computers.
  5. I grew up enjoying drag racing. Man...have things changed! I occasionally assisted with this team in the late 70's and early 80's. A little about their 1976 NHRA championship year.
  6. This is the way that car doors should be designed to work... Door In Operation
  7. Cliff


    Happy Birthday! Cheers...
  8. Cliff

    Your First Car?

    '68 Camaro... Bought as a piee of S%$#. But rebuilt to a very nice 'hot rod.' Similar to this one, but mine was blue.
  9. MONTEREY, California (AP) -- A classic Ferrari once owned by Steve McQueen sold for $2.31 million Thursday night at auction.
  10. Cliff

    more birthdays

    Anyone for a birthday party?
  11. Cliff

    Happy Birthday FMXA!

    Happy Birthday old man...
  12. Cliff

    Arggghhh Medic I'm Hit!

    I'm sending help...
  13. Cliff

    Happy Birthday Fflyingdog

    Happy Birthday...
  14. Be careful when driving in Florida!