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  1. More members on this list than Lotuses built... I guess a lotta wannabees.
  2. I'm glad you got lucky on your day 'Evil Dr Fish'! You could have at least shaved your legs for the special event. Was this gift from WayneB?
  3. Happy birtyday! Enjoy!
  4. Should that statement be limited to 'posts?'
  5. Wanye, I think this one is more appropriate for you to be flying! - Cliff
  6. My clutch also began to act the same way. However, I also occasionally noticed that the clutch would bleed the pressure when pressed and waiting at signal lights. I would have to put my foot under and lift the clutch to get full travel again. I too thought it was the master cylinder and order a replacement. But, the slave sylinder was sent to me in error. I thougt 'what the hell.' I'll replace it and order the master cylinder. To my pleasant suprise, that fixed my problem! I did not replace the master cylinder and have had no other problems with my clutch.
  7. Lookiiiinnnggg goooooood! And -- I might add...The best color too!
  8. LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- The Swedish video game entrepreneur involved in the 162-mph crash of a rare Ferrari has been arrested on suspicion of grand theft, officials said. CNN's Coverage Here
  9. I already had when I saw $6 a gallon! Much of the US oil & gas is produced in my state, and 80% of the crude passes through here... I should find a way to tap into the source directly.
  10. I have decided to sell my Lotus that I purchased for my 40th birthday in 2003. (Damn I'm getting old.) I plan to purchase a new vehicle soon and plan to use this sale as part of the 'trade-in' to reduce my sales tax burden. I have enjoyed reading this forum and decided that I wanted to offer members of this forum the first opportunity to consider purchasing my car before I list it anywhere else. Please PM me, or send direct communication to my email address [email protected] Pictures of car for sale are located here.
  11. Fuel her hit $3.00 a gallon today for 93 octane. Never has fuel hit this price here before... What are prices elsewhere?
  12. Welcome... Lets fill the entire forum ranks with Canadians...
  13. Ferrari not fast enough. Buyer wants refund...
  14. Tim, are you certain it was the 'thumb'?
  15. Dave, That'll be $125 for the 'therapy' post. Please send an additional $125 if you want a 'therapy' reply... I know your feelings. I am in the service business and can't tell you how many times people want something for nothing...'Time' can't be manufactured. When it has been used, it can't be returned or replaced. Don't slip while on your soapbox. - Cliff
  16. Welcome Keith! Not knowing anything about the Europa, the styling isn't to my taste. What's the attraction to that car?
  17. Too funny! Make sure and post pics of the 'car!' after your visit.
  18. Cliff

    Lotus watch

    How funny!!! I used to own a nice gold Rolex....That was until last week when I lost it at Disney World! Looks like a sutible replacement for mine. B) How appropriate a find when I am watch shopping!
  19. Welcome to the arm pit of the Lotus world!
  20. I've had a few. Twice been scammed after paying, but was able to recover money both times. Always look at the feedback before you buy. But, be aware of 'stolen' account that ask for direct contact outside of Ebay. I have recently reported over 200 fraudulent sellers that have used someone else's account to list. The account that is being used usually has very good positive feedback. Always use the Ebay email system for communicatons. I am an Ebay proponet, but as they say...BUYER BEWARE! Just post a response to his negative feedback and move on...Sometimes you can't win.
  21. By day, I own a computer company. We sell and service equipment from HP, Xerox, Cisco and others. We design and install networks for small and medium businesses. We are also a full-service Internet service provider the specialized in wireless Internet access. By night, I am dad to three lovely daughters ages 7, 5 and 3. Oh...and sometimes a husband to my wife.
  22. Has WayneB been in or near your car?
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