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  1. 1-2 hours per week. Wayne; replace you dialup connection...Start Streakin!
  2. Yep, and treat them the same. Ride em' hard...Then put em' to rest!
  3. Here you go! And it could be yours...
  4. Gary, We are doing very well. Still have guest staying with us from huricane Katrina. Now comes huricane Rita! Where I live is between where each storm hit. We had strong winds with plenty of downed trees for both. Kartina hit with more power, but being on the East side of Rita, we had more flooding locally. Here is our local newspaper Thanks for asking. BTW, the Lotus is just fine. Will probably take out tomorrow for a "brisk walk." B)
  5. 1st car BMW745Li < 15,000 per year 2nd car Esprit < 5,000 per year Each as enjoyable for different reasons!
  6. Cliff


    Congrats! Can't wait to see pics. Welcome.
  7. Again!, why do you want to follow this girl to London?
  8. Scolling...What a small price to pay for your membership to the Worlds Greatest Lotus Forum!
  9. Mark, I think it will depend on what you are purchasing and how it will be shipped... UPS and FedEx will not deliver to a PO Box. If the if the item is shipped via US Mail System, I believe a PO Box will be ok. However, confirm ny thoughts first. If you would like to have the items shipped to my office, I could then forward them to you when you arrive. (If I decide I didn't want to keep them ) - Cliff
  10. Will your future wife make enought to support you with her chosen profession? Post pics and let the member's decide for you? Don't let infatuation with "your model" cloud your mind. It appears to me from your post that you have some soul searching to do about your relationship, and why it exist. Marriage is a huge commitment, and will only succeed with cooperation and sacrifices by BOTH individuals. I wish you well and good luck.
  11. Welcome...What's the smoke about B) Good looking car.
  12. I hope that this site on the net can give you an idea of how bad things were and are in New Orleans.
  13. I don't think it will become a classic, nor do I think it is a failure. I just think of it as another car that may appeal to a small segment of the population. But...what do I know?
  14. 16 minutes for 6 miles?... Not in a Lotus I hope...
  15. "the Red Car" or the "little Lotus" My wife and kids call it my "MLC ... Mid-life Crisis" :B
  16. Cliff

    I Changed my Mind

    Good move for you! If you like your new Beemer so much, you probably would not have been happy with the "rawness" of a Lotus. Each to his/her own. Good luck. B)
  17. I had a similar experience and the clutch system was low on fluid.
  18. I like to wear a young (but legal) blonde
  19. Thanks for all the well-wishes. I have been very busy taking care of business, I own an ISP and we were the only provider that maintained our service throughout this ordeal. It's a shame that I will profit from other's misfortunes. I feel like an attorney...Yuck! The situation here is very bad. New Orleans continues to deterioate. Hopefully, the federal government can restore order with the military. It seems that we have responded faster with aid around the world than we did in our own back yard. It is so bad that a friend of mine in law enforcement, was performing search and rescue, when he was shot at! He had to return fire killing two individuals. It's mad. It's not as bad where I live, but we are the first stop for refugees; thus, it is chaotic here too. Again, thanks for my good fortune and your thoughts. Hopefully, I will get to catch up on the list and participate regularly again soon. I think I'll take the Lotus out for a "brisk walk" tomorrow... - Cliff
  20. My ISP is now back up so that I can reply. All good here. Price of the car just went up! Missed most of the storm, but the electricity for the entire area is out. Many will be out of power dor days and weeks. Some maybe a month or more. Some areas near New Orleans did get 15 ft of water. People on their roofs. Will post again later.
  21. Thanks fish. It is starting. Shade...everything I have is for sale.
  22. Storm has 175 mph SUSTAINED winds, gusts in excess of 200 mph. They are predicting 15-20 feet of water in DOWNTOWN New Orleans, LA. I actually live in Houma, LA which is located about 50 miles to the west of New Orleans. Everyone here is expecting catostrophic damages to property and loss of life for those that did not evacuate. I hope I'm not one of the statistics for staying.
  23. I believe here, the insurance would cover the car. However, in the past three years, insurance companies exclude hurricane damage on one's home -- unless, you buy hurricane coverage specifically. Then, I believe they have a deductible equal to 10% of the home's value. It's a thievery!
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