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  1. Anyone want to buy 93 Esprit before the storm takes it away? If this storm his at its current strength 906mb, it will be the 2nd strongest storm to hit the US since records have been kept...
  2. JK, GIRLS ... wait until you find a woman in your bed. You won't know WHAT to do.. hahaha.
  3. Cliff

    New here!

    Congrats on finding the forum ... Oh, and, the car.
  4. Toua -- Replace "the car" with "your girlfriend" in your quote above and I might trade "test drives" ...
  5. It's interesting the she noticed you car's snake and not yours
  6. Cliff


    Demon driver ... what an odd choice of names for someone who doesn't own a car. Perhaps the reason not to own one; especially a Lotus. Welcome!
  7. You are correct about my experience on working on my Esprit. In the 18 months that I have owned my car, it has been relatively reliable. Whew! My main reason for asking was to provide general knowledge to the group. B)
  8. How much time should this process take to complete? How difficult on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest?
  9. For what it's worth, I don't know anyone here as I am new to this discussion group, nor have I belonged to any Lotus group at all before this one. Therefore, I too am not privy to what has transpired here or elsewhere between the "unnamed" parties, nor do I care to know. However, in my short time here, I have enjoyed my visits, especially Wayne's sense of humor, AND his apparent passion and knowledge of Lotus cars and cars in general. His presence will be missed by me.
  10. Wanye, Where ya going? Back to the forum where you "saw" the duplicate post? Are you the pot calling the kettle black?
  11. Wayne doesn't want to share the opportunity for abuse of a fellow mate!
  12. Here...we go...Who shared the "secret handshake" with the attorney? It's all downhill now!
  13. Welcome to the arm pit of Lotus ownership (or wanna be's).
  14. This one has worked well for me!
  15. I hope we don't find the Ex's pic here...
  16. Wayne, good to see that you found your way here and stopped wandering aimlessly in no-fun-land! Conference call to her anyone? Nothing like a good GANG B$^#!
  17. Scan?...You seem like the home-movie type.
  18. What's the Ex look like? Would it be worth the fees and tax?
  19. Congrats on coming out of the dark.
  20. Sounds like you should be asking your girlfriend how many more before a little "P" ...
  21. Fish, is the pic Wayne posted your Ex? Look out, I am right on your tail with posts.
  22. If they were so thourough with the brest exam, they may also be versed in the oral exam. Wrong fork dude. Of course, advice from the married should be taken very lightly on this topic.
  23. Dave, I found it easier to look in the sidewalls by removing the panels on each side through the engine compartment on my '93. I don't know if it the same for your year. I found that the hose under the carpet was fine, but the exposed tubing under the sidewalls, was considerably stiffer, and the plastic nipples seemed brittle. Also, the hose did look black until removes if recall. I replaced with Gates fuel line and the plastic fittings with brass ones. It was a pretty simple repair and did solve my fuel smell problem that was indeed more noticable with windows open vs when closed. If you are not the original owner, it may have already been replace or, you may have a different cause. - Cliff
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