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    maybe what the members coud do is BUY sexual girls! or rent them.
  2. RUSTING!!! haha! At least it hasn't left me stranded like a LOTUS.... (yet!). So far, I like everything about the unit. After using PC's since the first IBM PC in 1981, about six monts ago I purchased an Apple Macbook with the Intel Core Duo processor. I wanted to see what all the hype surounding the Mac was all about... I can now say from experience that the MAC is a good 'home' computer, but I think the 'Windows PC' is required for most business users. About the only things I miss when compared to the MAC is the ability to scroll using two fingers on the touch pad and the magnetic power adapter plug. I believe that this computer is one of the finest looking units I've ever seen. The carbon fiber shell looks awesome. After purchasing the Ferrari model, I saw that cer also make a very similar model for about $250 less without the Ferrari logos and red accents...
  3. My new Ferrari arived yesterday. This is my first post using it!
  4. How about a GAG Gift for $450???
  5. HIS girl....THAT looks like MY misses... Well...enjoy her. Happy Birthday!
  6. Cliff

    Noahs ark

    Why did Noah have to include those two Frickin' MOSQUITOES!!!
  7. Cliff


    Happy birthday! Not even a gag gift this time...
  8. Cheering for your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Wayne, you know Elvis hasn't been in Las Vegas for years. Nope. Didn't go to the exotic display at Caesars, but did go to the Ferrari dealership at the Wynns.
  10. I've been in Vegas since the 11th. I didn't see them. I have seen Maybach, Beemers, Benzes, Rolls, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferarri though...
  11. Would every year then start a new century!? Just to keep the theme going you know?
  12. I would be very interested! What a nice birthday present it would be... I'm on my way... I hope it doesn't get canceled before I arrive. Hopefully the Gulf Stream will assist me in my effort.
  13. Welcome Chuck! Your dues are due now...Please forward insurance certificates to all forum members. Otherwise, your experience will become very hostile.
  14. Cliff


    I believe that the 'visits' are more impressive than the hits! Hits don't tell the story accurately IMO... Congrats!
  15. Cliff

    Hi people

    Welcome to the armpit of the car enthusiast! Smart looking car you have there...
  16. Is this what you are looking for? There are also a number of Jon Anderson titles, but not the one you mentioned. I found on iTunes.
  17. 'Oh my ding-a-ling...' Chuck Berry 'Everybody must get stoned' Bob Dylan 'Help!' The Beatles 'Oh Black water keep on flowing...' The Doobie Brothers 'Imagine all the people...' John Lennon 'I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony...' The New Seekers 'Bye, bye miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levy...' Don McLean I can't remember 'long' lyrics.
  18. I thought it would be nice to offer each of you a pumpkin this Halloween!
  19. I too just finished upgrading my Fox!
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