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  1. Wayne, no plan is needed... Believe me when I say YOU CAN HAVE IT! Here -- I'll start by giving you our congress... Let me know when you have IT fixed and I'll send you the senate.
  2. 43! Bought the Esprit 3 years ago for my 40th birthday. I thought it would make me 25 again! However, its purchase has caused many more hairs to turn gray. Those that are not turning gray are turning loose.
  3. Happy Birthday...! Smooch!
  4. have too much time on your hands. Unless you finally got high-speed Internet access, the time it takes you to find, link and post would fustrate be too much! - Cliff
  5. Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy Hotel California - The Eagles Doobie Brothers - Best of the Doobie Bros. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours Jim Croce - Greatest Hits The Best of the Alan Parsons Project The Best of the Three Dog Night
  6. Chris...Welcome fellow 'coon-ass'!? I am in Houma; about 60 miles SW of New Orleans for the others on the forum. My first taste of sports cars was a 1968 Camaro that I owned through high school and college.! Still my sentimental favorite.
  7. Cliff


    Living on a boat?... Happy Birthday!
  8. Too young... well Happy Birthday anyway...
  9. I thought that almost naked girls were supposed to be used to celebrate birthdays. B) Well for all you mods on the 2nd birthday of THE FORUM... Keep up the marvelous job!
  10. Cliff


    Happy Birthday from South of Canada! BTW, how would Wayne know how YOU feel? Hummmmmmmm!
  11. You can have my, 'slightly WELL used' wife too! And, I'll continue to provide HER clothes allowance...! Wait't do it......................SLAP!!! I was just joking honey!
  12. Cliff


    Happy birthday. Enjoy...
  13. Congrats...should be at least 100,010 now!
  14. I thought that may be the main reason.... Now onward with the mayhem!
  15. Bibs, What was the reason for this decision? - Cliff
  16. Happy B'Day from the OTHER Cliff...
  17. Cliff


    Happy Birthday Vicki!
  18. Best wishes to the spring chicken!
  19. Happy Birthday... Present stolen from the 'hairy arm' link.
  20. I haven't hurt from a laugh like that in a LONG time!
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