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  1. This is the AROMR PJ's that I will use to 'protect' my daughters.
  2. Years in prison: 101 Potential fine:
  3. Now THAT! is an Evil looking Fish! ... Looks like the hook is still attached. Hurry...throw it back! ... It's too ugly to keep!
  4. I agree with Jonathan that if they are direct camera transfers, the the camera was not set to save them as jpeg. The same would hole true of they are scanned images as many scanners save at 'tiff' as their default. The software that came with your camera should have a way to convert them from tiff to jpeg. Or, Adboe Photoshop or Ellements (cheaper for home users) should work. If you have many, make sure that you try to find the 'batch' conversion as manually converting can take some time if there are many.
  5. Cliff


    No plastic here! Happy birghtday!
  6. Way to go Jussi! Send Wayne on a photo search. He will not sleep again until he finds the photo you 'think' exist. Wayne might never return is he can't find it. I would bet that if such a photo exists, Wayne will post it! BTW, could you make a longer post next time!
  7. Oh! a BOUND girl... Funny how "U" were overlooked.
  8. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Where do I sign up!
  9. Almost makes me 'wish' I were THAT Esprit!
  10. Cliff


    For the man who has everything... Enjoy! Happy Birthday.
  11. I had a '68 Camaro as a teen and began looking for another one when I purchased my Esprit. Had I not purchased my Esprit, I probably would have another Camaro...
  12. Cliff


    A little fuzzy friut?
  13. The wait is over...WayneB is back in the building! PLEASE wait your turn...No pushing or shoving. We have been assured that he is here for good (or bad) The celebration can begin!
  14. Brad... smokin'! Congrats and welcome.
  15. Did someone mention hairy? Happy Birthday Andy!
  16. Here guys... Apply liberally! Then you can kiss and make up! Let's again be... Cheers!
  17. In the spirit of not being offensive to the members... You may choose the 'BOOB' of your preference. Happy Birthday!
  18. I stumbled upon this site and thought that some of you might enjoy. "The Cars of USA have always been marvels for the rest of the world, and always will be." Prototypes of the 50's and 60's
  19. Finally a gift I can appreciate! Thanks guys.
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