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  1. You can order your official RCA (Registered Coon Ass) trademark attire here.
  2. Welcome ! Wayne, is you full-time job posting to this forum? I can't see it being a hobby with all of the research required to find the illustrations that you use. You would make a good "coon-ass." (Do your research before replying.)
  3. Dave, I recently had to replace my fuel "vent" hose as described on due to similar symptoms. Once replaced, raw fuel smell disappeared. Horay! - Cliff
  4. Damn...I just had a birthday last month. I'm sorry I wasn't here for the gifts! Hopefully next year.
  5. Teigan, if you are part of "our" billions, I assume you meant $'s, what are you saving them for by buying the cheapest petro? Maybe ... a new Lotus
  6. What comes after the "T"? I hope a little "A"...
  7. I use the highest octane, usually 92-93. However, this is based on the (R+M)/2 formula. Anyone know the (MON) of the 93 Esprit so that I can calculate what the (RON) is before I make any "cheap" comments toward anyone else -- or myself?
  8. I can see that I will have to make a special effort to get to know (offend) some of you.
  9. If only I could get so excited so easily
  10. If you are keeping a tally, count me in as interested!
  11. Hello Wayne, No, I don't get to see Mardi Gras every year -- I LEAVE TOWN! I used to try and go snow skiing every year at that time, but now it is Disney World. Hopefully I'll get to the snow this season. I just hired a girl from Canada at my office. So good. Aye! I had already seen your pic on this forum; and, I think on a poster at the police station.
  12. Hello fellow Lotus owners and wanna be's. I am Cliff LeBoeuf and I live in Houma, LA, a small community located about 60 miles South West of New Orleans, LA. We are in the heart of the "bayou." Here is our local newspaper My family includes a wunderful wife, and three beautiful daughters; 6, 4 and 3 years old -- whew! Simon was kind enough to answer my first post, and asked me to add my car to the garage. Here it is I hope to learn alot and share a little in this forum; because that's all I can do here - Cliff Other vehicles: 2003 BWM 745Li 2003 Ford Expedition 2004 Ford Mini Van (for the baby sitter)
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I will check both. Any hint on the easiest way to remove the speedo? I will also try to post pics next week. I have to take some first.
  14. I have owned my 93 Esprit for about 18 months. About a month ago, the speedometer starting behaving erratically. The speed shown appears to be recording fine as I accellerate until I release the gas pedal. Then, the speedometer will "jump" higher, and will do so with each gear shift. Additionally, as the car slows, many times the needle bounces until stopped. Any ideas where to begin troubleshooting this problem?
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