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  1. I have been in the PC business, owning my own company since 1990.

    During this time, I have always heard about the Mac's, but never 'drove' one myself.

    Well...about a year ago, when Apple converted to the Intel CPU, I bought one for a little R&D.

    I enjoyed it so much, that I applied to Apple to become one of their Authorized Sales and Services dealers.

    I was accepted last week and now can sell the Apple line of computers. :thumbsup:

  2. The question is a moving target year after year IMO. The "supercar" badge continues to rise every year, thus, older cars fall off the list.

    I may say that the Esprits may have been "supercars" in their day, but not by today's standards of what I consider a supercar. My feeling is not limited to the Esprit, but rather other "former" supercars as well.

    Hopefully, the new Esprit will be able to garner "supercar" status by today's standards.

  3. Thanks Guys,

    All votes seem to be a cable issue. That is where I will start. I will post my results. My bounce seems to be bigger than every body else. At 50 I bounce from 35 to 72.




    I recently had the same problem. I notice that you are located in Texas. Star Motors in Houston had my speedo rebuilt locally for about $200. I would suggest that you try to find out their source as I was very disappointed with Star Motors' service! :lol:

    - Cliff

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