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  1. Happy late Christmas Day everyone! Hope everyone had a nice lunch and are suitably sleepy now, contemplating bored games, stooped over low tables - reach for that gaviscon!!
  2. slewthy


    Welcome too! I'm also in Shropshire and wonder of I've seen you out but that seems unlikely!!! Its a cool fine day in Shropshire this morning. The run to Lake Vyrnwy / Bala is brilliant in the morning - V few cars over the Berwyns Simon
  3. Thats great - you look very happy! Nice lookin car. Lets have some more details. You could head over to the introductions section to really fill us in on your story, post more pictures etc! Welcome to the best forum on the net!
  4. Ah, yes - they are also curving up towards the camera - I guess they were laid out on a slope. Bizarre effect though!
  5. It just looks amazing!! Perfect indeed. (I know you wont think its perfection - your eye will only be drawn to the imperfections you can see but trust me, to everyone else's eyes its perfect!) Very jealous indeed. However, please put me out of my misery - the post you made on October 29th, you have a picture including the window frames. Why does the top frame have strange curly bits to it when it clearly cant have?? Is it an optical illusion or have I lost my mind?? Si
  6. Now, I tend to vote Tory but this guy is a complete rotter!! He seems to live in the 18th century! Still, as Barry says, stuff their manifestos. This election is about democracy and respecting the will of the people. If Labour also said they would pursue a Brexit, then there would be a game on!!!!
  7. Hi Huw, My body off journey was due to accident damage and needing front end work so it was shipped to Lotusbits for repair. The tub is fairly flat underneath so a set of trestles level with the jacking points would work fine. Really needs storing indoors though if thats possible. Do you have plenty of space? Dont forget fuel tanks out before the body removal too! I have an engine crane you are welcome to borrow plus an engine stand too. Easy to damage front end unless you plan the lifting points well. It didnt matter too much in my case of course! Also have a shop press which is useful for bearings & bushings Be prepared to replace/recore the radiator and replace oil cooler - those unions can be so tight as to destroy the cooler during removal. Fortunately, replacement cooler and pipes are not too dear. Take your time and enjoy it. When you get near the end of disconnections/removals, I'd be happy to pop over so we can go through anything that might have been missed and plan the lift. Always looking for an excuse to take out the Esprit!! Si
  8. Hi Huw, I'm in Oswestry and took the body off my 1986 S3 a few years ago. I dont get alot of free time but when you actually lift, you will need at least 4 people and preferably an engine hoist (to deal with the ridiculously heavy front end) You have lots to disconnect before that and if the '88 is anything like mine, will have to think carefully about the brake lines - had to cut mine as they go through body to front compartment but as I was going to replace them anyway, no big deal. Taking the doors and rear hatch off will make a big difference to the weight too. Essentially, a body off opens you to the world of a full restoration as things get so much easier once its done. Simon
  9. That looks amazing. You must be over the moon with that mot pass too. Now just need to wait for a cold &crisp, dry day for a proper work out. Glad to have been any help or inspiration getting you there but now you are an inspiration to others, especially if you can post your journey too! Made up for you. Simon
  10. Sjs remains v hard to fit. Infact the first set of pipes didnt meet the collector evenly and were replaced (with no quibbles btw) by SJs but were still a little off. However, with the no central box option, a great sound improvement.
  11. Sure accepted but if his aim is to stay on the line, he seems to stray alot. Kinda surprised there is no automated steering using the line. He could then stay in the trailer!
  12. Christ Alive- He was having to steer alot more than I imagined he would have to.
  13. V excited for you Simon!! Perhaps a good starting point would be how it left the factory? - Certificate of Provenance When I applied for mine (2012), Andy Graham was the contact [email protected] Here is what he said back then You may have seen on our website under the ownership tab the certificate of provenance service we offer. The standard certificate costs £35 each which includes how the car left the factory, original colours & trim, engine number, build date and selling dealer (where recorded). It includes covering letter which goes into more detail, postage and certificate. For an additional £10 we can research how many other Esprits there were in the same colour/trim combination for the same model year and market as your own and where your car came in the build sequence Actually, having looked, it is still Andy but the contact is now [email protected]
  14. I've recently been restoring my Citroen DS23 and it has some odd sizes of fasteners, plus I have resolved to use stainless wherever possible So, I have strayed from the usual suspects -eg Westfield fasteners(although they are still good) Found helpful with a nice range
  15. Looks lovely. Its also my understanding that the factory put black badges on cars when they matched the appearance. Not sure about that roof mounted aerial. I'm guessing its drilled through? It still has the semi-auto one in the drivers a pillar area - wonder if it still works? It should rise when the radio is turned on. Most are so corroded internally that they fail and get replaced by something else - its a pig of a job to replace IF you can find a suitable alternative. Looks very tidy though!! SImon
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