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  1. Too right! I've got a spade but I'm not an archaeologist! Got to start small and build if it seems the right way to go. Appreciate the reality check! Si
  2. Really appreciate the responses guys. Very helpful. Certainly looking at it on a personal rather than commercial level at the moment although it was whilst thinking about the latter that I really started to engage interest seriously. Unfortunately, my current job is weekdays so unless there is a reasonable amount of weekend work available I can't see myself paying for the training, insurance, registration and capital outlay it would take to get going commercially. It would be good to think I could work up to that however. It still seems reasonable to start small, learn the ropes and
  3. Interesting. So the actual size of the drone. That presumably has an effect on its robustness or resistance to wind etc. But also on the camera it can carry? Or not? My phone camera is pretty tiny. As you go up in size or weight, does the flight time go up or down in general? Or maybe not related at all? I guess I'd like a good first impression in terms of flyability, flight time and camera quality. If the Mavic mini does it then so be it. On a side note, Bibs. At the start of this thread, whilst waiting delivery for your drone, you were pretty clear that you didn't rate DJI fo
  4. I guess he feels he needs to justify his role. I'm not sure I understand the purpose of a mayor anyway. Just seems to get in the way of the governmental process, whether you agree with it or not.
  5. V keen to get into this but not so keen to part with lots of cash at the moment and need to test myself. Already have my pilot ID and operator number so ready to go from that pov. So, second hand options? What is the model to start with for let's say £400-500? What is the best I could do? Thanks in advance
  6. Just replacing with led bulbs with no modification is definitely better but still results in a point of light behind a large lens. The nighttime running lights are also quite small. Whole lens lit would be interesting to see.
  7. My otter failed. Simple to check. Just join the wires and the fans should come on. If they do, the otter has failed.
  8. So no switch in the pipes to the radiator on this side? What happens when you connect the 2 wires? ( Ignition on btw)
  9. I think they look good. Obviously not original but I guess it's the difference between originality and being able to go out after dark. I have to do something about my S3 headlights but the first must be to provide a dedicated live to the lights, not going through the rubbish Lucas switch.
  10. What is the material there? I'm guessing there will be hidden material behind the seats that you could do a test on with some upholstery cleaners. We have found 'Chemdry' an excellent cleaner on most non leather upholstery as you don't have to brush or shrub it, something that will damage fabric with a 'nap' . It's spray on, dry, then vacuum.
  11. I have a Citroen DS23 Any guesses what that smells like inside....?
  12. I had exactly the same experience as the above posts. Mike goes out of his way to help but his computer is from the 90s I think.
  13. I guess it's about aerosol generating procedures (AGPs). The presence or otherwise of these has governed, rightly or wrongly, what we have been able to do in surgery over the last 6 months. At the start, any tool cutting or burring tissue was deemed an AGP. Full and expensive PPE. The definition gradually slackened so that now, it's just general anaesthetics and procedures to the airways. If an AGP was performed in a laminar airflow theatre (v rapid air change) there was a 12minute period when no door could be opened. So if an AGP was done in a normal room, with slow air change, tha
  14. Yes. Usually minimal images but promise more if you email them. In the past had some elaborate story about selling for a deceased relative but they live a distance away so no viewing possible. Ask for payment but if you are not happy with delivered vehicle, they will return at cost to them. Your money is meant to be safe and guaranteed but obviously it's not. I spent a fun time a few years ago reporting these sellers, they often have many listings.
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