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  1. slewthy

    Cool idea or absolute insanity?

    Great! This is the kind of insanity I like. Next, ferry or chunnel tickets? - note I am completely ignoring the effects of Brexit as by September, we will either be fine, or at war. Who has taken their Esprit on the ferry or channel tunnel before - issues? Best way? Have ordered Duck tape, X-treme tape, Fire extinguisher and Self sealing trousers.
  2. slewthy

    Cool idea or absolute insanity?

    OK. Thanks to Dave (soldave) and a bottle of wine, have now committed and paid deposit. If this works out, what a great trip and opportunity that my son will hopefully not forget. However, it is sort of dependent on him getting his A level grades...... Anyone else going - please PM me to share worries!!
  3. slewthy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Well thats exactly what the Eurocrats are terrified of and its probably the only bargaining chip we have left. Lets hope thats TM's grand plan???!!..??
  4. slewthy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    I think the only individual here that is not pursuing a self serving agenda is TM. I bet she cant wait to leave the job!! She must be sick to the back teeth of all this. Gove's speech before the no confidence vote was very good but surely a grand maneuver in aid of his own career trajectory. You could almost see it in May's eyes behind him - 'yep, you speak well, better than me and if you want my job, you are welcome to it!'
  5. slewthy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    And now JC is writing letters to his own party MPs not to discuss the issue with the PM!!! Its just disgraceful. This is a clear attempt to block the process that has been democratically decided. The UK did not vote 'leave but only if the Tories negotiate it' or 'leave but only if a general election puts Labour in power' The UK just voted leave. Anything that furthers that decision has to be allowed to proceed. He is being completely undemocratic. In my eyes, the only thing yet to happen in this fiasco of politics is the call for him to resign! I've got all the sky bits and 3 corners. This is the only piece of the jigsaw missing!! I agree with above - we need to get as close to no-deal as possible. Its the only was the EU will budge. MPs demanding no-deal is off the table are mis-informed and stupid in the extreme.
  6. slewthy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    So, everyone met Teresa apart from JC. He didnt go because he wasnt prepared to discuss until there were assurances that a no-deal Brexit was not an option. Think I have that right? BUT, if he had gone, he could have demanded just that an an opening bid! And when he didnt get the answer he wanted, he could have walked out of the meeting very dramatically. But if he had got the assurance, perhaps meaningful discussions could have progressed this. Ie done what the UK vote has instructed them to do. So he is either stupid/has no backbone/wanted to catch up on Strictly?
  7. slewthy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    They absolutely have to get us out. They are our servants in this. If they dont, all 650 should go. NI issue has been expanded out of all proportion. EU massively to blame. They are clearly desperate for us not to leave which makes me even clearer that that must be the right thing to do.
  8. slewthy

    Cool idea or absolute insanity?

    I am very close to pushing the button on this. I would do it with my 18 yr old son before he goes to university (pending grades!!!) as its a week before freshers. Good to bond without pressure of time, as happened with my dad and I. If 2 or 3 from here went, pooling of resources would make a big difference for the luggage-poor of us!! Thoughts chaps?
  9. slewthy

    Gillette new Advert "Anti Men".

    Arianna Grande song is called "God is a woman" I said to my 10 yr old daughter that I found that offensive - she did not. I then asked her whether the statement "God is a man" was offensive? - Yes immediately. Thankfully, she recognised the discrepancy. I think we men may be able to start to push for discrimination!!!
  10. slewthy

    Euro question - 23rd June

    To quote Hamlet Act III, Scene III, line 87... No
  11. slewthy

    Cool idea or absolute insanity?

    OMG - this looks amazing. Currently working out who I could take with me (wife usually has a 4 day break away from me so I wouldnt feel too bad!!) What a great way of getting some mileage at last! Your Eclat has plenty of space though. Dont know that my Esprit would have space for 2 peoples stuff plus camping gear - anyone done it? Before I actually looked at the link, I thought the best thing to take with you would be a box for the bits that fell off!! But with enough prep and checking, why not? Your car has lasted this long after all! Waterless cooling - dont you have to flush your current system lots? Does your £120+ include that?
  12. slewthy

    Bittersweet Days

    Best wishes from us Lee. We dont know you but feel we do. This is a terrible time and there is no easy path through it but you have shown your strength and your girls will draw from it. Together you will survive and remember the good times alongside the bad, understanding each for what it is. You have the thoughts of a very large group here with you too. Please try and get some rest yourself. Si.
  13. slewthy

    Air compressor setup

    Very interesting - thanks Chris. Fortunately my garage is cold so draws the moisture - just hoping my plan will be able to vent it. Currently struggling to get a fitting to join a 15mm compression to a 1/4" BSP. Stuff online but not east to identify. Trip to the factors tomorrow.
  14. Personally, I like my everyday cars dirty - X3, i3s But I like my classics nice and clean - Esprit S3; Citroen DS23 And yes. All my cars have to have the number '3' in their name.
  15. slewthy

    Air compressor setup

    Hi chaps, Have now investigated lots and there seems to be no consensus. Sooo, I'm going to construct a copper condenser to both cool the air and to draw the moisture that will be drained at each down leg. Essentially the reverse of a radiator. Nylon/plastic pipes far easier but less efficient at said processes. Plan is to build it tomorrow so I may be able to take images....and take the criticism.