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  1. WBAC will knock around £50 off for any paint chips per panel. Favourite place for them to look is the trailing edge of the doors - have a look and patch up if you can!!
  2. Just the position I worry about leaving my family in. (Lotus complete but Citroen in a zillion bits) You could start with the price of an unrestored (but in need of) vs a fully restored version. The price must be somewhere between those numbers. Take the cost of body, paint and engine off price No 2 and you must be somewhere near, allowing for the time it would take to reassemble the parts. The alternative is to start with price (1), add the purchased parts and add the time to get to this point. My big worry would be being assured of getting ALL the parts. The deal would need to allow you to look through and possible to return if needs be. Its likely the seller would be happy for this as it must be a nightmare for them - you will be doing them a huge favour in a way!
  3. Agree. It's a nice bit of insurance and nest egg! Also any profit is tax free. I wouldn't break it down. You are more likely to use it or sell it if it's not been stripped.
  4. I'd love some of these. Is the group buy order complete or still open?
  5. How about heat - in a wire of your own or hot knife? Please be careful - last time I was removing old rubber/adhesive from the rear quarter, I cut my finger to the bone it was so hard!!
  6. That is very cool. Didn't know this stuff existed! Does it run cold or warm? Where did you install the inverter?
  7. Antibody test has just become available at our hospital. Results though still poorly understood. Also, there are reports from the BMA that members who have had a test / are positive for either antigen or antibody test ARE BEING REFUSED MORTGAGES AND LIFE INSURANCES AND INCOME PROTECTION!!!!! Seems to be for a period of 3 months but even so its a massive kick in the teeth.
  8. Does the frame have to be metal - That looks like a black rubber/plastic U channel would work and protect any bodywork nearby better than metal. The tabs can be just L tabs connected to the grill by a method of your choice - rivets/bolts&washers etc. Particularly if its not visible.
  9. slewthy

    Lockdown hair

    My 19 year old is at home from university (and driving me mental) and had lockdown hair. Being a youngster, he can still grow it at speed! Anyway, he asked me if I could cut it. I said yes, I have clippers and I can make it shorter. He then proceeded to say what he wanted Grade 4 at the back, blending to grade 3/2 at the sides. Taper at the back and sides with a gentle transition from back/sides to the top which he wanted trimmed back a little but not too much so he could flop it over his forehead still I referred him to the answer I gave some moments ago......... I can make it shorter!
  10. This is our experience in the north midlands too. We are desperate to return to treating other conditions as we were before lockdown and shift of resources to frontline hospitals. Our local frontline hospitals are not overrun and dont look like they will be, barring a second wave bigger than the first which seems unlikely. Trouble is, we (busiest elective orthopaedic hospital in the UK) sent most of our ventilators/anaesthetic machines to them in preparation, just keeping enough back to treat all the trauma cases they would usually deal with so as to reduce potential pressures. So now, we are 'busy' with trauma, they are not but they are reluctant to take back the work they would usually do. I half understand this but there are now reams of people stuck in their homes fairly incapacitated with musculoskeletal pain. Wont kill them of course but most wont be getting their planned surgery until next year at best. And this is only my experience - plenty of other surgical specialities out their with their hands tied. I recently heard that pathology services were processing just 10% of biopsies (for things like cancer) than they would usually do. This will be from a combination of reasons - unable to do the work, people unable or not wanting to get to their GP or hospital. I think the second death toll wont be the virus, it will be other neglected conditions and that secondary kill wont become apparent until the statisticians start counting the data. It could even turn out that these will be the XS deaths, not the virus at all. Doctors learn very early on to avoid the cure that is worse than the disease. I hope this wont be the case here.
  11. Yes my experience is that the hinge attachment plates to the bonnet are weak and easily damaged. Its a real pain to have to re-glass them back. Good idea to check their integrity before you proceed.
  12. Also, the bolts can be frustratingly short - this might have been a previous owner but I changed mine for longer ones just for this adjustment! Also, those hinges flex quite alot so make sure both are loose before you move it or one will get stressed. Remember there are also shims at the bonnet catches that can change the height of the bonnet cf the height of the wings at the top.
  13. Absolutely - I have an old NSU scooter that started, ran but then stopped and refused to run after 20mins or so of running. The hole in the filler cap was blocked - fuel use created a vacuum that eventually stopped flow until air found its way back in again. Not able to answer the breather pipe or not on an Elite.
  14. Breather pipes on tank ok? A negative pressure in the tank could impede flow. I learned the hard way with my fuel problem - I failed to check each element from the start to the finish.
  15. slewthy


    What is the direction as it passes over the UK?
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