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  1. slewthy

    Esprit S3 Project

    Back to red? Looks stunning in white but originality......But I'm guessing thats just an undercoat? My S3 is only 2 years younger but a very different looking car - Ears different. Rear hatch has finger pulls (I like yours better). Does yours have the old or newer dash air vents? - think the old ones had the vents in the binnacle. Did Mike at Lotusbits not have the parts you are after? I'll dig around to see where I sourced my front valance - it was a new repro and very good.
  2. slewthy

    Returning to forum....aspiring to a series 3!!

    If its any help, when I replaced all my suspension 'consumables', ie all bushes, springs, dampers (all standard stock from SJs) Bolts etc etc it came to nearly £1000, about 9 years ago. A new exhaust system will set you back anywhere from 700 - 1500plus. Cant comment on typical Turbo items. Might be good to have a browse sites like PNM, SJSportcars to get a feel for the cost of various service items etc. Bear in mind SJs prices are exVAT!! When I bought mine, it was an MOT'd runner but still needed all fuel lines, cambelt, filters. Also, on digging deeper into this car, both fuel tanks needed work along with all fuel breather lines. So, unfortunately a rolling resto car can quickly consume 2k and behave and look no different. That said, its hugely satisfying to bring these cars up to condition and I do envy your position. Also remember that a car with grotty carpets can be transformed in appearance. If you are prepared to do as much work yourself as possible, they can be restored cost effectively. Si
  3. slewthy

    Esprit distributor cap

    Gotcha. That makes sense. Just a thought and this may be totally unhelpful but I was wondering what happens if the timing light induction loop is attached to the lead from the coil to the distributor? Does it fire at every point/cylinder? Might tell you whether the fault is upstream or downstream.
  4. slewthy

    Happy birthday TLF!

    TLF can now go into a pub with a website older than 18 but can only have soft drinks........ TLF must now wear a seatbelt in a car or face a fine..... TLF can now go to concerts etc. Happy days!! Well Bibs!
  5. slewthy

    Esprit distributor cap

    Just for my own info, how does a 'weak spark' manifest? Is it just a visual thing or are you measuring in some way.
  6. slewthy

    Useless Facts about anything

    Not quite "useless facts" but fun all the same is a book called "What If?" by Randall Munroe, 2014. It tries to sensibly answer lots of stupid questions like "what if everyone in the USA jumped - would there be an earthquake in China?" or "how long until Facebook has more dead people than living?" To be fair, most of the answers are based in semi-fact/science and result in death of everyone involved (usually the human race) And this includes the first question above!! But not for the reason you might first expect. Oh, and to follow on the elephant pseudo-fact, As you walk along a flat road, approx 3-4x your body weight is applied through each of your kneecaps at each step. Walk downstairs and that goes up to 10x. Thats why they crunch, old guys. However, the red kangaroo, despite its leaping and jumping prowess, lacks a bony kneecap. (although perhaps that makes sense given the above facts)
  7. slewthy

    Esprit distributor cap

    Its not hard on an NA to remove the distributor with minimal dismantling. May be different on a turbo though I guess. Would let you look at it closer. Clips should be finger pressure only. Does one go on but not the other? If so, its not lined up. Also its not hard to get things stuck under the cap preventing it seating correctly, even though you still get the feeling it is. The clips also have a tendency to slide out of their nooks in the main distributor body. This stops them shutting. Its usually the lower one that does this. Typical!
  8. slewthy

    Returning to forum....aspiring to a series 3!!

    Hi Dave, I went for my S3 as an NA car because of the lower complexity and cost., aiming to do the work myself and being a novice. Having seen some early S3s vs my late (86), there are some subtle differences so if you can go later, I think it makes sense. I never drove a turbo but I cant say I ever feel low on power. You can of course upgrade the NA engine in various ways to approach turbo bhp if thats your thing. Of even just go efi. I agree with you that the looks are quite different - I love the louvres although hate the 'tail'. Good luck with your search and welcome back. Si
  9. My Esprit occasionally does this after a long period of rest. The fuel in the Dellortos must evaporate as it usually takes lots of clicks to fill them. Sometimes it takes a light tap from a small hammer on the pump body but last time, all I did was go to the side of the car, rest on it to lean down and away it went. I would top up the battery, check no wires have come away from the pump, ignition to the 'priming' position and tap away. Your could also put a multimeter across the pump to check power is reaching it.
  10. slewthy

    Door lights

    Hi, Dont know if its any help but IIRC, you open one door and all 3 lights come on - both door lights and the interior light. So they must be all on the same loop. (wiring diagrams out in the garage atm) DO you have one of these - in the workshop manual. I would check the interior bulb - does it light on opening the doors?
  11. Interesting - I hadn't considered rotational mass having an effect but of course it does - it makes total sense. However, as outlined above such tests must be subject to massive additional influences when measuring such small differences. I would not be confident that the result was not just a product of something else or even chance. Do such tests also produce confidence limits? So what is the +/- in the result to produce a 95% outcome? Probably not without additional tests as said by DBG. Plus, what is the outcome of 0.14s difference? Even if it is a real result, does it make a difference in the real world? (Sent from my phone whilst sitting in a traffic jam)
  12. Sorry, yes thats where my confusion started. That and several years ago.....
  13. Other way around! I did as it seemed correct advice at the time and they dropped right in. Quite a low temp for the hub IIRC. Kids tea was in there anyway........ Froze the bearings 36hours. Tip - keep the old bearings as they are exactly the right size for next time!
  14. slewthy

    NEC Classic Car Show-Birmingham Nov. 9-11

    Loved Beaulieu, not sure about the NEC stalls. Lots of Sh**e. Past times I have gone, its been as part of Sporting Bears club, so free. PLus, you get to drive your car, talk to people who are actually interested (ie not the wife) and you raise money for charity, usually in the order of 40k over the weekend. You get a bit of time to look around too, depending on the popularity of your 'drive' Last time I went, 2016, I was out driving all day. Happy to be part of a stand but this does more for me.
  15. Dont know, but I did a full resto of my car a few years ago and I would neither have started it nor completed it without the technical support and encouragement of this forum. Priceless. I have not been in those other clubs. What do they offer?