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  1. I've done mine. 86 S3. Side rails removed via screws on the outside of the door top as per Bartman. A pillar trim pops off with the help of a long lever to prevent snapping it. Don't have to remove this but might help. Remove steering wheel! Seats out helps. Cut lining to rough size. Contact spray. Spray roof. Spray lining. Work from front to back. A dry paint roller is good to prevent fingerprints in the lining. High temp spray. One person good. Two better. Good luck
  2. Did you drill the engine cover for the ties? Si
  3. Looking good, Steve. I don't rate that piano's odds though... Si
  4. Well it's been nearly 10 years since my last post in this thread so I guess the proof is in the pudding! No issues with either overheating (at least whilst my otter switch works) or RF interference. The gold has also stayed put and, well gold. Some caveats however I hardly ever use the radio The radiator was replaced, triple core I think with far better fans. I also installed a high flow bulge fan that comes on when engine bay temperatures are high. This only comes on in stationary traffic in hot weather or after a long run after engine off for a bit. I accept all the ab
  5. V jealous of you Paul. What a great project. I'm also pretty sure you will fly through it as you will find it more straight forward than your S1. Keeping the colour?
  6. Lateral flow testing is here. 30mins to get a result. Our hospital has received around 25,000 of these for staff to permit twice weekly testing. It has a higher false positive outcome so the PCR is still used to check the positives and for patients before they arrive but a move in the right direction I think. I shudder to think of the cost however. We use the same type of test to check for infection and each one costs £495. I can't imagine these cost the same but 25000 is only good for 2 weeks.......!
  7. Cheers for the advice guys. Went for the mini 2 in the end. Should be here this week but I've decided it can be my Christmas present so no peeking!
  8. Invest in cold storage!
  9. V. Nice. And as said, mini 2 now released. I am surprised that is not a big price increase. Question is, does the 4k upgrade and increased range really matter for such s small drone? Thinking the original mini still ok for me to start.
  10. Sounds great! My son and I did the Fireball 007 trip last September in our 1986 S3Na. Show chains if you are definitely doing snow driving. We took snow socks and although there was an early heavy snow fall, we didnt need them. We had massive break fade on the Furka pass. Make sure you change your fluid or at least have a garage check it. Also overheated in traffic on the French roads as the otter switch was failing. Make sure you check yours works. Pay for the toll passes before you go if you can. Buy proper duck tape and there is also a waterproof tape for water and oil
  11. Don't think I've ever seen so many photos of a car before! Got to say that whilst I hate the interior, I quite like the outside look. Particularly the material around the clock looks like Kermit the Frog was sacrificed for it. Re paint job, I think they photos are of too poor quality to judge. That interior would have to go though....
  12. Yes think chassis is around that. Certainly easy to lift by yourself.
  13. Not sure where you are but in the UK, first place I look is SJSportscars. They have a reconditioned alternator for £166. Don't know if that's expensive but it gives you an idea what might be available. They ship outside the UK too. Always have been fast too.
  14. Looks good to me. I think the nice things about the white cars is that the panels are outlined by the gaps. Sort of defines then. Then you have my black car. Same gaps. Not visible.
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