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  1. No worries - an admin day today which I hate so its nice to break the monotony with something else. The strap is not what I would have tried first but the proof is in the pudding - very little to lose by trying it. They are meant to reduce force at the kneecap, so fair enough! Glucosamine and chondroitin are elements that exist within cartilage. They are the big boys of joint supplement. Evidence is less than convincing but I have patients who stopped them when approaching surgery and noticed things get worse after stopping. So, I think a pragmatic approach would be to give them a try - most bottles give a 1 month supply - and see what happens when you stop, taking care not to change anything else at the time. They are rather too pricey if they have no effect. Other well know items include Rose hip extract and green lipped mussel extract - your guess is as good as mine. More and more people are swearing by turmeric too. Unfortunately, much of the 'evidence' is spoilt by industry interference and poorly conducted studies which is a pity because its likely some of these will have mechanisms of action that have a real world effect. Regarding the fish oil, I met someone who took it to the extreme - he ate cod liver on toast! But so did his entire family including kids! They were Scandinavian though. IIRC, the proper studies for CLO were at very high doses, well beyond what is currently recommended. I suppose something is better than nothing. I hope some of these measures make a difference for you. Simon
  2. Yes, I'm around occasionally. Rather than send a PM, I thought I would post some general info as it may be helpful for others. I am an arthroplasty surgeon, so spend my time replacing damaged or worn out knees and hips etc. Please understand that this is generic info/advice and cant replace a one to one history and examination really - havn't we found that out during the pandemic! As a general statement, if someone already has cartilage issues in the knee, several things can occur or exacerbate things. If kept still for too long, it will become stiff and sore. This is probably because fluid gets forced out of the cartilage in a concentrated/small area and it takes effort to ride up and out of the 'pothole' as it were. Fluid returns fairly quickly, for it all to happen again. Even with worn joints, we are better moving them than not. Furthermore, unhappy cartilage is less able to resist forces applied. This is why people with lower limb arthritis prefer not to run. The cartilage behind the patella is particularly vulnerable due to magnification factors when considering force vectors. The upshot of this is that the more flexed(bent) the knee, the greater the force generated behind the kneecap for a given foot action. The worst is often descending stairs/hills where forces can easily exceed 7 x body weight. And thats all concentrated on an area little bigger than a 50 pence piece. And just where the cartilage may already be unhappy! Cartilage wear is rarely even too, so some positions may be tolerated better than others. So, thats a tiny bit of the science, but so what? Well, there has already been some great advice here because experience counts! Position. Seat back is better than seat forwards due to the knee flexion issue. Within limits. Too far back and the effort pressing the clutch may negate any benefits. So, yes. Trial and error. Try not to go to set positions. Foot rest might be fine for a bit but not the only resting position. Try and vary the off-clutch resting site. Easier said than done in our cars. Knee support rather than brace. Think stretch bandage. They dont always work although golfers will tell us that they can be the difference between finishing the course and having to stop early. All depends where the issue in the knee is really. Joint supplement therapy. Yep. Over the age of 20 or so, we should probably be taking something - we weren't 'designed' to last so long. Evidence is poor but most lies with the oldest remedies for obvious reasons. So, thats old fashioned Cod Liver Oil. Not 'fish' oil and not Omegas - We dont properly know which element of the CLO works. Dont exceed the recommended dosage (Vit A overload) but the evidence lies with the 'high strength' rather than standard strength. NB if you have lipid issues/need a statin, check with GP. This is not a cure though, probably insurance. There are loads of other supplements but you could spend years and £££s trying them all. Plus people often attribute benefits to something when its actually something else thats working so try and limit the number of changes at once. People also say that its when they stop something that they realise it was having an effect! I'd best go now and do some work but happy to expand further if this helpful. Si
  3. My friend spotted and snapped a lovely looking S2. Hope they were OK?
  4. Just also check the main earth connection from front wiring to chassis. I had very odd headlight pod behaviour in my Esprit that was due to this!
  5. Just changed my clutch components over - same issue. Still slightly crunchy in reverse. Remember the clutch pedal has more than 1 place you can attach the master also!
  6. I live in the village of Whittington, North Shropshire (dont) And before you say it, no, Dick Whittington didnt come from here - he is a fictitious character. Richard Whittington however (Mayor of London, cat etc) did marry the daughter of Fulk Fitzwarin in 1401, who owned the castle at Whittington etc - go figure! There is also a survivor from the Charge of the Light Brigade buried here. One of the 600. Multiple lance and sabre wounds, 2 horses shot from beneath him and was captured and held by the Russians for 12 months. CourtMarshalled on release. Shot himself in the head in the local pub 20 years after the event, 'in a fit of insanity.' Buried with full military honors, chargers etc. We'd call that PTSD now I think.
  7. Too many hobbies really. Trouble is, I do one then move on. Lots are mainly to see if I can! In the past, it's been medieval armour reproduction, square rigged ship modelling, coffee beer and wine making. Bit of cheese making.. Whilst waiting for car parts,I restored this, learning french polishing in the process and an currently restoring this 120bass piano accordion.
  8. Agree that supporting independents preferable but Coverdale is a super little business. Family owned and run I believe. I had dealings with them for a carpet set for my DS23 and they were great. Even sorted out the error I had made in ordering the wrong sided set, no charge. Si
  9. Hey. Same car. Can't find a diagram but can describe! Left ear intake goes to left boot vent. This blows air across the rear screen. This air is 'picked up' by the opposite vent but there is no ducting attached to it. Air then it's picked up by the long open duct in the right rear wing, goes through the moisture trap on top of the right fuel tank board and into the engine bay and the carb air box. The left ear outflow comes from the engine bay surround left out port. The right rear intake goes into the right side engine bay surround port and the other port vents the hot air to the right rear ear. Hope that helps some!
  10. Wife saw this great example in sainsburys carpark. V nice
  11. Yes! That's the stuff. So sounds like a replacement seal then. Yes I have no A/C either. TBH, I probably rarely have just one window open. If I'm alone and open the drivers window, I'll usually open the passenger one a smidge as it improves the airflow. Maybe it's for the reason you say - I'll ask next time I have a passenger. Si
  12. Glad you got it sorted. Yup I found the connection fiddly too. Good luck with the leak. Trying to remember how I fixed mine. I think it was just treating with a rubber restorer/conditioner
  13. So, what happens if you release the boot catch end of the cable? Not as simple as it sounds as there are lots of 'bits' around each catch, but when I did mine, having undone everything, the cable and handle all slid out without having to undo anything behind the bulkhead.
  14. The tensioner on the 'release' housing is found above the drivers side fuel tank on an S3. But if it's just the cable that's broken, it doesn't need to be touched. I've recently replaced my cable 'just in case' and swaged it into the old handle, feeding new cable through sleeve. But perhaps i misunderstand?
  15. My Faithfull mini socket set. Use it nearly every day and it's a joy to use.
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