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  1. This is getting ridiculous. Ebay is stuffed full of these ads, which appear, triggering the bot for this site and then are gone just as quickly. Its not just Lotus either lots of other Marques, items. The Citroen that hooked me is back on too. @Bibs might it be worth turning the bot off for a while? It must be consuming lots of your time deleting all these dead end threads. Just a thought. Si
  2. slewthy

    [PICS] 1986 Lotus Factory Tour

    Thats great. My S3 is a 1986 car. I guess it might have been completed by the time you took the tour but it could have been amongst those images! -I know it was the first black S3 out of the factory that year
  3. slewthy

    TLF Business Networkers

    Looks fab. Whats your entry level package Chris? (ie do you do any non-luxury ones that mortals can afford?) Si
  4. slewthy

    TLF Business Networkers

    I'm a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon working in one of the busiest elective units in the country. I specialise in hip and knee replacement, both primary(first time) and revision, sometimes multiply revised as our patients come from across the UK. I no longer do trauma (so cant fix your broken bones). I have a private practice but any GP can send NHS patients to me - aka 'patient choice' although this is not always transparent.
  5. slewthy

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Nobody look at us. Nothing to see here.....
  6. slewthy

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Well indeed. In my opinion, anything other than omnivorism is anti-evolutionary. Are those words? I dont think evolution has given non-omnivores an advantage. The danger is of course is that over representation of any niche group could give an unfair advantage.
  7. slewthy

    is vegan now a race or gender

    I think its fair to say that Charles Manson affected others adversely.
  8. slewthy

    is vegan now a race or gender

    Its interesting hearing others views on these things. Its great to have a vegan diet. Knock yourselves out. Doesnt make sense to be called a Vegan though. Why would people want to be defined by such a niche part of life/belief? I'd also hate to be defined by a set of letters, be that 4, 5 or wherever we are at now. But its totally right for people to be who they want to be, believe what they way to believe and follow who they want to follow. That, after all is what we have been commemorating recently, particularly last Sunday. It is those who have fought and won or fought and lost their lives who have enabled us to enjoy that right. I dont even particularly mind people shouting about who they think they are - political, religious, gender, food-likes etc etc. Although it can get a bit wearing after a bit. What is clearly wrong is to affect other people in an adverse manner. Define 'adverse' how you wish of course. People through the ages have loved to embellish/adorn themselves - tribal inks, jewellery, piercings, scars. Is it any different now? Tattoos, beards, piercings, food likes/dislikes are the adornments that we use to make a point or make ourselves more interesting (I have a beard BTW so I include myself), embellish our personality if you like. I think the current 'trend' to be either offended or different is in line with this. I am deliberately different in much of what I do. I have a Lotus after all! (Doesn't make me a ... Lotan /Logan though) You know what they said - Haters will hate. Well, I think its now - People who will be offended will be offended. Some are entirely happy with that state of affairs, dont be fooled by their apparent state of offence! (No Bees were offended in the writing of this post)
  9. As I posted in another thread, I was drawn into one of these although the rat does smell quite high quite quickly!! I presume that they have a fast/easy method to post the listings and rely on only a small fraction playing out for them to succeed. Barry may be right in his suggested approach - engage with them, have some fun but mainly consume their time. Recommended read / listen- "Delete this at your peril - The Bob Servant Emails" Here is a 2010 excerpt from the Guardian - you get the idea. Loads of people do this as part of stand up but this is originally from 2007 so probably pre-dates most of them.
  10. That is an easier option but I'd rather hurt the scammers directly. Make it clear that this Marque will react en-masse.
  11. best thing to do is for each of us to report one of these as fraudulent. Go to buyer's other items, pick something you fancy - a speedboat or a spaceshuttle for example, then report using the button at the description. If they swamp us, super-swamp them. If they send one of ours to the hospital, send one of theirs to the.....oh nevermind.
  12. slewthy


    Really sorry to hear this. As people have said, a great presence on here, always with words of wisdom. Shall be greatly missed.
  13. First time my friends saw my Esprit S3, they said it was far smaller than they expected. I wasnt offended at all, actually rather pleased that it was neat yet still highly styled. It is now sat in the garage next to the DS23 and its half the size max! SO I think the guy is correct yet wrong in the negativity attributed as a result. He is clearly tainted for some reason unclear to us. Does it make anyone on here unhappy with what they have? No, I suspect. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  14. slewthy

    Scams and stuff

    I nearly got hooked by an email/paypal scam. Was looking for a Citroen DS and saw one for a great price (I know, I know..) Just one image on ebay and some info that made sense and an email address to contact. So, I contacted for some more images and asked some relevant technical questions. Pretty quickly, lots more images sent and correct responses to questions - such as factory vs non-factory standard/optional extras that matched info from official DS book. The following details are common to this type of scam and were present on this one. Car in a nearly inaccessible place - Stornoway in this case. Seller working abroad, meaning viewing would not be possible. Selling for a deceased relative. Here is the hook - Selling via the paypal buyer protection scheme - the vehicle is delivered to you and if you dont want it/doesnt match description in 14 days, the seller has to retrieve it at their cost, all before your money is released to them. You pay it to paypal. This is a real scheme but I dont think it is used for vehicles. You pay the money, they string you along until 14 days have passed and thats that. The advert is for a real car but they withold images and details to make responses to enquiries seem legit. I smelled a rat at the start and it got smellier after the first request for funds to be sent to a 'Spanish subsidiary' of paypal! This before I had even indicated an interest to buy. When I checked their other items, there were HUNDREDS! cars, boats, bikes all for prices at around 50% of what they should be. All with the same sob story. Anyway, I spent a very satisfying couple of hours reporting them all to ebay. The seller disappeared and then reappeared with same items but different identity. Another fun hour reporting that one too!! I did this 2 more times and then, items I recognised disappeared. There must be thousands out there, and they only need to succeed with one or two to make it worth their while! All very elaborate.
  15. slewthy

    Scams and stuff

    Seems legit!! I would await the follow up email - If serious, they will contact again. If same poor quality, you probably have your answer.