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  1. You can just about make it out in my first image, under the cambelt. Do you have a problem or missing it?
  2. Bugger - I was just out there!! But I will try and take some images tomorrow hopefully - I'm happy with my setup although its another matter whether any of it makes any difference!! @Buddsy has the setup I long for..... Keep going Dave!! The end is worth it completely. Main point is that you have enjoyed the journey and have a great car at the end of it. Si
  3. Hi Dave, below, hopefully attached is the best I can do right now. Remember that my car is not A/C and its 1986. First image is from top rear of engine bay. Second is closeup of same alloy tube where it attaches to the chassis.
  4. slewthy

    Steve Coogan

    why did he change partridge to babtridge??
  5. Sorry - I meant why does the NA have a non-vacuum Distributor given its main use is that of a road car?
  6. Thats interesting. The description suggests that a non-vac distributor is best suited to race rather than road cars. Why then does the S3 NA have one?
  7. Looks fantastic although not sure about the reindeer?
  8. Absolutely cringe-worthy - I cant wait for the next one. Loved him getting the name wrong and the hollow footsteps across the stage. The lack of studio audience/canned laughter was different but made it even more awkward!!
  9. Thanks chaps. Much appreciated. System built. 15mm copper, compression fittings, vented at every drop. Surprisingly, not a single leak, even at top pressure - read up about compression fittings. Secret it to add some compound but mainly not to over-tighten. After all my loops, I have a filter, water trap and oil applier. Question - how much oil should be drawn for tools? I can regulate from nil to a drop or two a second I think.
  10. ‘Moral Vacuum is not a product, it’s a fiscal device to suck all of the company profits out of the UK tax-free, and strictly speaking I’m not a hypocrite. I campaigned to leave and I’m leaving. Cheerio suckers.’ Sic?
  11. Curios are often associated with the unsavory. Thats what makes them 'interesting'. Proviso is that the individuals or organisations involved should not benefit from sale etc. In the case of Rolf, I dont expect him to benefit from sales of art already sold. But could it be that in buying his art, you could be driving the market so that future sales could be affected, I guess so. In a practical way though, would you be proud showing off the art?
  12. I'm sure this is true. The only time my S3 has let me down is when it didnt start - no battery, poor earth to battery. All at home fortunately. 8 months, a project in reliability
  13. So did Hitler but his art is up for sale too. Being a bad person doesnt mean you are a bad artist too!! This is not my cup of tea but its clear he had some talent. Van G was mentally ill too but just not genocidally so.
  14. slewthy

    Stelvio trip

    Or, you could consider joining the Fireball Rally 007 trip that takes in Stelvio.........and Grimsel & Furka....and the Goldeneye Dam...and restaurant at the top from OHMSS. 8 countries, 4 days, 1800miles Just trying to drum up help in terms of numbers/tools/support etc. I've paid a deposit but feeling a little out in the cold right now. Think the Esprit would manage it with a little coaxing over the next 8 months. Think I could fit a tent and clothes enough. Food and beers are on the hoof anyway
  15. Great! This is the kind of insanity I like. Next, ferry or chunnel tickets? - note I am completely ignoring the effects of Brexit as by September, we will either be fine, or at war. Who has taken their Esprit on the ferry or channel tunnel before - issues? Best way? Have ordered Duck tape, X-treme tape, Fire extinguisher and Self sealing trousers.
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