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  1. V excited for you Simon!! Perhaps a good starting point would be how it left the factory? - Certificate of Provenance When I applied for mine (2012), Andy Graham was the contact [email protected] Here is what he said back then You may have seen on our website under the ownership tab the certificate of provenance service we offer. The standard certificate costs £35 each which includes how the car left the factory, original colours & trim, engine number, build date and selling dealer (where recorded). It includes covering letter which goes into more detail, postage and certificate. For an additional £10 we can research how many other Esprits there were in the same colour/trim combination for the same model year and market as your own and where your car came in the build sequence Actually, having looked, it is still Andy but the contact is now [email protected]
  2. I've recently been restoring my Citroen DS23 and it has some odd sizes of fasteners, plus I have resolved to use stainless wherever possible So, I have strayed from the usual suspects -eg Westfield fasteners(although they are still good) Found helpful with a nice range
  3. Looks lovely. Its also my understanding that the factory put black badges on cars when they matched the appearance. Not sure about that roof mounted aerial. I'm guessing its drilled through? It still has the semi-auto one in the drivers a pillar area - wonder if it still works? It should rise when the radio is turned on. Most are so corroded internally that they fail and get replaced by something else - its a pig of a job to replace IF you can find a suitable alternative. Looks very tidy though!! SImon
  4. Sure! These are the type of roads encountered!! The first time we met these was as we dealt with a pass late in the day (dark) and it came as quite a shock! Goldfinger Hotel (Grimsel & Furka)
  5. That's interesting. The coordinates for the next campsite are not giving out until the night before, possibly to prevent this from happening? One team was overheard having a heated debate about possibly this and put themselves up in a hotel on at least one night. Another team was so behind time that they elected to bed down and reach the camp site the following morning. Many of us felt that the schedule was too tight and certainly the first day could have been extended to two.
  6. Well, its slightly tenuous - Neuschwanstein castle was where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was filmed. There the links begin....... Written By Ian Fleming for his son Caspar (affectionately known as 003 and1/2) [Tragically, Fleming never got to see the printed versions of his Magic car books as he died in 1964 on Caspar's 12th birthday. Caspar was deeply affected and troubled, eventually killing himself, aged just 23.] Roald Dahl was involved in the screenplay for CCBB and the adaptation of You Only Live Twice. Produced by Albert Broccoli (Barbara Broccoli was an extra in the fairground scene of CCBB) The car was designed by Ken Adam who was responsible for the HQ in Dr No Starring Gert Frobe as the Baron (Goldfinger) Also featured Desmond Llewellyn (Q) as Coggins the scrap man ...there may be more?
  7. Thanks Filip, The camping was an issue - space wise and pain in the neck wise but because (nearly) everyone did it, it was fine. It also kept the cost down. It might, however, have been nice to collapse into a bar at the end of a gruelling day's drive without having to think about putting up the tent, even though it was only a 10 minute job. The organisers are considering offering the option of using ready to use tents etc next year (is that glamping?) which might be quite attractive. We could bring back more beer glasses that way!!
  8. Well, that was it - everyone we talked to at our first stop in Reims said were were mad/crazy to even think we could manage the journey. But the plucky little Esprit just kept on going. It was only at the bottom of the Grimsel pass that I started to doubt - not so much brake fade as complete loss as we reached the T junction in Gletch! Gently 'glide' into a carpark space opposite the Rhone Glacier Hotel - lucky it was slightly uphill! Checked all discs, pads, brake fluid, vacuum lines - all fine just cooked. After pausing for a drink in the hotel, we were good to go again. Happened to a couple of other cars it seemed - surprising just how much braking there is on the way down. Took it easy on Furka and Stelvio and the issue didnt return.
  9. OK, its done and we are back.... Full report here
  10. Sorry - dont know why those images dont show. Can anyone see them if you click on them??
  11. Well, following soldave's post about this, we took the plunge and completed the rally yesterday. For those who dont know about this, the Fireball Rally is an organisation that arrange various types of motoring holidays in Europe We signed up to James Bond's Switzerland one that is an endurance event planning to visit 8 countries in 4 days, totalling 1800 miles!! Many people buy cars specifically for the event, usually under £900 but we chose to take the Esprit. Now, my Esprit has never let me down ever, but the closer the rally got, the more nervous I became and sure that I was about to make a monumental mistake. However, with my son about to start at University, it also seemed likely to be a rare opportunity to bond (over some Bond) that may not arise again for some time. He got the grades, freshers dont start till next week and so we were on!! Planning is everything they say and this is no different. I went over the car with a reasonably fine tooth comb, finding a few minor faults and the need to replace all 4 tyres. The week before we were to go, I also managed to slice my index finger to the bone trying to remove some sealant on the rear quarter window. It really needed stitches but we used some superglue in the end (no different to proper skin glue but not really recommended!) Other things needed - check with insurance company that they will cover ALL countries to be visited. Adrian Flux were great about this and confirmed in writing but others had difficulty. The last minute covers are expensive so better to do ASAP. Add to that European breakdown for a classic car - the best cover will get your car back, provide a courtesy and cover all reasonable costs, along with providing some valuable peace of mind. Satnav provided by Google maps was great, as the destinations were given as global coordinates (mountains dont have postcodes) and worked very well. As we were camping, packing the esprit was not easy and infact as you will read later, created one of the worst problems we encountered on the trip!! This is with no clothes etc etc. The sleeping bags actually went in the front compartment in the and and our coats went on the little shelves but you can see the space issue. As we had just replaced all 4 tyres, we ditched the spare (gulp) to get more space and took a puncture repair kit, tyreweld foam tyre filling thing and crossed our fingers!! The Mustang that came got a flat on the first day but a French garage repaired it for free. Despite Brexit, they dont hate ALL of us!! The other fly that hit the ointment was reports of 50cm of snow on the passes the weekend before we were to go. Hadnt really expected that so, after a moment of panic, bought some snow socks. Didnt need them in the end so I now have a brand new set of AutoSocks to fit an Esprit should anyone want a bargain!!! Thursday 12th Sept and we are ready to go!! Ferry crossing to Calais at 0640 the next morning - smooth and event free. Then a 500mile run for the sun towards Switzerland, through France, first stopping at the Reims-Gueux abandoned GP circuit The main road just runs though the old start/finish straight/pit lane and is a must visit if you are anywhere nearby. The next 4 days saw us visit Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium. Amazing. Here are some of the highlights. A thing near Verdun Verdun Ossuary Piz Gloria restaurant at the top of the Schilthorn - On Her Majesty's Secret Service Grimsel & Furka pass (Goldfinger) Goldeneye Dam Stelvio pass Castle Neuschwanstein (get the Bond link???) I could go on and on but hopefully have illustrated the Lotus in places you might not expect it!!! Well, it performed very well indeed. Never broke down. Never failed to start. Was really quite comfortable, the GT as it is. We did encounter some issues though. Traffic jams around Nancy, Bern, M25 etc caused some overheating and coolant loss through expansion. I think this is due to the radiator fans failing to engage above 90 degrees - bad connection somewhere I think. The exhaust also started to blow. We lost a little power as a result but the roar in the tunnels made up for it, particularly when coupled with another roar from the sports exhaust of the MX5 we were in convoy with. The final issue we had was unexpected loss of all headlights whilst in the middle of the Black Forest (aptly named) We think was due to the overloading of luggage in the front compartment pushing against the mess of wiring/relays etc when taking a tight right hander. Not great losing light at this point!! Came back on but was very unnerving each time it occurred. Overall, an incredible trip, great people, amazing sights and putting paid to the notion of Lots Of Trouble etc etc. Everyone we encountered were amazed to see the car and Brexit has not altered attitudes as far as we could tell.
  12. What a fantastic trip! great comparison photos!! Welcome to the group by the way!! Keep trying to persuade the wife to go for this reason but she sees through it each time and insists on Amalfi!! The part doesn't look bespoke - why would there be a stamped indent? maybe a shield? Plenty of bits flew off that pier though - could be something relevant. Alternatively, many folk must have scuba'd there..... Perhaps ask someone who was there?? Who is still alive? From the air-cannon? Lots of ????????
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